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98 Fall Phrases in Spanish for Speaking Concerning the Autumn Season [With Audio]


You gained’t discover your typical autumnal traits in all components of the Spanish-speaking world. 

However locations like Spain and Chile boast stunning fall colours and falling leaves throughout the season. 

And when you’re studying Spanish, understanding tips on how to speak about autumn will doubtless turn out to be useful.

On this put up, you’ll get 98 phrases and phrases for speaking about fall in Spanish. 

Study a couple of extra every day and also you’ll quickly be chatting like a local about the fantastic thing about the season! 



Fall Nouns in Spanish 


Listed here are some important nouns for the autumn season, with their respective articles

Spanish Fall Adjectives


Keep in mind that Spanish adjectives need to agree in gender and quantity with the noun they modify and often go after the noun. For instance: una noche fría
(a chilly evening), tres calabazas naranjas
(three orange pumpkins).

Spanish Verbs for Fall


Listed here are some verbs you need to use to speak concerning the actions and actions of the autumn season. Don’t overlook to evaluate your Spanish verb conjugations if wanted! 

Spanish English Instance
/ usar
to put on Llevo una chaqueta de cuero.
(I am sporting a leather-based jacket.)
/ prepararse
to arrange, to prepare Tenemos que preparar la comida para el Día de Acción de Gracias.
(We now have to arrange the meals for Thanksgiving.)
to alter Todo cambia a nuestro alrededor entre las estaciónes.
(Every little thing adjustments round us between seasons.)
dar un paseo
to go for a stroll Demos un paseo por el parque.
(Let’s take a stroll within the park.)
/ caerse
to fall, to fall down Las hojas caen en otoño.
(The leaves fall in autumn.)
to take a seat down Podemos sentarnos junto a la chimenea y jugar un juego de mesa.
(We will sit by the fireside and play a board sport.)
to heat up ¿Quieres una taza de cacao para calentarte?
(Would you like a cup of cocoa to heat up?)
quedarse en casa
to remain house Voy a quedarme en casa este fin de semana.
(I will keep house this weekend.)
volver a la escuela
to return to highschool Los niños vuelven a la escuela en septiembre.
(The children return to highschool in September.)
emigrate Muchas aves migran hacia el sur en otoño o invierno.
(A variety of birds migrate south within the fall or winter).
encender (la chimenea, una hoguera)
to gentle/to ignite (a hearth within the fire, a bonfire) En otoño, nos encanta encender la chimenea y leer un buen libro.
(Within the fall, we like to gentle the fireside and browse an excellent ebook.)
/ abrigarse
to bundle up Cuando hace frío, es importante arroparse bien antes de salir.
(When it is chilly, it is vital to bundle up properly earlier than going out.)

Los niños no se abrigaron bien y tenían frío.
(They youngsters did not costume warmly in order that they obtained chilly.)

to rain Comenzó a llover justo cuando salíamos de casa.
(It began raining simply as we had been leaving the home.)
to drizzle/to sprinkle Lloviznaba mientras paseábamos por el parque.
(It was drizzling as we walked by way of the park.)
escarchar to frost El frío puede escarchar las ventanas por la mañana.
(The chilly can frost the home windows within the morning.)
cosechar to reap/to reap En otoño, los agricultores comienzan a cosechar los cultivos maduros.
(In autumn, farmers begin to harvest mature crops.)
ir a recoger setas to go mushroom foraging Los amantes de la naturaleza suelen ir a recoger setas en los bosques durante la temporada.
(Nature fans typically go mushroom foraging within the forests throughout the season.)
resfriarse to get a chilly Siempre me resfrío cuando cambia el clima.
(I all the time get a chilly when the climate adjustments.)
tallar calabazas to carve pumpkins Vamos a tallar calabazas en la fiesta de Halloween.
(We’ll carve pumpkins on the Halloween occasion.)

Fall Climate Expressions in Spanish


You possibly can sprinkle these climate expressions into small discuss along with your Spanish-speaking pals and acquaintances:

Spanish Phrases About Autumn


Listed here are some poetic and descriptive phrases you need to use to write down fall-themed poems or tales in Spanish


Thanks to those phrases and expressions, you’ll have the ability to speak about fall climate like an actual Spanish native speaker.

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