Home Language Learning The Final Latin American Spanish Vocabulary Record: 50+ Phrases for Getting Round

The Final Latin American Spanish Vocabulary Record: 50+ Phrases for Getting Round

The Final Latin American Spanish Vocabulary Record: 50+ Phrases for Getting Round


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When you’re occurring a kind of traditional excursions of Latin America, you want the linguistic instruments to make pals quick, flirt and have enjoyable.

The excellent news: you don’t must be fully fluent in Spanish.

On this publish, you’ll get the last word Latin American Spanish vocabulary listing so you’ll be able to chat with locals, get across the nation and slot in.

Plus, some grammatical variations with European Spanish.


Primary Latin American Spanish Vocabulary Phrases

Spanish Phrases from Argentina

  • Vos
    — Replaces because the casual “you” in Argentina, Uruguay, elements of Bolivia and Paraguay (It’s additionally utilized in locations like Chile however is taken into account substandard there)
  • Con vos
    — With you (used as a substitute of contigo)
  • Para vos
    — For you (used as a substitute of para ti)
  • Pronunciation of Y and LL — Argentinians transfer their tongue up a bit and voice these letters in order that they sound like the center consonant in “pleasure”
  • Che
    — Dude (it will also be used for emphasis)
  • Macana
    — Nonsense, lies
  • Chango
    — Younger man

It’s vital to notice that vos has its personal conjugations. Right here’s an in-depth information to them:

Take a look at these posts to study extra Argentinian Spanish:

Spanish Phrases from Bolivia

Be taught extra Bolivian Spanish right here:

Spanish Phrases from the Caribbean

Be taught some extra Caribbean Spanish vocabulary with these guides:

Spanish Phrases from Central America

Listed here are extra guides to Central American Spanish:

Spanish Phrases from Chile

  • ¿Qué onda?
    — How are you?
  • ¿Qué onda, microonda?
    — A really tacky and infantile model that actually means: “What wave, microwave?”
  • Huevón
    — Man / Dude (some Chileans insert it into most of their sentences as a meaningless interjection)
  • The –ái and –í endings — Within the casual second-person types of the verbs you’ll typically hear (however not see written, besides probably in textual content messages and the like) completely different endings than what you had been taught at school

Verbs ending in –ar will typically get –ái endings, as in bailar (to bounce) → Bailái
 (you dance).

Verbs ending in -er and -ir will get an –ís ending, as with poder (to have the ability to) → Podís
 (you’ll be able to).

Discover how, despite the fact that it’s casual speech, it follows a normal rule of Spanish. Since these endings take the stress on the final syllable, the spelling modifications that usually “corrupt” sure pressured vowels don’t occur right here (it’s not puedís).

Take a look at this information to study extra Chilean Spanish:

Spanish Phrases from Colombia

Be taught extra Colombian Spanish right here:

Spanish Phrases from Ecuador

Discover extra phrases and phrases from Ecuador with these posts:

Spanish Phrases from Mexico

You will discover tons extra Mexican Spanish vocabulary on this information:

Spanish Phrases from Peru

Grasp extra Peruvian slang phrases right here:

Spanish Phrases from Uruguay

  • Ta
    — Sure, OK (shortened model of “está“)
  • Adobado
    — Drunk

Take a look at this publish for extra Uruguayan phrases:

Spanish Phrases from Venezuela

Discover ways to sound much more Venezuelan when talking Spanish with this information:


After all, there are such a lot of extra enjoyable and ultra-local phrases and phrases (to not point out languages!) to find in Latin America.

This publish is supposed to get your foot within the door and spark some attention-grabbing conversations along with your new panas/compas/parces/cheros/aceres

Go meet them!



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