Home Educational Technology 60 Humorous Phrases for Children: A Vocabulary Listing That Tickles the Humorous Bone

60 Humorous Phrases for Children: A Vocabulary Listing That Tickles the Humorous Bone

60 Humorous Phrases for Children: A Vocabulary Listing That Tickles the Humorous Bone


Humorous Phrases for Children are the subject of our weblog submit right this moment!

Increasing vocabulary doesn’t must be a drag; in reality, it may be downright hilarious! Welcome to a submit that celebrates the goofier aspect of the English language: humorous phrases for youths. Based on analysis, laughter isn’t simply one of the best drugs; it’s additionally an efficient studying device.

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Research, just like the one from the American Psychological Affiliation , have proven that laughter can enhance retention and facilitate new understanding, notably in youthful learners. So, why not mix the joyful advantages of laughter with language acquisition? For sure that it’s not simply in regards to the youngsters; even adults get a kick out of phrases that tickle the humorous bone.

On this submit, you’ll discover a checklist of phrases which might be as enjoyable to say as they’re to be taught. Every phrase is accompanied by its definition and a sentence instance to indicate its correct utilization. Carry on studying to find phrases which might be certain to get a chuckle whereas enhancing language expertise!

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Humorous Phrases for Children

Right here’s an inventory of 20 humorous phrases, every with an instance sentence:

1. Lollygag – to spend time aimlessly

Instance: Cease lollygagging round and get your homework executed!

2. Flummox – to bewilder or confuse

Instance: The complicated math downside flummoxed even the trainer.

3. Gobbledygook – language that’s meaningless or laborious to grasp

Instance: The science textbook was crammed with gobbledygook that no one may perceive.

4. Hullabaloo – a fuss or commotion

Instance: There was a whole lot of hullabaloo when the shock visitor arrived.

5. Discombobulate – to confuse or disconcert

Instance: The magician managed to discombobulate all the viewers along with his tips.

6. Zigzag – a sample of sharp turns or angles

Instance: He drove in a zigzag to keep away from the potholes within the highway.

7. Poppycock – nonsense or garbage speak

Instance: “That’s full poppycock!” she mentioned, listening to the ridiculous excuse.

8. Blubber – to sob noisily

Instance: After dropping her ice cream, the kid started to blubber.

9. Quizzaciously – bantering or mocking

Instance: The comic quizzaciously poked enjoyable at on a regular basis conditions.

10. Snickersnee – an extended knife

Instance: The pirate pulled out a snickersnee through the staged sword struggle.

11. Balderdash – nonsense

Instance: Don’t take heed to his balderdash; he doesn’t know what he’s speaking about.

12. Whirligig – one thing that whirls or revolves

Instance: The whirligig within the yard spun round each time the wind blew.

13. Gibberish – nonsensical language or sounds

Instance: The child was speaking gibberish, nevertheless it was cute.

14. Razzmatazz – elaborate exercise or show designed to draw consideration

Instance: The college truthful was filled with razzmatazz, from jugglers to magicians.

15. Hodgepodge – a complicated combination

Instance: Her artwork challenge was a hodgepodge of various supplies and colours.

16. Mumbo-Jumbo – nonsensical or meaningless language

Instance: The spell within the film was simply mumbo-jumbo, nevertheless it sounded magical.

17. Kerfuffle – a commotion or fuss

Instance: The misplaced canine precipitated a kerfuffle within the neighborhood.

18. Nincompoop – a silly or silly particular person

Instance: Don’t be such a nincompoop; in fact, it’s important to water vegetation.

20. Jibber-Jabber – nonsensical or quick speak

Instance: Cease all that jibber-jabber and get to the purpose!

21. Skedaddle – to run away rapidly

Instance: As quickly because the bell rang, the children skedaddled out of the classroom.

22. Lickety-split – in a short time

Instance: He completed his chores lickety-split to go play exterior.

23. Flibbertigibbet – a frivolous or flighty particular person

Instance: The character within the play was such a flibbertigibbet, at all times altering her thoughts.

24. Wobble – to maneuver unsteadily back and forth

Instance: The desk started to wobble when he leaned on it.

25. Guffaw – a loud and boisterous snort

Instance: The joke made everybody within the room guffaw.

26. Zany – amusingly unconventional or idiosyncratic

Instance: The zany trainer wore a distinct hat on daily basis.

27. Ragamuffin – an individual sporting tattered garments

28. Instance: The character within the story was a lovable ragamuffin.

29. Codswallop – nonsense or garbage

Instance: That’s full codswallop; there’s no such factor as a flying pig.

30. Pitter-Patter – a light-weight tapping or drumming sound

Instance: The pitter-patter of rain on the window was enjoyable.

31. Shenanigans – secret or dishonest exercise

Instance: The youngsters had been as much as shenanigans after they snuck into the kitchen for cookies.

32. Blatherskite – an individual who talks nonsense

Instance: Don’t take note of the blatherskite; his tales are tall tales.

33. Brouhaha – an uproar or massive occasion

Instance: The shock party become a brouhaha when everybody confirmed up.

34. Claptrap – absurd or nonsensical speak or concepts

Instance: The controversy devolved into claptrap with each side refusing to hear.

35. Topsy-Turvy – upside-down

Instance: The room was topsy-turvy after the children performed in it.

36. Doohickey – a reputation for an article or object whose identify is unknown

Instance: Hand me that doohickey over there; it’ll repair this.

37. Canoodle – to hug and kiss

Instance: The puppies appeared to canoodle after they nuzzled collectively.

38. Falderal – trivial or nonsensical fuss

Instance: All this falderal over a easy mistake is pointless.

funny words for kids

39. Hobnob – to affiliate familiarly with somebody, sometimes to realize a bonus

Instance: She was hobnobbing with the opposite staff to be taught their methods.

40. Yap – to speak noisily or stupidly; idle chatter

Instance: Give up yapping and let’s get to work!

41. Flabbergasted – extraordinarily stunned or shocked

Instance: He was flabbergasted when he noticed the enormous cake.

42. Lagoon – a stretch of salt water separated from the ocean by a low sandbank or coral reef Instance: The toy boat floated lazily throughout the small lagoon.

43. Gibberish – nonsensical or unintelligible speak

Instance: The toddler’s gibberish was lovely however left us scratching our heads.

44. Whirligig – an object that spins or whirls

Instance: The whirligig within the yard spun like loopy within the robust wind.

45. Snickerdoodle – a sort of cookie made with butter and rolled in cinnamon sugar Instance: Mother’s snickerdoodles are one of the best; they soften in your mouth!

46. Gobbledygook – language that’s meaningless or laborious to grasp

Instance: The directions had been pure gobbledygook, leaving us all confused.

47. Discombobulate – to confuse or disconcert

Instance: Shedding my keys actually discombobulated my morning routine.

48. Squeegee – a device with a rubber blade, used for wiping away liquid on a floor Instance: Use a squeegee to wash the home windows for a streak-free shine.

49. Hodgepodge – a confused combination

Instance: His room was a hodgepodge of toys, books, and garments.

50. Mumbo Jumbo – mindless or pretentious language

Instance: I couldn’t perceive the authorized mumbo jumbo within the contract.

51. Lollygag – to spend time aimlessly

Instance: Cease lollygagging and get to your homework!

51. Kerfuffle – a commotion or fuss

Instance: The kerfuffle within the cafeteria was over a misplaced lunchbox.

52. Cattywampus – askew or awry

Instance: The portray was hanging cattywampus on the wall.

53. Thingamabob – an object whose identify you have got forgotten or have no idea

Instance: Hand me that thingamabob; I want it to complete this challenge.

54. Nincompoop – a silly or silly particular person

Instance: Don’t be a nincompoop; that’s clearly not a good suggestion.

55. Dillydally – to waste time via indecision

Instance: Don’t dillydally; we’re going to be late!

56. Humdinger – a hanging or extraordinary particular person or factor

Instance: That film was an actual humdinger; I didn’t see the twist coming.

57. Flummox – to bewilder or perplex

Instance: The puzzle will flummox you until you pay shut consideration.

58. Razzmatazz – elaborate exercise or show designed to draw consideration or impress Instance: The truthful was filled with razzmatazz, from flashing lights to colourful video games.

59. Earmuff – a protecting protecting for the ears particularly towards chilly

Instance: Don’t neglect your earmuffs; it’s actually chilly exterior!

60. Skedaddle – to run away hurriedly

Instance: As quickly as they noticed the trainer, they determined to skedaddle.


As I said earlier than, including a contact of humor to studying can actually elevate the expertise, making it memorable and gratifying for youths. Bear in mind, when studying is enjoyable, it’s extra more likely to stick, an idea supported by the ideas of academic psychology. By introducing these quirky and amusing phrases to younger learners, you’re doing extra than simply increasing their vocabulary; you’re additionally cultivating a constructive relationship with language that may final a lifetime.

Sources and additional readings

The humorous phrases for youths listed above are frequent within the English language and infrequently pop up in varied dictionaries, youngsters’s literature, and academic assets. Listed below are sources the place you will discover definitions and utilization examples for these and a number of other different humorous phrases:

  1. Merriam-Webster Dictionary: A well-respected useful resource for definitions, this dictionary provides explanations for phrases like “flummox,” “discombobulate,” and “nincompoop.”
  2. Oxford English Dictionary (OED): Recognized for its complete protection of English, the OED offers historic contexts and detailed definitions for phrases equivalent to “hullabaloo” and “gobbledygook.”
  3. Cambridge Dictionary: That is one other respected supply for locating clear definitions and pronunciations, notably helpful for phrases like “balderdash” and “kerfuffle.”
  4. Dictionary.com: A user-friendly on-line dictionary that offers definitions and infrequently contains the phrase’s origin, excellent for phrases like “poppycock” and “jibber-jabber.”
  5. Collins Dictionary: Collins offers accessible definitions and utilization examples, making it an excellent place to lookup phrases equivalent to “skedaddle” and “lickety-split.”
  6. Kids’s Literature: Many of those phrases might be present in youngsters’s books the place they’re utilized in context to inform a narrative or create a rhyme, which might be particularly useful for understanding and retention.
  7. Academic Web sites and Apps: Web sites like PBS Children, Funbrain, and Scholastic typically characteristic video games and actions that incorporate these phrases, offering a enjoyable studying expertise for youths.



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