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35 Significant Second Grade Math Video games Your College students Will Love

35 Significant Second Grade Math Video games Your College students Will Love


Second grade math college students are mastering their math info and transferring on to multi-digit addition and subtraction. They’re conquering time-telling and cash abilities, measuring and graphing, and even tackling skip-counting in preparation for multiplication. Assist them be taught all of the required second grade math abilities with these enjoyable and interactive video games!

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1. Kind dominoes into evens and odds

Domino sorted into columns labeled Evens and Odds by the number of total dots on each

Educating With Jillian Starr/Evens and Odds by way of jillianstarrteaching.com

Math video games don’t have to be sophisticated! Give youngsters a field of dominoes and problem them to see how rapidly they’ll type them by the overall variety of dots into evens and odds.

Be taught extra: Educating With Jillian Starr

2. Fill an arrays grid

Two pages of grid lines, a pair of dice, and a colored pencil. On each page, several arrays of squares are colored in.

What Do We Do All Day?/Roll and Array by way of whatdowedoallday.com

Second graders begin prepping for multiplication by studying about arrays. On this sport, youngsters roll cube and shade within the array the 2 numbers symbolize. They’ll want to make use of some technique, as a result of in the event that they roll an array that doesn’t match on their grid, they forfeit their flip.

Be taught extra: What Do We Do All Day?

3. Flip Yahtzee right into a place-value sport

With just a few tweaks, Yahtzee is a terrific sport for engaged on place worth and evaluating numbers. Seize these free printable scorecards on the hyperlink, and watch this sport grow to be a classroom favourite!

Be taught extra: Video games 4 Positive factors

4. Join 4 to observe telling time

Printable Connect Four Telling Time Game worksheet, showing rows of clock faces with different times, and cards showing different times. Some squares are covered with colored chips.

You’ve Acquired This Math/Join 4 Telling Time by way of youvegotthismath.com

With this free printable sport, youngsters can observe telling time in a enjoyable and interactive manner. They merely draw a card and place their marker on the matching sq., making an attempt to be the primary to get 4 in a row.

Be taught extra: You’ve Acquired This Math

5. Make measurement monsters

Children measuring the parts of a monster made out of construction paper

The Applicious Trainer/Measurement Monsters by way of theappliciousteacher.com

Children will get such a kick out of this one! Present development paper and allow them to create their very own loopy monsters. Then, have them measure every physique half and report the outcomes. Cute, enjoyable, and academic!

Be taught extra: The Applicious Trainer

6. Use flash playing cards to play Fifteen in a Row

Two rows of opposing addition flashcards with a pile in the middle, used for second grade math games

The Measured Mother/Fifteen in a Row by way of themeasuredmom.com

When it comes right down to it, flash playing cards are nonetheless among the finest methods to observe truth fluency, however a sport can no less than make them extra enjoyable. The purpose is to put out 15 flash playing cards in a row by the overall of their sums, from smallest to largest. Be taught the way it’s performed on the hyperlink.

Be taught extra: The Measured Mother

7. Circle math info in a quantity search

Colorful worksheets labeled Number Search with rows of numbers and equations to find

The Sprinkle Topped Trainer/Quantity Search by way of thesprinkletoppedteacher.com

These quantity search puzzles are tougher than they appear! First, youngsters full the addition info. Then, they seek for these equations within the puzzle. Get three free puzzles on the hyperlink, the place you should buy extra in case you like them.

Be taught extra: The Sprinkle Topped Trainer

8. Hit a house run for math truth fluency

Work on addition and subtraction truth fluency on this enjoyable baseball sport! Learn to play on the hyperlink.

Be taught extra: Frugal Enjoyable for Boys and Women

9. Toss cotton balls to be taught evens and odds

Whiteboard reading Even + Odd Buddy Ball next to a cup of cotton balls and four loose cotton balls, used for second grade math games

Lauren Piper/Buddy Ball by way of lauren-piper.com

An opportunity to throw stuff within the classroom? Children will adore it! In Buddy Ball, second grade math college students take turns throwing cotton balls into the cup their accomplice is holding. Then they rely them up by twos to see if the overall is even or odd.

Be taught extra: Lauren Piper

10. Roll and evaluate for place-value observe

Second grade math student placing dice on a worksheet labeled Dice Place Value

Nonetheless Taking part in College/Cube Place Worth by way of stillplayingschool.com

There are such a lot of methods to make use of cube within the classroom. On this sport, every participant rolls three cube and arranges them to offer themselves the very best doable quantity. Then they evaluate with their accomplice to see who wins. Nice for place worth and understanding better than/lower than.

Be taught extra: Nonetheless Taking part in College

11. Toss beanbags to work on place worth

Colorful plastic bins labeled with tens, hundreds, and thousands with bean bags in each

Saddle Up for 2nd Grade/Place Worth Toss by way of saddleupfor2ndgrade.com

Children toss beanbags into bins labeled with completely different place values, then rely what number of are in every and write out the quantity. The scholars who aren’t throwing play alongside by writing the quantity on their very own, incomes a degree in the event that they get it proper.

Be taught extra: Saddle Up for 2nd Grade

12. Go on a place-value scavenger hunt

Worksheet labeled Place Value Scavenger Hunt, with numbers cut from magazines and pasted into place, part of a collection of second grade math games

Major Theme Park/Place Worth Scavenger Hunt by way of primarythemepark.com

Reinforce place-value abilities with a enjoyable scavenger hunt. Seize a stack of outdated magazines or newspapers and ship youngsters out to seek out the required numbers.

Be taught extra: Major Theme Park/Place Worth Scavenger Hunt

13. Bounce into skip-counting hopscotch

Second grade math student playing skip counting hopscotch games

Math Geek Mama/Skip-Counting Hopscotch by way of mathgeekmama.com

Second grade math college students grasp skip-counting to pave the best way for multiplication. Hopscotch is such a enjoyable option to work on this ability! Quantity the board for no matter you’re engaged on (twos, fives, tens, and so on.) and supply just a few selections to make alongside the best way.

Be taught extra: Math Geek Mama/Skip Counting Hopscotch

14. Remedy puzzles with skip-counting

Collage of simple skip counting puzzles featuring winter images

Life Over C’s/Skip-Counting Puzzles by way of lifeovercs.com

There are many printable skip-counting puzzles on the market. Go to the hyperlink beneath for some free ones to attempt together with your class.

Be taught extra: Life Over C’s

15. Stack cups to observe skip-counting

Second grade students playing math games by stacking paper cups labeled with numbers into pyramids

Jennifer Williams by way of Pinterest

Children LOVE to stack paper cups. Quantity yours to observe counting by twos, fives, tens—no matter you’re engaged on. Then problem college students to race to see who can stack theirs within the appropriate order the quickest!

Photograph: Jennifer Williams/Pinterest

16. Flip playing cards and add to 100

Playing cards next to a notepad and pen, used for playing second grade math games of Addition to 100

123 Homeschool 4 Me/Addition to 100 by way of 123homeschool4me.com

This straightforward second grade math sport makes use of an ordinary deck of enjoying playing cards (take out the face playing cards or assign them values, like 1 or 10). Gamers draw a card and add it to their operating complete, making an attempt to be the primary to succeed in 100 with out going over. Improve the problem degree by having gamers draw two playing cards and add them collectively, then add the sum to their complete.

Be taught extra: 123 Homeschool 4 Me/Addition to 100

17. Roll to 100

Whiteboard with a pair of dice. Text on board reads Roll 3 and Make 100, followed by a sum of 46+36+16=98.

Video games 4 Studying/Roll to 100 by way of games4learning.com

Right here’s one other “make 100” sport, however this one emphasizes addition with two-digit numbers as an alternative. Children roll the cube 3 times, then attempt to make three numbers that get closest to 100.

Be taught extra: Video games 4 Studying

18. Compete at Shut Name

Four playing cards and a printed worksheet with equations and scores

Math Geek Mama/Shut Name by way of mathgeekmama.com

Right here’s one other manner to make use of playing cards, this time to observe two-digit addition. Every participant flips 4 playing cards, then arranges them in order that they add as much as the very best doable quantity. The particular person with the very best sum wins that spherical.

Be taught extra: Math Geek Mama/Shut Name

19. Subtract your option to bingo

Hundreds chart labeled Subtraction Bingo with second grade math student placing blue markers on squares

123 Homeschool 4 Me/Subtraction Bingo by way of 123homeschool4me.com

Use a lots of chart and deck of playing cards to play bingo with subtraction info. Discover full directions on the hyperlink.

Be taught extra: 123 Homeschool 4 Me/Subtraction Bingo

20. Measure and discover objects

Measurement hunt printable second grade math worksheets with a card reading "Can you find an object 3 inches long?"

123 Homeschool 4 Me/Measurement Hunt by way of 123homeschool4me.com

For a enjoyable observe exercise, have youngsters discover objects that match sure standards. They’ll must estimate, then measure to see in the event that they’re proper.

Be taught extra: 123 Homeschool 4 Me/Measurement Hunt

21. Race vehicles and measure the space

Toy cars with a printable race car measurement worksheet

Playdough to Plato/Race Automobile Measurement by way of playdoughtoplato.com

Vroom! Seize some toy vehicles and race them throughout the ground. Then, measure the space in each inches and centimeters.

Be taught extra: Playdough to Plato

22. Host the Measurement Olympics

Olympic occasions are all about measuring, so it’s an ideal option to get second grade math college students to observe these abilities. Maintain a wide range of occasions (see the hyperlink for concepts and a free printable), and measure every another way: inches, centimeters, ft, yards, meters, and so forth. For much more math observe, use a line graph to indicate the rankings for every occasion.

Be taught extra: Step Into Second Grade With Mrs. Lemons

23. Hop alongside a quantity line to unravel equations

Second grade student hopping along a life-size number line

Proud To Be Major/Quantity Line by way of proudtobeprimary.com

Make a life-size quantity line in your classroom flooring, then print the free equation playing cards on the hyperlink beneath. Second grade math college students take turns drawing a card and hopping forwards and backwards on the road to unravel the equations.

Be taught extra: Proud To Be Major

24. Guess My Quantity to observe quantity sense

Laminated chart showing the numbers one to 62 labeled "Guess My Number!"

Amy Lemons/Guess My Quantity by way of amylemons.com

Evens and odds, evaluating, place worth … there are such a lot of second grade math abilities coated on this one easy sport! Children take turns asking questions, and the one who guesses accurately chooses the quantity for the following spherical.

Be taught extra: Amy Lemons/Guess My Quantity

25. Match up time-telling eggs

Plastic eggs with analog clocks on one side and digital times on the others

The STEM Laboratory/Egg Time Match by way of thestemlaboratory.com

Plastic eggs have so many makes use of within the classroom. For time-telling observe, draw analog clocks on one half and write occasions (in phrases or digital time) on the opposite, then have youngsters match them up. (Too late for Easter eggs within the shops? Seize them on Amazon right here.)

Be taught extra: The STEM Laboratory

26. Observe telling time with Rush Hour

Two plastic toy clocks with a die and card with instructions for playing a second grade math game to learn to tell time

Enza’s Bargains/Rush Hour by way of enzasbargains.com

This time-telling sport has youngsters racing to maneuver their toy clock forward precisely to the following hour, nevertheless it’s all decided by the roll of the die. Ensure that they observe their clock abilities by saying every new outing loud as they go alongside.

Be taught extra: Enza’s Bargains

27. Assemble coin-counting puzzles

Second grade math student matching coin pictures with a card labeled 25 cents

Implausible Enjoyable and Studying/Coin Puzzles by way of fantasticfunandlearning.com

Print these free puzzles for a easy however enjoyable option to work on coin values. Children match up the photographs with the quantities proven. There’s additionally a clean model the place youngsters can add their very own cash to the squares as an alternative.

Be taught extra: Implausible Enjoyable and Studying

28. Fill a Massive Piggie with cash

Large pig drawn on a whiteboard surrounded by magnetic coins, with some coins in the belly, labeled Big Piggie

Impressed Elementary/Massive Piggie by way of inspiredelementary.com

This whole-class math sport is ideal when you could have a couple of minutes to fill earlier than transferring on to your subsequent exercise. Draw an enormous piggie in your whiteboard and set a purpose quantity, then have college students add cash till they attain the correct quantity. Strive challenges like discovering the fewest variety of cash that may work, or not utilizing any nickels, and so on.

Be taught extra: Impressed Elementary

29. Add up {dollars} and cents with Greenback Sprint

Worksheet labeled Dollar Dash with rules for playing the game and space to keep score

Major Theme Park/Greenback Sprint by way of primarythemepark.com

This straightforward sport has youngsters rolling cube and including up a operating complete in a race to succeed in $1. You’ll be able to change the goal quantity for extra observe too.

Be taught extra: Major Theme Park/Greenback Sprint

30. Play Kaboom! with coin sticks

Wood craft sticks with plastic coins glued to them, used for second grade math games

@luckylittlelearners by way of Instagram

Second grade math college students ought to be fluent in working with cash, and this enjoyable sport will problem their abilities. They draw a stick and add up the plastic cash glued to it. In the event that they get the fitting reply, they maintain the stick. In the event that they draw Kaboom! all their sticks return within the cup. See the way it works within the video on the hyperlink.

Be taught extra: @luckylittlelearners by way of Instagram

31. Go bowling to measure and graph knowledge

Toy bowling pins that look like carrots next to a graphing worksheet labeled Strike Zone

Amy Lemons/Bowl and Graph by way of amylemons.com

Snag a mini bowling set from the greenback retailer for this second grade math sport. Children bowl and graph the variety of pins they knock down on every flip. So enjoyable!

Be taught extra: Amy Lemons/Bowl and Graph

32. Compete at Tic-Tac-Graph

Printable math worksheet for Tic Tac Math game

First Grade a la Carte/Tic-Tac-Graph by way of firstgradealacarte.blogspot.com

Creating good graphs is essential, however so is realizing learn them and interpret the info. This free printable asks youngsters to reply questions primarily based on the data proven in a easy bar graph.

Be taught extra: First Grade a la Carte

33. Acknowledge 3D shapes in thriller luggage

Colorful transparent 3-D shape blocks in front of paper bags numbered one through four

Susan Jones Educating/Thriller Form Luggage by way of susanjonesteaching.com

Place a 3D form block into every numbered bag. Children work in teams or on their very own to establish every form solely by contact (no peeking!).

Be taught extra: Susan Jones Educating

34. Partition Play-Doh shapes

Spin and Make worksheet with a circle divided into sections with labels including halves and fourths next to a circle of clay divided into fours

Smitten With First/Partitioning Shapes by way of smittenwithfirstblog.com

Second grade math college students start to work with the idea of fractions by partitioning shapes into equal shares. Play-Doh is ideal for this exercise, giving youngsters hands-on observe in breaking shapes down into items.

Be taught extra: Smitten With First

35. Spin and construct cookie fractions

Worksheets with cookie fractions and a spinner made from a paperclip, used to play second grade math games

Mrs. Ricca’s Kindergarten/Roll a Cookie by way of mrsriccaskindergarten.blogspot.com

Second grade math college students start working with primary fractions as part of an entire. This free printable sport helps them construct these abilities.

Be taught extra: Mrs. Ricca’s Kindergarten

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