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Volver a: How and When to Use This Frequent Spanish Phrase [With Quiz]


The Spanish phrase volver a means “to return to” or “to do one thing once more.”

So, for instance, the Juanes tune “Volverte a ver” means “to see you once more.” And volver a casa means “to return dwelling.”

As a Spanish learner, it’s extraordinarily helpful to grasp and know learn how to use this phrase, because it reveals up in all places.

With this complete information, you’ll be taught precisely when and learn how to use volver a in your individual speech and writing!


1. Volver a + [Infinitive]

The Spanish verb volver typically means “to return.” However that little Spanish preposition can change the which means of the verb barely.

In lots of contexts, the Spanish phrase volver a adopted by an infinitive verb means “to do one thing once more.” So, volver a llorar means “to cry once more” and volver a comenzar means “to start out once more.”

Volver is a barely tough stem-changing –er verb, so that will help you out, we’ve offered right here the conjugations for volver a in the current tense:

Listed here are just a few instance sentences within the current tense that will help you get the cling of utilizing this extremely helpful phrase:

La maestra vuelve a intentar empezar la clase, pero los estudiantes no se callan.

(The trainer tries once more to start class, however the college students don’t calm down.)

Vuelvo a pedir disculpas por lo que te hice.

(I ask once more for forgiveness for what I did to you.)

¿Vuelves a salir esta noche o te quedas en casa?

(Are you going out once more tonight or are you staying dwelling?)

2. Volver a within the Previous and Current Good Tenses

In fact, volver a doesn’t solely operate within the current tense. The preterite (previous) and current excellent tense variations of this phrase will be quite common and helpful as nicely.

Within the preterite (previous) tense, conjugate volver a like this:

For instance, you could possibly say:

Me desperté, pero dentro de poco volví a dormir.

(I awakened, however I shortly fell again asleep.)

Los jugadores volvieron a intentar meter un gol.

(The gamers tried once more to attain a aim.)

The current excellent tense is analogous. These conjugations are:

This one is even simpler since you solely have to be taught the conjugations of haber and the participle vuelto.

¿Para qué has vuelto a mencionar eso?

(Why have you ever introduced that up once more?)

Utilizing the fundamentals offered on this article, you need to be capable to use the phrase volver a in different verb tenses as nicely—such because the previous excellent or the future tense. You should utilize this web site to conjugate Spanish verbs whenever you want a little bit of assist. 

Discover extra examples of volver in any tense on the FluentU program, which makes use of lots of of Spanish movies to show the language naturally.

3. Different Meanings of Volver a

As talked about initially of this text, the verb volver actually interprets to “to return” and in lots of circumstances volver a means “to do [an action] once more.”

Nevertheless, this isn’t all the time the case. In some circumstances, it could additionally imply “to return to [a place]” or “to return [at a specific time].”

The secret’s to have a look at what comes after the preposition a. If it’s a spot or an expression of time, the verb volver in context most likely means “to return.”

For instance:

Después del almuerzo, volvimos a la oficina.

(After lunch, we returned to the workplace.)

Ellos salieron tarde y volvieron a las cinco de la mañana.

(They went out late and returned at 5 within the morning.)

In these circumstances, volver a may very well be changed with regresar a, which additionally means “to return to [a place] or “to return [at a specific time].”

4. Different Methods to Say “Do Once more” in Spanish

This text is all about volver a—however that’s not the one approach to specific the concept “to do one thing once more” in Spanish.

It’s good to diversify your vocabulary with a purpose to enhance comprehension and sound extra like a local speaker. So, listed below are just a few extra methods to say the identical factor in Spanish (we’ll additionally present learn how to change these sentences to make use of volver a):

5. Helpful Phrases with Volver a

Volver a generally is a extremely helpful phrase in lots of contexts. Listed here are just a few frequent usages of it. Add these sayings to your repertoire to sound extra like a local speaker immediately.

Vuelvo a decir…
(I’ll say it once more…)

Use this saying in debates, arguments or any time you should emphasize a degree you’ve beforehand made. Mentioned with the appropriate tone, it could sound very forceful and may also help you reiterate a very robust argument.

Vuelvo a decir que su plan no va a funcionar.

(I’ll say once more that your plan will not be going to work.)

Nunca más vuelvo a…
(By no means once more will I…)

On this article, we’ve largely mentioned the constructive usages of the time period, however unsurprisingly, it may be used within the unfavourable as nicely. This saying helps you specific issues that you simply’ll by no means, ever do once more.

Nunca más vuelvo a confiar en ella.

(I’m by no means going to belief her once more.)

Volver a nacer
(To be reborn) 

This phrase can consult with one thing actually rising again (akin to a plant) however it could additionally symbolically consult with being revived (akin to after an sickness).

It might additionally take a figurative, religious or spiritual which means, just like the English-language idea of “rebirth.”

Vender todas mis cosas y mudarme a otro país fue como volver a nacer.

(Promoting all of my issues and transferring to a different nation was like being reborn.)

Volver a caer en lo mismo
(To fall again into similar factor) 

This colloquial expression has a which means that almost all of us can relate to on some stage. It refers to these instances that you simply hold making the identical mistake again and again—loads just like the English expression “tripping over the identical stone.”

Shakira takes a special tackle this saying in her tune Lo hecho está hecho” (What’s completed is finished):

“Lo hecho está hecho, volví a tropezar con la misma piedra que hubo siempre.

(“What’s completed is finished, I tripped once more on the identical stone that was all the time there.”) 

Caer y volver a levantarse
(Fall and get again up once more)

This expression is kind of a bit extra optimistic than the final one. It refers to these moments whenever you fail however strive once more.

No siempre vas a tener éxito en el primer intento. Hay que caer y volver a levantarse.

(You’re not all the time going to achieve success on the primary strive. It’s important to fall and get again up once more.)

Take a Quiz on Volver a

Now that you simply’ve discovered the conjugations, meanings and makes use of of volver a, it’s time to check your data! 

What is the right conjugation for volver a within the current tense first particular person singular (yo) type?

What is the right conjugation for volver a within the preterite (previous) tense third particular person plural (ellos/ellas) type?

¿Qué significa volver a en español?

Si dices “Volveré a las 10 de la mañana”, ¿qué estás diciendo?

¿Cuál de las siguientes oraciones utiliza volver a correctamente?

¿Cuál es la traducción correcta de “She’s going to return to highschool”?

¿Por qué Sara no ________ practicar el piano?

Terminaron de trabajar a las 9 de la noche y _______ empezar a las 7 de la mañana.

¿Me estás diciendo que _____ fumar?

Nunca más _____ alquilar un coche de esa empresa después de mi experiencia con ellos.

Spanish Quiz on “volver a”

Maintain practising!

Evaluate the information on volver a once more after which refresh the web page to retake the quiz. You are able to do it!

You are getting there!

Good job! You are getting the cling of utilizing the Spanish phrase volver a. Attempt reviewing the information once more and the refresh the web page to retake the quiz for a better rating.

Solution to go!

You are nicely in your approach to mastering the Spanish phrase volver a! Attempt reviewing what you missed after which refresh the web page to retake the quiz and take a look at for an ideal rating!


Solution to go! You’ve got mastered the Spanish phrase volver a! Now you can begin utilizing it in your on a regular basis conversations and writing.


When you’ve discovered this tremendous frequent Spanish phrase, you’ll possible see it everywhere.

Incorporate it into your speech as an alternative of utilizing otra vez and de nuevo on a regular basis. The variability will make you sound extra like a local Spanish speaker.

So, does volver a make sense to you? If not, we hope that you’ll volver a leer este artículo (learn this text once more) till you’re feeling comfy utilizing this handy Spanish phrase!

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