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October in preprints – the Node

Welcome to our month-to-month trawl for developmental and stem cell biology (and associated) preprints.

The preprints this month are hosted on bioRxiv – use these hyperlinks beneath to get to the part you need:

Developmental biology

Cell Biology


Instruments & Sources

Analysis apply & training

| Patterning & signalling

Gentle-induced trapping of endogenous proteins reveals spatiotemporal roles of microtubule and kinesin-1 in dendrite patterning of Drosophila sensory neurons

Yineng Xu, Bei Wang, Inle Bush, Harriet AJ Saunders, Jill Wildonger, Chun Han

Extramacrochaetae regulates Notch signaling within the Drosophila eye by way of non-apoptotic caspase exercise

Sudershana Nair, Nicholas E. Baker

PCP parts management anterior and posterior regeneration, with a Prickle homolog impacting muscle group, within the acoel Hofstenia miamia

D. Marcela Bolaños, Amber Rock, Núria Ros-Rocher, James Sikes, Mansi Srivastava

Regulation of a number of signaling pathways promotes the constant growth of human pancreatic progenitors in outlined situations

Luka Jarc, Manuj Bandral, Elisa Zanfrini, Mathias Lesche, Vida Kufrin, Raquel Sendra, Daniela Pezzolla, Ioannis Giannios, Shahryar Khattak, Katrin Neumann, Barbara Ludwig, Anthony Gavalas

Fin elaboration by way of anterior-posterior regulation by Hedgehog signaling in teleosts

Yoshitaka Tanaka, Shun Okayama, Satoshi Ansai, Gembu Abe, Koji Tamura

The embryonic position of juvenile hormone within the firebrat, Thermobia domestica, reveals its perform earlier than its involvement in metamorphosis

James W Truman, Lynn M. Riddiford, Barbora Konopova, Marcela Nouzova, Fernando Noriega, Michelle Herko

Xbra modulates the exercise of linker area phosporlated Smad1 throughout Xenopus somitogenesis

Jaebong Kim, Santosh Kumar, Zobia Umair, Ravi Shankar Goutam, Unjoo Lee

Emx2 Lineage Tracing Reveals Antecedent Patterns of Planar Polarity within the Mouse Internal Ear

Ellison J Goodrich, Michael R Deans

Cell-autonomous timing drives the vertebrate segmentation clock’s wave sample

Laurel A Rohde, Arianne Bercowsky-Rama, Guillaume Valentin, Sundar Ram Naganathan, Ravi A Desai, Petr Strnad, Daniele Soroldoni, Andrew C Oates

Elevated temperature fatally disrupts nuclear divisions within the early Drosophila embryo.

Girish Kale, Pratika Agarwal, J Jaime Diaz-Larrosa, Steffen Lemke

Palatal section contributions to midfacial development in three inbred mouse strains

Ian C. Welsh, Maria E. Feiler, Danika Lipman, Isabel Mormile, Karissa Hansen, Christopher J. Percival

From Welsh et al. This picture is made out there underneath a CC-BY 4.0 Worldwide license.

Placode and neural crest origins of congenital deafness in mouse fashions of Waardenburg-Shah syndrome

Jamie Vicente S. Tan, Alicia Duron, Henry M. Sucov, Takako Makita

Mutations within the Bone Morphogenetic Protein signaling pathway sensitize zebrafish and people to ethanol-induced jaw malformations

John R. Klem, Tae-Hwi Schwantes-An, Marco Abreu, Michael Suttie, Raeden Grey, Hieu Vo, Grace Conley, Tatiana M. Foroud, Leah Wetherill, CIFASD, C. Ben Beautiful

Dynamic Hippo pathway exercise underlies mesenchymal differentiation throughout lung alveolar morphogenesis

Fatima N. Chaudhry, Nigel S. Michki, Dain L. Shirmer, Sharon Mcgrath-Morrow, Lisa R. Younger, David B. Frank, Jarod A. Zepp

| Morphogenesis & mechanics

Patterned embryonic invagination developed in response to mechanical instability

Bruno C. Vellutini, Marina B. Cuenca, Abhijeet Krishna, Alicja Szałapak, Carl D. Modes, Pavel Tomančák

From Vellutini et al. This picture is made out there underneath a CC-BY 4.0 Worldwide license.

Scale-independent topological interactions drive the primary destiny resolution within the Drosophila embryo

Woonyung Hur, Arghyadip Mukherjee, Luke Hayden, Ziqi Lu, Anna Chao, Noah P. Mitchell, Sebastian J. Streichan, Massimo Vergassola, Stefano Di Talia

Tri-n-butyl phosphate inhibits neurogenesis and motor features throughout embryonic growth in zebrafish

Gourav Chakraborty, Kedar Ahire, Bhgyashri Joshi, Chinmoy Patra

A mannequin for angiogenesis suppression by way of SERPINF1 within the surrounding pro-acinar microenvironment throughout human fetal pancreas growth

Pratik Nailesh Mehta, Charles Giardina

Identification and characterization of intermediate states in mammalian neural crest cell epithelial to mesenchymal transition and delamination

Ruonan Zhao, Emma L. Moore, Madelaine M Gogol, Jay R. Uhruh, Zulin Yu, Allison Scott, Yan Wang, Naresh Kumar Rajendran, Paul A. Trainor

From Zhao et al. This picture is made out there underneath a CC-BY 4.0 Worldwide license.

Piezo1 Mutant Zebrafish as a Mannequin of Idiopathic Scoliosis

Ramli, Toshihiro Aramaki, Masakatsu Watanabe, Shigeru Kondo

TGFβ−induced embryonic cell senescence on the origin of the Cornelia de Lange syndrome

Céline Hachoud, Faten Chaabani, Erwan Watrin, Manuela Wuelling, Heiko Peters, Valérie Cormier-Daire, Michel Pucéat

Dietary sex-specificity throughout larval growth in mosquitoes

Ottavia Romoli, Javier Serrato-Salas, Chloé Gapp, Pol Figueras Ivern, Mathilde Gendrin

Heterologous expression of Dictyostelium discoideum NE81 in mouse embryo fibroblasts reveals conserved mechanoprotective roles of lamins

Jacob Odell, Ralph Gräf, Jan Lammerding

The Dilute area of Canoe is just not important for Canoe’s position in linking adherens junctions to the cytoskeleton however contributes to robustness of morphogenesis

Emily D. McParland, T. Amber Butcher, Noah J. Gurley, Ruth I. Johnson, Kevin C. Slep, Mark Peifer

Minimize it out: Out-of-plane stresses in cell sheet folding of Volvox embryos

Pierre A. Haas, Stephanie S. M. H. Höhn

From Haas et al. This picture is made out there underneath a CC-BY 4.0 Worldwide license.

| Genes & genomes

Intercourse-Particular DNA Methylation and Gene Expression Modifications in Mouse Placentas After Early Preimplantation Alcohol Publicity

Lisa-Marie Legault, Mélanie Breton-Larrivée, Fannie Filion-Bienvenue, Anthony Lemieux, Alexandra Langford-Avelar, Thomas Dupas, Serge McGraw

FBXO24 modulates mRNA different splicing and MIWI degradation and is required for regular sperm formation and piRNA manufacturing

Zhiming Li, Xingping Liu, Yan Zhang, Yuanyuan Li, Liquan Zhou, Shuiqiao Yuan

Epididymal acquired sperm microRNAs modify post-fertilization embryonic gene expression

Natalie A. Trigg, Colin C. Conine

Transcription issue stoichiometry, motif affinity and syntax regulate single-cell chromatin dynamics throughout fibroblast reprogramming to pluripotency

Surag Nair, Mohamed Ameen, Laksshman Sundaram, Anusri Pampari, Jacob Schreiber, Akshay Balsubramani, Yu Xin Wang, David Burns, Helen M Blau, Ioannis Karakikes, Kevin C Wang, Anshul Kundaje

Variations in binding preferences for XIST companions are noticed in mammals with totally different early being pregnant morphologies

Ioannis Tsagakis, Haidee Tinning, Irene Malo-Estepa, Adrian Whitehouse, Mary J. O’Connell, Niamh Forde, Julie L Aspden

A wave of minor de novo DNA methylation initiates in mouse 8-cell embryos and co-regulates imprinted X- chromosome inactivation

Yuan Yue, Wei Fu, Qianying Yang, Chao Zhang, Wenjuan Wang, Meiqiang Chu, Qingji Lyu, Yawen Tang, Jian Cui, Xiaodong Wang, Zhenni Zhang, Jianhui Tian, Lei An


Ayelen Moreno-Irusta, Esteban M. Dominguez, Khursheed Iqbal, Xiaoyu Zhang, Ning Wang, Michael J. Soares

Male gonad-enriched microRNAs perform to manage sperm manufacturing in C. elegans

Lu Lu, Allison L. Abbott

CEBPA restricts alveolar kind 2 cell plasticity throughout growth and injury-repair

Dalia Hassan, Jichao Chen

Widespread regulation of the maternal transcriptome by Nanos in Drosophila

Mohammad Marhabaie, Tammy H. Wharton, Sung Yun Kim, Robin P. Wharton

Characterization of Different Splicing Throughout Mammalian Mind Growth Reveals the Magnitude of Isoform Range and its Results on Protein Conformational Modifications

Leila Haj Abdullah Alieh, Beatriz Cardoso de Toledo, Anna Hadarovich, Agnes Toth-Petroczy, Federico Calegari

Rtf1-dependent transcriptional pausing regulates cardiogenesis

Adam David Langenbacher, Fei Lu, Luna Tsang, Zi Yi Stephanie Huang, Benjamin Keer, Zhiyu Tian, Alette Eide, Matteo Pellegrini, Haruko Nakano, Atsushi Nakano, Jau-Nian Chen

Widespread regulation of the maternal transcriptome by Nanos in Drosophila

Mohammad Marhabaie, Tammy H. Wharton, Sung Yun Kim, Robin P. Wharton

p27kip1-dependent gene exercise inside granulosa cells reveals pathways related for management of primordial follicle activation in mice

Emily R Frost, Güneş Taylor, Stefan Boeing, Christophe Galichet, Mark A Baker, Jessie M Sutherland, Robin Lovell-Badge

From Frost et al. This picture is made out there underneath a CC-BY 4.0 Worldwide license.

Transposable parts purchase time- and sex-specific transcriptional and epigenetic signatures alongside mouse fetal gonad growth

Isabelle Stévant, Nitzan Gonen, Francis Poulat

Function of transcription and translation in the course of the early growth of the brown alga Ectocarpus

Daniel Liesner, Rémy Luthringer, Sébastien Colin, Julia Morales, J. Mark Cock, Susana M. Coelho

Bacterial vitamin B6 required for post-embryonic growth in C. elegansv

Min Feng, Baizhen Gao, Daniela Ruiz, L. Rene Garcia, Qing Solar

Deletion of NuRD part Mta2 in nephron progenitor cells causes developmentally programmed FSGS

Jeannine Basta, Lynn Robbins, Lisa Stout, Michelle Brennan, John Shapiro, Mary Chen, Darcy Denner, Angel Baldan, Nidia Messias, Sethu Madhavan, Samir V. Parikh, Michael Rauchman

Two distinct waves of transcriptome and translatome remodelling drive germline stem cell differentiation

Tamsin J. Samuels, Jinghua Gui, Daniel Gebert, Felipe Ok. Teixeira

Zebrafish mannequin of tcn2 deletion reveals new molecular insights into the position of vitamin B12 in embryonic growth

Ajay Deepak Verma, Suraj S Nongmaithem, Challapalli Mounika, Swetha Ramachandran, Anushri Umesh, Giriraj Ratan Chandak

Identification of Evolutionarily Conserved VSX2 Enhancers in Retinal Growth

Victoria Honnell, Shannon Sweeney, Jackie Norrie, Cody Ramirez, Beisi Xu, Brett Teubner, Ah Younger Lee, Claire Bell, Michael A. Dyer

PBRM-1/PBAF-regulated genes in a multipotent progenitor

Laura D. Mathies, Andrew C. Kim, Evan M. Soukup, Alan’da E. Thomas, Jill C. Bettinger

From Mathies et al. This picture is made out there underneath a CC-BY 4.0 Worldwide license.

Gastrulation-stage gene expression in Nipbl+/- mouse embryos foreshadows the event of syndromic beginning defects

Stephenson Chea, Jesse Kreger, Martha E. Lopez-Burks, Adam L. MacLean, Arthur D. Lander, Anne L. Calof

| Stem cells, regeneration & illness modelling

Segmentation in tapeworms as a modified type of flatworm posterior regeneration involving Wnt and Hedgehog signalling

Francesca Jarero, Andrew Baillie, Nick Riddiford, Jimena Montagne, Uriel Koziol, Peter D. Olson

A novel iPSC mannequin reveals selective vulnerability of neurons in A number of Sulfatase Deficiency

Vi Pham, Livia Sertori Finoti, Margaret M. Cassidy, Jean Ann Maguire, Alyssa L. Gagne, Elisa A. Waxman, Deborah L. French, Kaitlyn King, Parith Wongkittichotee, Xinying Hong, Lars Schlotawa, Beverly L. Davidson, Rebecca C. Ahrens-Nicklas

Growth of properly-polarized trophoblast stem cell-derived organoids to mannequin early human being pregnant

J Zhou, MA Sheridan, Y Tian, KJ Dahlgren, M Messler, T Peng, T Ezashi, LC Schulz, BD Ulery, RM Roberts, DJ Schust

Amniotic Fluid Organoids As Personalised Instruments For Actual-Time Modeling Of The Creating Fetus

Olga Babosova, Boaz Weisz, Grace Rabinowitz, Hagai Avnet, Hagit Shani, Anat Schwartz, Linoy Batsry, Noam Pardo, Tal Elkan, David Stockheim, Tammir Jubany, Denise D. Frank, Iris Barshack, Zohar A. Dotan, Rena Levin-Klein, Pazit Beckerman, Oren Pleniceanu

Supply of A Jagged1-PEG-MAL hydrogel with Pediatric Human Bone Cells Regenerates Critically-Sized Craniofacial Bone Defects

Archana Kamalakar, Brendan Tobin, Sundus Kaimari, Afra I. Toma, Irica Moriarity, Surabhi Gautam, Pallavi Bhattaram, Shelly Abramowicz, Hicham Drissi, Andrés J. García, Levi B. Wooden, Steven L. Goudy

Epigenetic insights into GABAergic growth in Dravet Syndrome iPSC and therapeutic implications

Jens Schuster, Xi Lu, Yonglong Dang, Joakim Klar, Amelie Wenz, Niklas Dahl, Xingqi Chen

Developments in Human Breast Organoid Tradition: Modeling Advanced Tissue Constructions and Developmental Insights

Gat Rauner, Nicole Traugh, Colin Trepicchio, Meadow E Parrish, Kenan Mushayandebvu, Charlotte Kuperwasser

PCLAF-DREAM Drives Alveolar Cell Plasticity for Lung Regeneration

Bongjun Kim, Yuanjian Huang, Kyung-Pil Ko, Shengzhe Zhang, Gengyi Zou, Jie Zhang, Moonjong Kim, Danielle Little, Lisandra Vila Ellis, Margherita Paschini, Sohee Jun, Kwon-Sik Park, Jichao Chen, Carla Kim, Jae-Il Park

Single-cell evaluation reveals distinct fibroblast plasticity throughout tenocyte regeneration in zebrafish

Arsheen M Rajan, Nicole L Rosin, Elodie Labit, Jeff Biernaskie, Shan Liao, Peng Huang

Cnot3 is required for male germ cell growth and spermatogonial stem cell upkeep

Qing Chen, Safia Malki, Xiaojiang Xu, Brian Bennett, Brad L Lackford, Oleksandr Kirsanov, Chris B Geyer, Guang Hu

Molecular foundation for positional reminiscence and its reprogrammability in limb regeneration

L Otsuki, SA Plattner, Y Taniguchi-Sugiura, EM Tanaka

From Otsuki et al. This picture is made out there underneath a CC-BY 4.0 Worldwide license.

Reliability of high-quantity human mind organoids for modeling microcephaly, glioma invasion, and drug screening

Anand Ramani, Giovanni Pasquini, Niklas Gerkau, Omkar Suhas Vinchure, Elke Gabriel, Ina Rothenaigner, Sean Lin, Nazlican Altinisk, Dhanasekar Rathinam, Ali Mirsaidi, Olivier Goureau, Lucia Ricci-Vitiani, Giorgio, Q. d’alessandris, Roberto Pallini, Bernd Wollnik, Alysson Muotri, Nathalie Jurisch-Yaksi, Christine R Rose, Volker Busskamp, Kamyar Hadian, Jay Gopalakrishnan

Haematopoietic stem cell numbers aren’t solely decided by area of interest availability

Shoichiro Takeishi, Tony Marchand, Wade R. Koba, Daniel Ok. Borger, Chunliang Xu, Chandan Guha, Aviv Bergman, Paul S. Frenette, Kira Gritsman, Ulrich Steidl

Overexpression of Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Will increase the Proliferation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells by Upregulation of Cyclin D1 and is Unbiased of the Wnt Signaling Pathway

Bryan Wolfe, Prasanth Muralidharan, Michael Y Lee, Hua Wei, Erica Inexperienced, Hongjun Wang, Charlie Unusual

SOX2+ sustentacular cells are stem cells of the postnatal adrenal medulla

Alice Santambrogio, Yasmine Kemkem, Thea L. Willis, Ilona Berger, Maria Eleni Kastriti, Louis Faure, John P. Russell, Emily J. Lodge, Val Yianni, Rebecca J. Oakey, Barbara Altieri, Stefan R. Bornstein, Charlotte Steenblock, Igor Adameyko, Cynthia L. Andoniadou

Human pluripotent stem cell-derived respiratory airway progenitors generate alveolar epithelial cells and recapitulate options of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

Mikael G Pezet, Juan A Torres, Tania A Thimraj, Ivana Matkovic Leko, Nadine Schrode, John W Murray, Kristin Beaumont, Hans-Willem Snoeck

Human Placenta-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Stimulate Neuronal Regeneration By Selling Axon Development And Restoring Neuronal Exercise

Elvira H. de Laorden, Diana Simón, Santiago Milla, María Portela-Lomba, Marian Mellén, Javier Sierra, Pedro de la Villa, María Teresa Moreno-Flores, Maite Iglesias

A single cell trajectory of human archetypal pluripotent stem cell differentiation to trophoblast stem cells reveals induction of endogenous BMP5/7 and GATA3 with out transitioning by way of a naive state

Ethan Tietze, Andre Rocha Barbosa, Bruno Henrique Silva Araujo, Veronica Euclydes, Hyeon Jin Cho, Yong Kyu Lee, Arthur Feltrin, Bailey Spiegelberg, Alan Lorenzetti, Joyce van de Leemput, Pasquale Di Carlo, Tomoyo Sawada, Gianluca Ursini, Kynon J. Benjamin, Helena Brentani, Joel E. Kleinman, Thomas M. Hyde, Daniel R. Weinberger, Ronald McKay, Joo Heon Shin, Apua C.M. Paquola, Jennifer A. Erwin

From Tietze et al. This picture is made out there underneath a CC-BY 4.0 Worldwide license.

Built-in Proteomics Identifies Troponin I Isoform Swap as a Regulator of a Sarcomere-Metabolism Axis Throughout Cardiac Regeneration

Timothy J. Aballo, Jiyoung Bae, Wyatt G. Paltzer, Emily A. Chapman, Rebecca J. Salamon, Morgan M. Mann, Ying Ge, Ahmed I. Mahmoud

Splicing issue SRSF1 is important for homing of precursor spermatogonial stem cells in mice

Longjie Solar, Zheng Lv, Xuexue Chen, Rong Ye, Shuang Tian, Chaofan Wang, Xiaomei Xie, Lu Yan, Xiaohong Yao, Yujing Shao, Sheng Cui, Juan Chen, Jiali Liu

Modeling cardiac fibroblast heterogeneity from human pluripotent stem cell-derived epicardial cells

Ian Fernandes, Shunsuke Funakoshi, Homaira Hamidzada, Slava Epelman, Gordon Keller

Secretome Derived from Umbilical twine mesenchymal stem cells exerts protecting impacts on the blood-brain barrier in opposition to alpha-synuclein aggregates utilizing an in vitro mannequin

Kimia Marzookian, Farhang Aliakbari, Hamdam Hourfar, Daniel E. Otzen, Dina Morshedi

Rising cooperativity between Oct4 and Sox2 governs the pluripotency community in mouse embryos

Yanlin Hou, Zhengwen Nie, Sergiy Velychko, Ivan Bedzhov, Sandra Heising, Qi Jiang, Hui Zhang, Guangming Wu, Kenjiro Adachi, Hans R. Schöler

Limb regeneration is blastema dependent in a ladybird beetle, Cheilomenes sexmaculata (Fabricius)

Saumya Rawat, Shriza Rai, Geetanjali Mishra

GRAMD2+ alveolar kind I cell plasticity facilitates cell state transitions in organoid tradition

Hua Shen, Weimou Chen, Yixin Liu, Alessandra Castaldi, Jonathan Castillo, Masafumi Horie, Per Flodby, Shivah Sundar, Changgong Li, Yanbin Ji, Parviz Minoo, Crystal N Marconett, Beiyun Zhou, Zea Borok

Electrophysiological characterisation of iPSC-derived human β-like cells and an SLC30A8 illness mannequin

Manon Jaffredo, Nicole A. J. Krentz, Benoite Champon, Claire E. Duff, Sameena Nawaz, Nicola Beer, Christian Honore, Anne Clark, Patrik Rorsman, Jochen Lang, Anna L. Gloyn, Matthieu Raoux, Benoit Hastoy

Mating induces ecdysone signaling within the Drosophila testis area of interest disrupting somatic encystment of germ cells and stem cell cytokinesis

Tiffany V. Roach, Kari F. Lenhart

Preservation of co-expression defines the first tissue constancy of human neural organoids

Jonathan M. Werner, Jesse Gillis

LSD1 controls a nuclear checkpoint in Wnt/β-Catenin signaling to manage muscle stem cell self-renewal

Sandrine Mouradian, Delia Cicciarello, Nicolas Lacoste, Valérie Risson, Francesca Berretta, Fabien Le Grand, Nicolas Rose, Thomas Simonet, Laurent Schaeffer, Isabella Scionti

Liver regeneration by a inhabitants of midzone-located mesenchymal-hepatocyte hybrid cells

Guo Yu, Shaoyang Zhang, Ana Romo, Soma Biswas, Baojie Li, Jing Li

From Yu et al. This picture is made out there underneath a CC-BY 4.0 Worldwide license.

| Plant growth

Puzzle cell form emerges from the interplay of development with mechanical constraints

Nicola Trozzi, Brendan Lane, Alice Perruchoud, Yixuan Wang, Lukas Hörmayer, Mylan Ansel, Corentin Mollier, Alice Malivert, Frances Clark, Tammo Reichgelt, Adrienne H.Ok. Roeder, Olivier Hamant, Arezki Boudaoud, Dorota Kwiatkowska, Adam Runions, Richard S. Smith, Mateusz Majda

Comparative spatial transcriptomics of peach and nectarine fruits elucidates the mechanism underlying fruit trichome growth

Zihao Zhao, Ke Cao, Aizhi Qin, Zhixin Liu, Liping Guan, Susu Solar, Hao Liu, Yaping Zhou, Jincheng Yang, Yumeng Liu, Mengke Hu, Vincent Ninkuu, Xuwu Solar, Lirong Wang

The Chaperone NASP Contributes to De Novo Deposition of the Centromeric Histone Variant CENH3 in Arabidopsis Early Embryogenesis

Hidenori Takeuchi, Shiori Nagahara, Tetsuya Higashiyama, Frédéric Berger

Developmentally regulated technology of a systemic sign for long-lasting defence priming in tomato

Katie Stevens, Michael R Roberts, Katie Jeynes-Cupper, Marco Catoni, Estrella Luna

The Hidden Range of Vascular Patterns in Flower Heads

Andrew Owens, Teng Zhang, Philmo Gu, Jeremy Hart, Jarvis Stobbs, Mikolaj Cieslak, Paula Elomaa, Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz

Compensation of compromised PRC2 regulation by a miRNA ensures robustness of Arabidopsis leaf growth

Aude Maugarny, Aurelie Vialette, Bernard Adroher, Nathalie Mathy-Franchet, Francois Roudier, Patrick Laufs

Two subtypes of GTPase-activating proteins coordinate tip development and cell measurement regulation in Physcomitrium patens

Jingtong Ruan, Linyu Lai, Hongxin Ou, Peishan Yi

Low relative air humidity and elevated stomatal density independently hamper development in younger Arabidopsis

Ingmar Tulva, Kaspar Koolmeister, Hanna Hõrak

Pan-genome evaluation of various morphotypes reveals genomic foundation of Brassica oleracea domestication and differential organogenesis

Ning Guo, Shenyun Wang, Tianyi Wang, Mengmeng Duan, Mei Zong, Liming Miao, Shuo Han, Guixiang Wang, Xin Liu, Deshuang Zhang, Chengzhi Jiao, Hongwei Xu, Liyang Chen, Zhangjun Fei, Jianbin Li, Fan Liu

AGAMOUS-like 6 and MYB DOMAIN PROTEIN 80 regulate the event of feminine and male cones in Pinus densiflora S. et Z

Dayoung Lee, Yang-Gil Kim, Kyu-Suk Kang

Impaired embryo sac cellularization by PMEI gene mutation impacts gamete specification and twin vegetation in Arabidopsis

Isha Sharma, Pinninti Malathi, Ramamurthy Srinivasan, Shripad Ramachandra Bhat, Yelam Sreenivasulu

4-dimensional quantitative evaluation of cell plate growth utilizing lattice mild sheet microscopy identifies sturdy transition factors between development phases

Rosalie Sinclair, Minmin Wang, Zaki Jawaid, Jesse Aaron, Blair Rossetti, Eric Wait, Kent McDonald, Daniel Cox, John Heddleston, Thomas Wilkop, Georgia Drakakaki

From Sinclair et al. This picture is made out there underneath a CC-BY-NC 4.0 Worldwide license.

UPL3 Promotes BZR1 Degradation, Development Arrest, and Seedling Survival underneath Hunger Stress in Arabidopsis

Zhenzhen Zhang, Hongliang Zhang, Efren Gonzalez, Tarabryn Grismer, Shou-Ling Xu, Zhi-Yong Wang

ABI3 regulates ABI1 perform to manage cell size in major root elongation zone

Saptarshi Datta, Drishti Mandal, Sicon Mitra, Ronita Nag Chaudhuri

| Evo-devo

Pervasive morphological responses to local weather change in hen physique and appendage measurement

Sara Ryding, Alexandra McQueen, Marcel Klaassen, Glenn J. Tattersall, Matthew R.E. Symonds

The position of heterochronic gene expression and regulatory structure in early developmental divergence

Nathan D. Harry, Christina Zakas

Gliding in the direction of an understanding of the origin of flight in bats

Abigail E Burtner, David M Grossnickle, Sharlene E Santana, Chris J Regulation

Capitella teleta will get omitted: Potential evolutionary shift causes lack of left tissues reasonably than elevated neural tissue from dominant-negative BMPR1

Nicole B. Webster, Néva P. Meyer

Divergent evolutionary methods preempt tissue collision in fly gastrulation

Bipasha Dey, Verena Kaul, Girish Kale, Maily Scorcelletti, Michiko Takeda, Yu-Chiun Wang, Steffen Lemke

The human growing cerebral cortex is characterised by an elevated de novo expression of lncRNAs in excitatory neurons

David A. Morales-Vicente, Ana C. Tahira, Daisy Woellner-Santos, Murilo S. Amaral, Maria G. Berzoti-Coelho, Sergio Verjovski-Almeida

Mind enlargement with a rostral bias in larvae from a spontaneously variant Xenopus feminine line: implications for vertebrate evolution

Ikuko Hongo, Chihiro Yamaguchi, Harumasa Okamoto

The evolution of gestation size in eutherian mammals

Thodoris Danis, Antonis Rokas

Evaluating the patterning cascade mannequin of tooth morphogenesis within the human decrease blended and everlasting dentition

Dori E. Kenessey, Christopher M. Stojanowski, Kathleen S. Paul

From Kenessey et al. This picture is made out there underneath a CC-BY 4.0 Worldwide license.

Revisiting Hox gene evolution and Hox cluster linkage throughout Nematoda

Joseph Kirangwa, Dominik R Laetsch, Erna King, Lewis Stevens, Mark Blaxter, Oleksandr Holovachov, Philipp Schiffer

FMNL2 regulates actin for ER and mitochondria distribution in oocyte meiosis

Meng-Hao Pan, Zhen-Nan Pan, Ming-Hong Solar, Xiao-Han Li, Jia-Qian Ju, Shi-Ming Luo, Xiang-Hong Ou, Shao-Chen Solar

Intercellular contact and cargo switch between Müller glia and to microglia precede apoptotic cell clearance within the growing retina

Michael Morales, Anna P Findley, Diana M. Mitchell

Untimely endocycling of Drosophila follicle cells causes pleiotropic defects in oogenesis

Hunter C Herriage, Brian R Calvi

From Herriage et al. This picture is made out there underneath a CC-BY-NC 4.0 Worldwide license.

Disrupted endosomal trafficking of the Vangl-Celsr polarity advanced causes congenital anomalies in trachea-esophageal separation

Nicole A Edwards, Adhish Kashyap, Alissa Warren, Zachary Agricola, Alan P Kenny, Yufeng Shen, Wendy Ok Chung, Aaron M Zorn

Vertical transmission of maternal DNA by way of extracellular vesicles associates with altered embryo bioenergetics in the course of the periconception interval

David Bolumar, Javier Moncayo-Arlandi, Javier Gonzalez-Fernandez, Ana Ochando, Inmaculada Moreno, Ana Monteagudo-Sanchez, Carlos Marin, Antonio Diez, Paula Fabra, Miguel Angel Checa, Juan Jose Espinos, David Ok Gardner, Carlos Simon, Felipe Vilella

Actin-Pushed Nanotopography Promotes Secure Integrin Adhesion Formation in Creating Tissue

Tianchi Chen, Cecilia Huertas Fernández-Espartero, Abigail Illand, Ching-Ting Tsai, Yang Yang, Benjamin Klapholz, Pierre Jouchet, Mélanie Fabre, Olivier Rossier, Bianxiao Cui, Sandrine Lévêque-Fort, Nicholas H. Brown, Grégory Giannone

Tunneling nanotubes allow intercellular switch in zebrafish embryos

Olga Korenkova, Shiyu Liu, Ines Prlesi, Anna Pepe, Shahad Albadri, Filippo Del Bene, Chiara Zurzolo

Gαi2-Mediated Regulation of Microtubules Dynamics and Rac1 Exercise Orchestrates Cranial Neural Crest Cell Migration in Xenopus

Soraya Villaseca, Juan I Leal, Jossef Guajardo, Hernan Morales-Navarrete, Roberto Mayor, Marcela Torrejón

Trabid affected person mutations impede the axonal trafficking of adenomatous polyposis coli to disrupt neurite development

Daniel Frank, Maria Bergamasco, Michael Mlodzianoski, Andrew Kueh, Ellen Tsui, Cathrine Corridor, Georgios Kastrappis, Anne Kathrin Voss, Catriona McLean, Maree C Fake, Kelly Rogers, Bang Tran, Elizabeth Vincan, David Komander, Grant Dewson, Hoanh Tran

Kinesin member of the family Kif23 regulates cytokinetic division and maintains neural stem/progenitor cell pool within the growing neocortex

Sharmin Naher, Takako Kikkawa, Kenji Iemura, Satoshi Miyashita, Mikio Hoshino, Kozo Tanaka, Shinsuke Niwa, Jin-Wu Tsai, Noriko Osumi

Dynamics of pax7 expression throughout growth, muscle regeneration, and in vitro differentiation of satellite tv for pc cells within the trout

Cécile Rallière, Sabrina Jagot, Nathalie Sabin, Jean-Charles Gabillard

From Rallière et al . This picture is made out there underneath a CC-BY 4.0 Worldwide license.

Reorganization of the Flagellum Scaffolding Induces a Sperm Standstill Throughout Fertilization

Martina Jabloñski, Guillermina M. Luque, Matías D. Gómez-Elías, Claudia Sanchez-Cardenas, Xinran Xu, Jose Luis de la Vega-Beltran, Gabriel Corkidi, Alejandro Linares, Victor X. Abonza Amaro, Dario Krapf, Diego Krapf, Alberto Darszon, Adan Guerrero, Mariano G. Buffone

A mathematical framework for the emergence of winners and losers in cell competitors

Thomas F. Pak, Joe M. Pitt-Francis, Ruth E. Baker

Turing sample formation in reaction-cross-diffusion methods with a bilayer geometry

Antoine Diez, Andrew L. Krause, Philip Ok. Maini, Eamonn A. Gaffney, Sungrim Seirin-Lee

Impartial competitors explains the clonal composition of neural organoids

Florian G. Pflug, Simon Haendeler, Christopher Esk, Dominik Lindenhofer, Jürgen A. Knoblich, Arndt von Haeseler

A geometrical mannequin of cell destiny specification within the mouse blastocyst

Archishman Raju, Eric D. Siggia

Modeling the roles of cohesotaxis, cell-intercalation, and tissue geometry in collective cell migration of Xenopus mesendoderm

Tien Comlekoglu, Bette J. Dzamba, Gustavo G. Pacheco, David R. Shook, T.J. Sego, James A. Glazier, Shayn M. Peirce, Douglas W. DeSimone

Single-fly assemblies fill main phylogenomic gaps throughout the Drosophilidae Tree of Life

Bernard Y. Kim, Hannah R. Gellert, Samuel H. Church, Anton Suvorov, Sean S. Anderson, Olga Barmina, Sofia G. Beskid, Aaron A. Comeault, Ok. Nicole Crown, Sarah E. Diamond, Steve Dorus, Takako Fujichika, James A. Hemker, Jan Hrcek, Maaria Kankare, Toru Katoh, Karl N. Magnacca, Ryan A. Martin, Teruyuki Matsunaga, Matthew J. Medeiros, Danny E. Miller, Scott Pitnick, Sara Simoni, Tessa E. Steenwinkel, Michele Schiffer, Zeeshan A. Syed, Aya Takahashi, Kevin H-C. Wei, Tsuya Yokoyama, Michael B. Eisen, Artyom Kopp, Daniel Matute, Darren J. Obbard, Patrick M. O’Grady, Donald Ok. Worth, Masanori J. Toda, Thomas Werner, Dmitri A. Petrov

Quantitative proteome dynamics throughout embryogenesis in a mannequin chordate

Alexander N. Frese, Andrea Mariossi, Michael S. Levine, Martin Wühr

An built-in transcriptomic cell atlas of human neural organoids

Zhisong He, Leander Dony, Jonas Simon Fleck, Artur Szałata, Katelyn X. Li, Irena Slišković, Hsiu-Chuan Lin, Malgorzata Santel, Alexander Atamian, Giorgia Quadrato, Jieran Solar, Sergiu P. Paşca, J. Grey Camp, Fabian Theis, Barbara Treutlein

From He et al. This picture is made out there underneath a CC-BY-NC 4.0 Worldwide license.

An in vitro platform for quantifying cell cycle section lengths in major human intestinal stem cells

Michael J Cotton, Pablo Ariel, Kaiwen Chen, Vanessa A Walcott, Michelle Dixit, Keith A Breau, Caroline M Hinesley, Kasia Kedziora, Cynthia Y Tang, Anna Zheng, Scott T Magness, Joseph Burclaff

A human prenatal pores and skin cell atlas reveals immune cell regulation of pores and skin morphogenesis

Nusayhah Hudaa Gopee, Ni Huang, Bayanne Olabi, Chloe Admane, Rachel A Botting, April Rose Foster, Fereshteh Torabi, Elena Winheim, Dinithi N Sumanaweera, Issac Goh, Mohi Miah, Emily Stephenson, Win Min Tun, Pejvak Moghimi, Ben Rumney, Peng He, Sid Lawrence, Kenny Roberts, Keval Sidhpura, Justin Englebert, Laura Jardine, Gary Reynolds, Antony Rose, Clarisse Ganier, Vicky Rowe, Sophie Pritchard, Ilaria Mulas, James Fletcher, Dorin-Mirel Popescu, Elizabeth FM Poyner, Anna Dubois, Andrew Filby, Steven Lisgo, Roger A Barker, JONG-EUN PARK, Roser Vento-Tormo, Phuong Ahn Le, Sara Serdy, Jin Kim, CiCi Deakin, Jiyoon Lee, Marina T Nikolova, Neil Rajan, Stephane Ballereau, Tong Li, Josh Moore, David Horsfall, Daniela Basurto Lozada, Edel A O’Toole, Barbara Treutlein, Omer Bayraktar, Maria Kasper, Pavel Mazin, Laure Gambardella, Karl Koehler, Sarah Teichmann, Muzlifah Haniffa

Early human fetal lung atlas reveals the temporal dynamics of epithelial cell plasticity.

Henry Tat Quach, Spencer Farrell, Kayshani Kanagarajah, Michael Wu, Xiaoqiao Xu, Prajkta Kallurkar, Andrei Turinsky, Christine Bear, Felix Ratjen, Sidhartha Goyal, Theo J Moraes, Amy Wong

A Spatiotemporal and Machine-Studying Platform Accelerates the Manufacturing of hPSC-derived Esophageal Mucosa

Ying Yang, Carmel Grace McCullough, Lucas Seninge, Lihao Guo, Woo-Joo Kwon, Yongchun Zhang, Nancy Yanzhe Li, Sadhana Gaddam, Cory Pan, Hanson Zhen, Jessica Torkelson, Ian A. Glass, the Start Defects Analysis Laboratory, Greg Charville, Jianwen Que, Joshua Stuart, Hongxu Ding, Anthony Oro

A spatial-temporal map of glutamatergic neurogenesis in embryonic cerebellar nuclei uncovers a excessive diploma of mobile heterogeneity

Filippo Casoni, Laura Croci, Francesca Marroni, Giulia Demenego, Ottavio Cremona, Franca Codazzi, G. Giacomo Consalez

Studentsourcing – aggregating and re-using knowledge from a sensible cell biology course

Joachim Goedhart

Key phrases to success: a sensible information to maximise the visibility and affect of educational papers

Patrice Pottier, Malgorzata Lagisz, Samantha Burke, Szymon M. Drobniak, Philip A. Downing, Erin L. Macartney, April Robin Martinig, Ayumi Mizuno, Kyle Morrison, Pietro Pollo, Lorenzo Ricolfi, Jesse Tam, Coralie Williams, Yefeng Yang, Shinichi Nakagawa

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