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Dreamcatcher of Kindness – Arte a Scuola

For the World Kindness Day which is widely known yearly on November thirteenth we considered making a dream catcher. The dream catcher is a PERFECT GIFT to offer each to ourselves and to others with a single, loving want: to have serenity and peace.

LEGEND says that this magical object was an integral a part of many Native American cultures who believed it protected individuals from unhealthy goals and detrimental power throughout sleep and guided them to good goals. It’s also stated that they make DREAMS COME TRUE

The place do you hold a dream catcher? The best place is simply above the headboard of the mattress. The reason being that, by floating on the top of the sleeper through the night time, the dream catcher can defend him from unhealthy goals, favoring the great ones, after which making them disappear as quickly as the primary gentle of the morning solar touches them.

The MEANING of this object is misplaced in historical occasions: inside a CIRCLE, which represents the universe and the cycle of life, a NET is stretched, which symbolizes the instability of the world of goals. Goals are filtered by the online, the darker and heavier ones stay trapped and are drawn to the central half, held again by threads and pearls, dispersing within the gentle of the brand new day. Optimistic goals, however, are free to circulation by way of the FEATHERS, which signify the air and the flight of birds.

To finish our present we mirrored on the phrases of kindness: after viewing the Silent E book “Means of Kindness” collectively we searched and advised one another variety actions that we have now given or obtained.

For our dream catchers we used:

  • An iron wire roughly 40 cm lengthy
  • a glass jar or bottle to create the circle with the thread
  • coloured wool thread to cowl the iron wire
  • cotton thread to make the inner internet
  • beads (with fairly giant gap)
  • cardboard and watercolors to make the feathers
  • scissors and a gap punch to make holes within the paper

First we wrapped the wire round a cylindric bottle or a jar to create an everyday circle, then we wrapped a coloured wool thread across the wire circle, making a deal with fastened with knots, to be able to hold our dream catcher.

To create the inner internet we used a white or coloured cotton thread and knotted it to the circle in varied factors, additionally with the addition of beads knotted inside the online:

The hanging feathers have been manufactured from watercolor coloured paper, and hung with extra cotton threads and pearls on the dream catcher. On the feathers everybody wrote the actions of kindness that we may give daily to these round us: we wrote phrases like “I smile at you”, “I thanks”, “I enable you to”, “I apologize”, “I really like you”, “I respect you”…



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