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September in preprints

Welcome to our month-to-month trawl for developmental and stem cell biology (and associated) preprints.

The preprints this month are hosted on bioRxiv – use these hyperlinks under to get to the part you need:

Developmental biology

Cell Biology



Instruments & Assets

Analysis observe & training

Developmental biology

| Patterning & signalling

Protein phosphatase 1 regulates core PCP signaling

Tune Tune, Bomsoo Cho, Alexis T Weiner, Silas Boye Nissen, Irene Ojeda Naharros, Pablo Sanchez Bosch, Kaye Suyama, Yanhui Hu, Li He, Tanya Svinkina, Namrata Udeshi, Steven A Carr, Norbert Perrimon, Jeffrey D. Axelrod

Combinatorial Wnt signaling panorama throughout brachiopod anteroposterior patterning

Bruno C. Vellutini, José M. Martín-Durán, Aina Børve, Andreas Hejnol

SMAD4 promotes somatic-germline contact throughout oocyte progress

Sofia Granados-Aparici, Qin Yang, Hugh Clarke

From Granados-Aparici et al. This picture is made obtainable underneath a CC-BY-NC 4.0 Worldwide license.

Prickle and Ror modulate Dishevelled-Vangl interplay to control non-canonical Wnt signaling throughout convergent extension

Jianbo Wang, Chenbei Chang, Hwa-seon Search engine optimisation, Deli Yu, Ivan Popov, Jiahui Tao, Allyson Angermeier, Bingdong Sha, Jeffrey D. Axelrod

Purposeful opsin patterning for Drosophila coloration imaginative and prescient is established by way of signaling pathways in adjoining object-detection neurons

Manabu Kitamata, Yoshiaki Otake, Hideaki Kitagori, Xuanshuo Zhang, Yusuke Maki, Rika Boku, Masato Takeuchi, Hideki Nakagoshi

Cell proliferation and Notch signaling coordinate the formation of epithelial folds within the Drosophila leg

Alonso Rodriguez, Sergio Cordoba, Daniel Delipe-Cordero, Antonio Baonza, David Miguez, Carlos Estella

Notch signalling performs a vital position in patterning the ventral mesoderm throughout early embryogenesis in Drosophila melanogaster

Marvel Megaly, Gregory Foran, Arsala Ali, Anel Turgambayeva, Ryan D. Hallam, Aleksandar Necakov

Faulty mesenchymal Bmpr1a-mediated BMP signaling causes congenital pulmonary cysts

Yongfeng Luo, Ke Cao, Joanne Chiu, Hui Chen, Hong-Jun Wang, Matthew E. Thornton, Brendan H. Grubbs, Martin Kolb, Michael S. Parmacek, Yuji Mishina, Wei Shi

Cell autonomous polarization by the planar cell polarity signaling pathway

Alexis T Weiner, Bomsoo Cho, Kaye Suyama, Jeffrey D Axelrod

BMP signaling pathway member expression is enriched in enteric neural progenitors and required for zebrafish enteric nervous system growth

Joshua A. Moore, Arielle S. Noah, Eileen W. Singleton, Rosa A. Uribe

Flamingo participates in a number of fashions of cell competitors

Pablo Sanchez Bosch, Bomsoo Cho, Jeffrey D. Axelrod

Social administration of juvenile hormone to larvae will increase physique measurement and dietary wants for pupation

Matteo A. Negroni, Adria C. LeBoeuf

Src/Fas2-dependent Ephrin phosphorylation initiates Eph/Ephrin reverse signaling by way of Rac1 to form columnar models within the fly mind

Miaoxing Wang, Xujun Han, Yunfei Lee, Rie Takayama, Makoto Sato

Embryogenesis in myrmicine ants combines options of brief and lengthy germ-band modes of growth

Chi-Chun Fang, Arjuna Rajakumar, Andrew Kenny, Ulrich G. Mueller, Ehab Abouheif, David Stein

From Fang et al. This picture is made obtainable underneath a CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0 Worldwide license.

Myosin1G promotes Nodal signaling to regulate Zebrafish Left-Proper asymmetry

Akshai Janardhana Kurup, Florian Bailet, Maximilian Fürthauer

Delta-dependent Notch activation closes the early neuroblast temporal program to advertise lineage development and neurogenesis termination in Drosophila

Chhavi Sood, Md Ausrafuggaman Nahid, Kendall R. Branham, Matthew C. Pahl, Susan E. Doyle, Sarah E. Siegrist

| Morphogenesis & mechanics

Complicated relationship amongst vessel diameter, shear stress and blood strain controlling vessel pruning throughout angiogenesis

Vivek Kumar, Prashant Kumar, Takao Hikita, Mingqian Ding, Yukinori Kametani, Masanori Nakayama, Yosuke Hasegawa

Left-right asymmetry is shaped within the basal our bodies of the mouse node cilia in a cilia motility-dependent method

Hiroshi Yoke, Atsushi Taniguchi, Shigenori Nonaka

Exploring the ideas of embryonic mammary gland branching morphogenesis

Riitta Lindström, Jyoti P. Satta, Satu-Marja Myllymäki, Qiang Lan, Ewelina Trela, Renata Prunskaite-Hyyryläinen, Beata Kaczyńska, Maria Voutilainen, Satu Kuure, Seppo J. Vainio, Marja L. Mikkola

An actomyosin community organizes area of interest morphology and responds to suggestions from recruited stem cells

Bailey N. Warder, Kara A. Nelson, Justin Sui, Lauren Anllo, Stephen DiNardo

Molecular management of cellulosic fin morphogenesis in ascidians


Illuminating the Terminal Nerve: Uncovering the Hyperlink between GnRH-1 and Olfactory Growth

Enrico Amato Jr, Ed Zandro M Taroc, Paolo E. Forni

Myocardin-related transcription elements regulate morphogenetic occasions in vertebrate embryos by controlling F-actin group and apical constriction

Keiji Itoh, Olga Ossipova, Miho Matsuda, Sergei Y Sokol

PCP and Septins govern the polarized group of the actin cytoskeleton throughout convergent extension

Caitlin C Devitt, Shinuo Weng, Vidal D Bejar-Padilla, José Alvarado, John B Wallingford

Sensitivity of the timing of Drosophila pupal wing morphogenesis to exterior perturbations

Romina Piscitello-Gómez, Ali Mahmoud, Natalie A Dye, Suzanne Eaton

Overburdened Ferroptotic Stress Impairs Tooth Morphogenesis

H.S. Wang, X.F. Wang, L.Y. Huang, C.L. Wang, F.Y. Yu, L. Ye

From Wang et al. This picture is made obtainable underneath a CC-BY 4.0 Worldwide license.

Basal spot junctions of epithelial tissues reply to morphogenetic forces and regulate Hippo signaling

Benjamin Kroeger, Samuel A. Manning, Yoshana Fonseka, Viola Oorschot, Simon A. Crawford, Georg Ramm, Kieran F. Harvey

Elevated temperature fatally disrupts nuclear divisions within the early Drosophila embryo

Girish Kale, Pratika Agarwal, J Jaime Diaz-Larrosa, Steffen Lemke

| Genes & genomes

The autism-associated gene SYNGAP1 regulates human cortical neurogenesis

Marcella Birtele, Ashley Del Dosso, Tiantian Xu, Tuan Nguyen, Brent Wilkinson, Negar Hosseini, Sarah Nguyen, Jean-Paul Urenda, Gavin Knight, Camilo Rojas, Ilse Flores, Alexander Atamian, Roger Moore, Ritin Sharma, Patrick Pirrotte, Randolph S. Ashton, Eric J. Huang, Gavin Rumbaugh, Marcelo P. Coba, Giorgia Quadrato

The differentiation and integration of the hippocampal dorsoventral axis are managed by two nuclear receptor genes

Xiong Yang, Rong Wan, Zhiwen Liu, Su Feng, Jiaxin Yang, Naihe Jing, Ke Tang

SoxB1 transcription elements are important for initiating and sustaining the neural plate border gene expression

Elizabeth N. Schock, Joshua R York, Austin P Li, Ashlyn Y Tu, Carole LaBonne

ARID1A governs the silencing of sex-linked transcription throughout male meiosis within the mouse

Debashish U Menon, Prabuddha Chakraborty, Noel Murcia, Terry Magnuson

Characterization of the zebrafish gabra1sa43718/sa43718 germline lack of operate allele confirms a operate for Gabra1 in motility and nervous system growth

David Paz, Nayeli G. Reyes-Nava, Briana E. Pinales, Isaiah Perez, Claudia B. Gil, Annalise V. Gonzales, Brian Grajeda, Igor L. Estevao, Cameron C. Ellis, Victoria L. Castro, Anita M. Quintana

Submit-transcriptional repression of mRNA enhances competence to transit from mitosis to meiosis in mouse spermatogenic cells

Maria M. Mikedis, Bingrun Liu, Dirk G. de Rooij, David C. Web page

Unraveling the position of Xist in X chromosome inactivation: insights from rabbit mannequin and deletion evaluation of exons and repeat A

Mingming Liang, Lichao Zhang, Liangxue Lai, Zhanjun Li

Paternal hunger impacts metabolic gene expression throughout zebrafish offspring growth and life-long health

Ada Jimenez-Gonzalez, Federico Ansaloni, Constance Nebendahl, Ghazal Alavioon, David Murray, Weronika Robak, Remo Sanges, Ferenc Müller, Simone Immler

From Jimenez-Gonzalez et al. This picture is made obtainable underneath a CC-BY-NC 4.0 Worldwide license.

Systematic Perturbation of 1000’s of Retroviral LTRs in Mouse Embryos

Jian Yang, Lauryn Prepare dinner, Zhiyuan Chen

Identification of a number of transcription issue genes probably concerned within the growth of electrosensory versus mechanosensory lateral line organs

Martin Minařík, Melinda S. Modrell, J. Andrew Gillis, Alexander S. Campbell, Isobel Fuller, Rachel Lyne, Gos Micklem, David Gela, Martin Pšenička, Clare V. H. Baker

Bacterial purine metabolism modulates C. elegans growth and stress tolerance through DAF-16 translocation

Min Feng, Baizhen Gao, L. Rene Garcia, Qing Solar

Lack of G9a doesn’t phenocopy the requirement for Prdm12 within the growth of the nociceptive neuron lineage

Panagiotis Tsimpos, Simon Desiderio, Pauline Cabochette, Sadia Kricha, Eric J. Bellefroid

| Stem cells, regeneration & illness modelling

Diffusible fraction of area of interest BMP ligand safeguards stem-cell differentiation

Sharif M Ridwan, Samaneh Poursaeid, Emma Kristine Beard, Autumn Twillie, Muhammed Burak Bener, Matthew Antel, Ann E Cowan, Shinya Matsuda, Mayu Inaba

Tissue-scale dynamic mapping of Hematopoietic Stem Cells and supportive area of interest cells within the fetal liver

Patrick M Helbling, Anjali Vijaykumar, Alvaro Gomariz, Karolina A Zielinska, Thomas Zerkatje, Kathrin Loosli, Stephan Isringhausen, Takashi Nagasawa, Ingo Roeder, Markus G Manz, Tomomasa Yokomizo, Cesar Nombela-Arrieta

Stem cell proliferation and differentiation throughout larval metamorphosis of the mannequin tapeworm Hymenolepis microstoma

Jimena Montagne, Matías Preza, Uriel Koziol

HIF1A contributes to the survival of aneuploid and mosaic pre-implantation embryos

Estefania Sanchez-Vasquez, Marianne E. Bronner, Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz

Tuning apico-basal polarity and junctional recycling within the hemogenic endothelium orchestrates pre-hematopoietic stem cell emergence complexity

Léa Torcq, Sara Majello, Catherine Vivier, Anne A. Schmidt

Single Cell Multi-Omics of an iPSC Mannequin of Human Sinoatrial Node Growth Reveals Genetic Determinants of Coronary heart Fee and Arrhythmia Susceptibility

James L. Engel, Xianglong Zhang, Daniel R. Lu, Olaia F. Vila, Vanessa Arias, Jasper Lee, Christopher Hale, Yi-Hsiang Hsu, Chi-Ming Li, Roland S. Wu, Vasanth Vedantham, Yen-Sin Ang

Distinct stem-like cell populations facilitate useful regeneration of the Cladonema medusa tentacle

Sosuke Fujita, Mako Takahashi, Gaku Kumano, Erina Kuranaga, Masayuki Miura, Yu-ichiro Nakajima

Mobile senescence promotes progenitor cell growth throughout axolotl limb regeneration

Qinghao Yu, Hannah E. Walters, Giovanni Pasquini, Sumeet Pal Singh, Martina Lachnit, Catarina Oliveira, Daniel León-Periñán, Andreas Petzold, Preethi Kesavan, Cristina Subiran, Ines Garteizgogeascoa, Dunja Knapp, Anne Wagner, Andrea Bernardos, María Alfonso, Gayathri Nadar, Alwin M. Graf, Konstantin E. Troyanovskiy, Andreas Dahl, Volker Busskamp, Ramón Martínez-Máñez, Maximina H. Yun

In vitro pigmentation of human iPSC-derived retinal pigment epithelium cells doesn’t point out their high quality for cell transplantation

Yoko Nakai-Futatsugi, Jianshi Jin, Taisaku Ogawa, Noriko Sakai, Akiko Maeda, Ken-ichi Hironaka, Masakazu Fukuda, Hiroki Danno, Yuji Tanaka, Seiji Hori, Katsuyuki Shiroguchi, Masayo Takahashi

Folate depletion alters mouse trophoblast stem cell regulation in vitro

Joanna Rakoczy, Erica D Watson

Single cell RNA sequencing unravels the transcriptional community underlying zebrafish retina regeneration

Laura Celotto, Fabian Rost, Anja Machate, Juliane Bläsche, Andreas Dahl, Anke Weber, Stefan Hans, Michael Model

Single nuclei transcriptomics reveal the differentiation trajectories of periosteal skeletal/stem progenitor cells in bone regeneration

Simon Perrin, Cécile-Aurore Wotawa, Vincent Bretegnier, Marine Luka, Fanny Coulpier, Cécile Masson, Mickael Ménager, Céline Colnot

Dynein directs prophase centrosome migration to regulate the stem cell division axis within the creating C. elegans dermis

Cátia Carvalho, Daniel J. Barbosa, Ricardo Celestino, Esther Zanin, Ana Xavier Carvalho, Reto Gassmann

From Carvalho et al. This picture is made obtainable underneath a CC-BY 4.0 Worldwide license.

iPSC-based modeling of helicase deficiency reveals impaired cell proliferation and elevated apoptosis after NK cell lineage dedication

Seungmae Search engine optimisation, Sagar L. Patil, Yong-Oon Ahn, Jacqueline Armetta, Everardo Hegewisch-Solloa, Micah Castillo, Nicole C. Guilz, Achchhe Patel, Barbara Corneo, Malgorzata Borowiak, Preethi Gunaratne, Emily M. Mace

Dendritic atoh1a+ cells function transient intermediates throughout zebrafish Merkel cell growth and regeneration

Evan W. Craig, Erik C. Black, Camille E.A. Goo, Avery Angell Swearer, Nathaniel G. Yee, Jeffrey P. Rasmussen

The Chordate Origins of Coronary heart Regeneration

Keaton J. Schuster, Lionel Christiaen

Biallelic variants in LARS1 induce steatosis in creating zebrafish liver through enhanced autophagy

Masanori Inoue, Wulan Apridita Sebastian, Shota Sonoda, Hiroaki Miyahara, Nobuyuki Shimizu, Hiroshi Shiraishi, Miwako Maeda, Kumiko Yanagi, Tadashi Kaname, Reiko Hanada, Toshikatsu Hanada, Kenji Ihara

Single-cell mitochondrial variant enrichment resolved clonal monitoring and spatial structure in human embryonic hematopoiesisv

Yan Xue, Yiming Chao, Xinyi Lin, Yuanhua Huang, Joshua WK Ho, Ryohichi Sugimura

HLA-Primarily based Banking of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells in Saudi Arabia

Maryam Alowaysi, Robert Lehmann, Mohammad Al-Shehri, Moayad Baadheim, Hajar Alzahrani, Doaa Aboalola, Asima Zia, Dalal Malibari, Mustafa Daghestani, Khaled Alghamdi, Ali Haneef, Dunia Jawdat, Fahad Hakami, David Gomez-Cabrero, Jesper Tegner, Khaled Alsayegh

| Plant growth

Transcriptional modulation throughout photomorphogenesis in rice seedlings

Parul Gupta, Pankaj Jaiswal

Carotenoid metabolism negatively regulates auxin-mediated root progress

Kang Xu, Haoran Zeng, Emi Yumoto, Masashi Asahina, Ken-ichiro Hayashi, Hidehiro Fukaki, Hisashi Ito, Masaaki Okay. Watahiki

Single-plant-omics reveals the cascade of transcriptional adjustments through the vegetative-to-reproductive transition

Ethan J Redmond, James Ronald, Seth J Davis, Daphne Ezer

Evolutionarily Conserved CKI1-Mediated Two-Part Signaling is Required for Feminine Germline Specification in Marchantia polymorpha

Haonan Bao, Rui Solar, Megumi Iwano, Yoshihiro Yoshitake, Shiori S Aki, Masaaki Umeda, Ryuichi Nishihama, Shohei Yamaoka, Takayuki Kohchi

Mobile gibberellin dynamics govern indeterminate nodule growth, morphology and performance

Colleen Drapek, Nadiatul A. Radzman-Mohd, Annalisa Rizza, Katharina Schiessl, Fabio Dos Santos Barbosa, Jiangqi Wen, Giles E.D. Oldroyd, Alexander M. Jones

A Single-Nucleus Atlas of Seed-to-Seed Growth in Arabidopsis

Travis A. Lee, Tatsuya Nobori, Natanella Illouz-Eliaz, Jiaying Xu, Bruce Jow, Joseph R. Nery, Joseph R. Ecker

Investigating the genetic management of plant growth underneath pace breeding situations

Nicola Rossi, Wayne Powell, Ian Mackay, Lee Hickey, Andreas Maurer, Klaus Pillen, Karen Halliday, Rajiv Sharma

Tip Progress Defective1 interacts with the cellulose synthase advanced to control cellulose synthesis in Arabidopsis thaliana

Edwin R Lampugnani, Staffan Persson, Ghazanfar Abbas Khan

From Lampugnani et al. This picture is made obtainable underneath a CC-BY 4.0 Worldwide license.

Arabidopsis CML13 and CML14 Have Important And Overlapping Roles In Plant Growth

Kyle Symonds, Howard Teresinski, Bryan Hau, David Chiasson, Wayne A. Snedden

Leaf and shoot apical meristem transcriptomes of quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Willd.) in response to photoperiod and plant growth

Nathaly Maldonado-Taipe, Elodie Rey, Mark Tester, Christian Jung, Nazgol Emrani

Sequence characterization of T, Bip, and Phbw demonstrates the position of MYB-bHLH-WD40 complexes and temperature in widespread bean seed coloration sample formation

Travis Parker, Tayah Bolt, Troy Williams, Ramachandra Varma Penmetsa, Mwiinga Mulube, Antonia Palkovic, Celestina Nhagupana Jochua, Maria del Mar Rubio Wilhelmi, Sassoum Lo, Gail Bornhorst, Li Tian, Kelvin Kamfwa, Sam Hokin, Andrew Farmer, Christine H. Diepenbrock, Paul Gepts

Differential mutation accumulation in plant meristematic layers

Kirk R Amundson, Mohan Prem Anand Marimuthu, Oanh Nguyen, Konsam Sarika, Isabelle J DeMarco, Angelina Phan, Isabelle M Henry, Luca Comai

From buds to shoots: Insights into grapevine growth from the Witch’s Broom bud sport

Eleanore J. Ritter, Peter Cousins, Michelle Quigley, Aidan Kile, Sunil Okay. Kenchanmane Raju, Daniel H. Chitwood, Chad Niederhuth

LTP2 hypomorphs present genotype-by-environment interplay in early seedling traits in Arabidopsis thaliana

Cristina M Alexandre, Kerry L Bubb, Karla M Schultz, Janne Lempe, Josh T Cuperus, Christine Queitsch

Mechanotransduction in Lateral Root Initiation: A Mannequin Integrating Progress Mechanics and Auxin Signaling

João R. D. Ramos, Blanca Jazmin Reyes-Hernández, Karen Alim, Alexis Maizel

Imprinting however not cytonuclear interactions impacts parent-of-origin impact on seed measurement in Arabidopsis hybrids

Viviana June, Xiaoya Tune, Z. Jeffrey Chen

Phosphate hunger regulates cellulose synthesis to change root progress

Ghazanfar Abbas Khan, Arka Dutta, Allison Van de Meene, Kristian EH. Frandsen, Michael Ogden, James Whelan, Staffan Persson

DEVIL peptides management cell progress and differentiation in several developmental processes

Ana Alarcia, Amparo Primo-Capella, Elena Perpiñán, Priscilla Rossetto, Cristina Ferrándiz

From Alarcia et al. This picture is made obtainable underneath a CC-BY 4.0 Worldwide license.

The HOMEODOMAIN-Like protein HDL mediates chromatin group and rewires leaf epidermal patterning

Ansar Ali, Chi Kuan, Fu-Yu Hung, Tsai-Chen Chen, Hui-Chun Lee, Shao-Li Yang, Yun-Ru Feng, Keqiang Wu, Chin-Min Kimmy Ho

Expression of cell-wall associated genes is very variable and correlates with sepal morphology

Diego A. Hartasánchez, Annamaria Kiss, Virginie Battu, Charline Soraru, Abigail Delgado-Vaquera, Florian Massinon, Marina Brasó-Vives, Corentin Mollier, Marie-Laure Martin-Magniette, Arezki Boudaoud, Françoise Monéger

| Evo-devo

Management of cell destiny specification and patterning by an ancestral microRNA

Adolfo Aguilar-Cruz, Eduardo Flores-Sandoval, Ximena Gutiérrez-Ramos, Omar Oltehua- Lopez, Ana E. Dorantes-Acosta, Joshua T. Trujillo, Hirotaka Kato, Kimitsune Ishizaki, Rebecca A. Mosher, Liam Dolan, Daniel Grimanelli, Jim Haseloff, John L. Bowman, Mario A. Arteaga-Vazquez

Evolution and variety of biomineralized columnar structure in early Cambrian phosphatic-shelled brachiopods

Zhiliang Zhang, Zhifei Zhang, Lars E. Holmer, Timothy P. Topper, Bing Pan, Guoxiang Li

Insights into Digit Evolution from a Destiny Map Examine of the Forearm

JDH Oh, DDZ Saunders, L McTeir, M Jackson, JD Glover, JJ Schoenebeck, LA Lettice, MG Davey

From Oh et al. This picture is made obtainable underneath a CC-BY 4.0 Worldwide license.

Molecular evolution of male copy throughout species with extremely divergent sperm morphology in various murine rodents

Emily E. Okay. Kopania, Gregg W. C. Thomas, Carl R. Hutter, Sebastian M. E. Mortimer, Colin M. Callahan, Emily Roycroft, Anang S. Achmadi, William G. Breed, Nathan L. Clark, Jacob A. Esselstyn, Kevin C. Rowe, Jeffrey M. Good

Genetic foundation of variation in thermal developmental plasticity for Drosophila melanogaster physique pigmentation

E Lafuente, D Duneau, P Beldade

Uncovering the mosaic evolution of carnivoran skeletal techniques

Chris J. Legislation, Leslea J. Hlusko, Z. Jack Tseng

Larval brooding damselfishes and shifting physique proportions: does pelagic larval swimming constrain reef fish morphology?

J.P. Lyons, Okay.D. Kavanagh

An amphioxus neurula stage cell atlas helps a fancy state of affairs for the emergence of vertebrate head mesoderm

Xavier Grau-Bové, Lucie Subirana, Lydvina Meister, Anaël Soubigou, Ana Neto, Anamaria Elek, Oscar Fornas, Jose Luis Gomez-Skarmeta, Juan J Tena, Manuel Irimia, Stéphanie Bertrand, Arnau Sebé-Pedrós, Hector Escriva

Adaptive Capabilities of Structural Variants in Human Mind Growth

Wanqiu Ding, Xiangshang Li, Jie Zhang, Mingjun Ji, Mengling Zhang, Xiaoming Zhong, Yong Cao, Xiaoge Liu, Chunqiong Li, Chunfu Xiao, Jiaxin Wang, Ting Li, Qing Yu, Fan Mo, Boya Zhang, Jianhuan Qi, Jie-Chun Yang, Juntian Qi, Lu Tian, Xinwei Xu, Qi Peng, Wei-Zhen Zhou, Zhijin Liu, Aisi Fu, Xiuqin Zhang, Jian-Jun Zhang, Yujie Solar, Baoyang Hu, Ni A. An, Li Zhang, Chuan-Yun Li

Hybridization and its influence on the ontogenetic allometry of skulls in macaques

Tsuyoshi Ito, Ryosuke Kimura, Hikaru Wakamori, Mikiko Tanaka, Ayumi Tezuka, Atsushi J. Nagano, Yuzuru Hamada, Yoshi Kawamoto

Comparative single-cell regulome reveals evolutionary improvements in neural progenitor cells throughout primate corticogenesis

Yuting Liu, Xin Luo, Yiming Solar, Kaimin Chen, Ting Hu, Benhui You, Jiahao Xu, Fengyun Zhang, Xiaoyu Meng, Xiang Li, Xiechao He, Cheng Li, Bing Su

Gene regulatory community that formed the evolution of larval sensory organ in Cnidaria

Eleanor Gilbert, Jamie Craggs, Vengamanaidu Modepalli

Coevolution of larval signalling and employee response can set off developmental caste dedication in social bugs

Juan Jose Lagos-Oviedo, Ido Pen, Jan Jakob Kreider

From Lagos-Oviedo et al. This picture is made obtainable underneath a CC-BY-NC 4.0 Worldwide license.

Cell Biology

Cerebellar granule cell migration and folia growth requires Mllt11/Af1q

Marley Blommers, Danielle Stanton-Turcotte, Emily A. Witt, Mohsen Heidari, Angelo Iulianella

Tropomyosin 1 deficiency facilitates cell state transitions to boost hemogenic endothelial cell specification throughout hematopoiesis

Madison B Wilken, Gennadiy Fonar, Catriana Nations, Giulia Pavani, Victor Tsao, James Garifallou, Joanna Tober, Laura Bennett, Jean Ann Maguire, Alyssa Gagne, Nkemdilim Okoli, Paul Gadue, Stella T Chou, Nancy A Speck, Deborah L French, Christopher S Thom

From Wilken et al. This picture is made obtainable underneath a CC-BY-NC 4.0 Worldwide license.

Rab35 is required for embryonic growth and kidney and ureter homeostasis by way of regulation of epithelial cell junctions

Kelsey R. Clearman, Napassawon Timpratoom, Dharti Patel, Addison B. Rains, Courtney J. Haycraft, Mandy J. Croyle, Jeremy F. Reiter, Bradley Okay. Yoder

Epigenetic regulation of p63 blocks squamous-to-neuroendocrine transdifferentiation in esophageal growth and malignancy

Yongchun Zhang, Dimitris Karagiannis, Helu Liu, Mi Lin, Yinshan Fang, Ming Jiang, Xiao Chen, Supriya Suresh, Haidi Huang, Junjun She, Feiyu Shi, Patrick Yang, Wael El-Rifai, Alexander Zaika, Anthony E. Oro, Anil Okay. Rustgi, Timothy C. Wang, Chao Lu, Jianwen Que

Gαi2-Mediated Regulation of Microtubules Dynamics and Rac1 Exercise Orchestrates Cranial Neural Crest Cell Migration in Xenopus

Soraya Villaseca, Juan Ignacio Leal, Jossef Guajardo, Hernan Morales-Navarrete, Roberto Mayor, Marcela Torrejón

Mixed and differential roles of ADD domains of DNMT3A and DNMT3L on DNA methylation landscapes in mouse germ cells

Naoki Kubo, Ryuji Uehara, Shuhei Uemura, Hiroaki Ohishi, Kenjiro Shirane, Hiroyuki Sasaki

A Cholinergic Signaling Pathway underlying Cortical Circuit Regulation of Lateral Ventricle Quiescent Neural Stem Cells

Moawiah M Naffaa, Henry H. Yin

Inhibition of the serine protease HtrA1 by SerpinE2 suggests a task for an extracellular proteolytic pathway within the management of neural crest migration

Edgar M. Pera, Josefine Nilsson-De Moura, Yuriy Pomeshchik, Laurent Roybon, Ivana Milas

An architectural position of oskar mRNA in granule meeting

Mainak Bose, Branislava Rankovic, Julia Mahamid, Anne Ephrussi

The Shot CH1 area recognises a definite type of F-actin throughout Drosophila oocyte dedication

D. Nashchekin, I. Squires, A. Prokop, D. St Johnston

From Nashchekin et al. This picture is made obtainable underneath a CC-BY 4.0 Worldwide license.


Morphogen gradients can convey place and time in rising tissues

Roman Vetter, Dagmar Iber

A dynamic Hedgehog gradient orients tracheal cartilage rings

Evan P. Kingsley, Darcy Mishkind, Tom W. Hiscock, Clifford J. Tabin

Plasticity-led evolution as an intrinsic property of developmental gene regulatory networks

Eden Tian Hwa Ng, Akira R. Kinjo

Mechanistic Regulation of Planarian Form Throughout Progress and Degrowth

Jason M. Ko, Waverly Reginato, Daniel Lobo

Instruments & Assets

A Meta-Atlas of the Creating Human Cortex Identifies Modules Driving Cell Subtype Specification

Patricia R Nano, Elisa Fazzari, Daria Azizad, Claudia V Nguyen, Sean Wang, Ryan L Kan, Brittney Wick, Maximilian Haeussler, Aparna Bhaduri

Single-cell epigenomic reconstruction of developmental trajectories in human neural organoid techniques from pluripotency

Fides Zenk, Jonas Simon Fleck, Sophie Martina Johanna Jansen, Bijan Kashanian, Beneditk Eisinger, Malgorzata Santel, Jean Samuel Dupre, Grey Camp, Barbara Treutlein

Mapping the developmental potential of mouse inside ear organoids at single-cell decision

Joerg Waldhaus, Linghua Jiang, Liqian Liu, Jie Liu, Robert Keith Duncan

Germ cells don’t progress by way of spermatogenesis within the infertile zebrafish testis

Andrea L. Sposato, Darren R. Llewellyn, Jenna M. Weber, Hailey L. Hollins, Madison N. Schrock, Jeffrey A. Farrell, James A. Gagnon

A single-cell atlas of pig gastrulation as a useful resource for comparative embryology

Luke Simpson, Andrew Unusual, Doris Klisch, Sophie Kraunsoe, Takuya Azami, Daniel Goszczynski, Triet Le, Benjamin Planells, Nadine Holmes, Fei Sang, Sonal Henson, Matthew Free, Jennifer Nichols, Ramiro Alberio

Single-cell transcription mapping of murine and human mammary organoids responses to feminine hormones

Jenelyz Ruiz-Ortiz, Steven M. Lewis, Michael F. Ciccone, Deeptiman Chatterjee, Samantha Henry, Adam Siepel, Camila O. Dos Santos

Transcriptome evaluation reveals temporally regulated genetic networks throughout Drosophila border cell collective migration

Emily Burghardt, Jessica Rakijas, Antariksh Tyagi, Pralay Majumder, Bradley J.S.C. Olson, Jocelyn A. McDonald

A Window into Mammalian Basement Membrane Growth: Insights from the mTurq2-Col4a1 Mouse Mannequin

Rebecca A. Jones, Brandon Trejo, Parijat Sil, Katherine A. Little, H. Amalia Pasolli, Bradley Joyce, Eszter Posfai, Danelle Devenport

From Jones et al. This picture is made obtainable underneath a CC-BY 4.0 Worldwide license.

Root Walker: an automatic pipeline for big scale quantification of early root progress responses at excessive spatial and temporal decision

Platre Matthieu Pierre, Mehta Preyanka, Halvorson Zachary, Ling Zhang, Brent Lukas, Gleason F. Matias, Faizi Kian, Goulding Callum, Busch Wolfgang

Analysis observe & training

An efficient C. elegans CRISPR coaching module for highschool and undergraduate summer season analysis experiences in molecular biology

Carmen Herrera Sandoval, Christopher Borchers, Scott Takeo Aoki

Growth of an undergraduate cell biology laboratory to evaluate pigmentation and cell measurement in a zebrafish mannequin of uveal melanoma

Andrea M. Henle

Managed experiment finds no detectable quotation bump from Twitter promotion

Trevor A. Department, Isabelle M. Cȏté, Solomon R. David, Joshua A. Drew, Michelle LaRue, Melissa C. Márquez, E. Chris M. Parsons, D. Rabaiotti, David Shiffman, David A. Steen, Alexander L. Wild

Biomedical researchers’ views on the reproducibility of analysis: a cross-sectional worldwide survey

Kelly D. Cobey, Sanam Ebrahimzadeh, Matthew J. Web page, Robert T. Thibault, Phi-Yen Nguyen, Farah Abu-Dalfa, David Moher

The submit September in preprints appeared first on the Node.



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