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“Irregardless” vs. “Regardless”: What’s the Distinction?

On the subject of the English language, there are various issues that may spark debate about what’s appropriate and what isn’t. The phrase irregardless is a type of complicated, contested phrases. On the subject of regardless versus irregardless, which is appropriate?

To settle this debate, we’ll dig into the phrase irregardless, together with whether or not or not it’s an actual phrase and what it means.

What do regardless and irregardless imply?

Regardless and irregardless imply “regardless of every part” or “not being affected by one thing.” They’re usually used as adverbs. Regardless is made up of two elements, the basis phrase and a suffix: regard (look) and much less (with out). Irregardless is a bit trickier as a result of it appears to make use of a double damaging: ir– (not) and regard (look) and much less (with out).

Right here, the irprefix accentuates the remainder of the phrase, which is uncommon however not unprecedented within the English language. This may very well be as a result of irregardless is interpreted by some to be a portmanteau, of irrespective (one other synonym for regardless) and regardless. So when you wouldn’t be utterly off-base to imagine that it should imply the alternative of its extra concise counterpart, the reverse is definitely true right here.

Is irregardless a phrase?

Sure, irregardless is acknowledged by many dictionaries as an actual phrase. And though current on-line discourse could make it seem that this phrase is a brand new improvement, it’s not. The truth is, it was added to Merriam-Webster’s unabridged version again in 1934, and it has been in use for hundreds of years. (Nonetheless, it’s usually labeled as “nonstandard” language due to its unusual building.)

The very fact is that language is just not static; it shifts and adjustments. In any case, the principle factor that makes language helpful is that it conveys a that means that we will all agree on. In different phrases, it’s a matter of each readability and social buy-in. And whenever you use the phrase irregardless, individuals will nonetheless perceive what you imply.

That stated, there’ll nonetheless be individuals who will both cringe or appropriate you when you use this phrase, as some don’t settle for its existence. (Therefore the nonstandard label.) So that you’re usually going to be higher off choosing regardless as a substitute, particularly in additional formal contexts, akin to within the office or for varsity assignments.

Examples of regardless and irregardless in a sentence


  • I wished to learn the banned e-book regardless of its standing.
  • She advised the reality regardless of the implications.
  • The job posting stated certified candidates can be accepted regardless of their bodily location.


  • Irregardless of opposition, he nonetheless wished to develop the staff.
  • They determined they might go forward with the plan irregardless of the dangers.
  • She elected to purchase the purse irregardless of the fee.

Regardless vs. irregardless FAQs

What’s the definition of regardless and irregardless?

They each imply “regardless of every part.”

Is irregardless a phrase?

Sure, though it’s thought-about nonstandard language, it’s nonetheless an actual phrase that may be discovered in lots of dictionaries.

How are irregardless and regardless utilized in a sentence?

Each phrases operate as adverbs and might due to this fact be interchangeable. For instance, you would say one thing like, “I walked to the cabin regardless/irregardless of the icy path.”



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