Home Language Learning What A part of Speech is “Into”? Definition and Examples

What A part of Speech is “Into”? Definition and Examples

What A part of Speech is “Into”? Definition and Examples


Into is a type of difficult English prepositions that appears easy at first, however turns into extra difficult whenever you look into it. Into is a preposition, which suggests it exhibits a relationship between two phrases in a sentence—sometimes pronouns and nouns. Beneath we’ll provide help to perceive which definition of into to make use of, and when to make use of into versus in to.

What a part of speech is into?

Into is a preposition within the English language that has a number of meanings. Three of the commonest makes use of of into are: to point out motion towards the within or inside of one thing, to point out a metamorphosis or change, and to point out a deep engagement with a subject.

To indicate motion towards the within of one thing:

  • She walked into the room.
  • The cat jumped into the field.
  • They went into the lake.

An excellent take a look at for whether or not or not you wish to use into on this method is to see should you can substitute the verb + into with entered and generate the identical which means.

  • She walked into the room. = She entered the room.
  • The cat jumped into the field. = The cat entered the field.
  • They went into the lake. = They entered the lake.

That take a look at doesn’t at all times work. Listed below are some examples of utilizing into to point out a altering location (however substituting the phrase entered gained’t work):

  • The corporate invested some huge cash into analysis and improvement.
  • The artist poured her feelings into her work.
  • He put a whole lot of effort into his presentation.

In these examples, the “factor” shifting from one place to a different is extra conceptual—cash, feelings, and effort.

To indicate a metamorphosis or change:

  • The caterpillar remodeled into a butterfly.
  • The water turned into ice.
  • The yellow leaves indicated that summer season was turning into fall.
  • The dam transformed water into power.
  • The ebook was tailored into a film.

To indicate a deep engagement with a subject:

  • She obtained into browsing throughout their seaside trip.
  • The scientist was so into his analysis that he didn’t discover the rain.
  • As soon as their basketball crew began profitable, the followers obtained actually into supporting it.

Some of the complicated components in regards to the phrase into is that it sounds precisely like the 2 phrases in to. So how will you inform the distinction?

The quick reply: Into is a preposition, so it should at all times present a relationship between two phrases. In to is a verb phrase, so it should present motion.

An illuminating utilization is with the verb to show. When somebody or one thing turns into, which means they’re altering type—a direct relationship between one factor and one other. For instance: The frog turned into a prince. When somebody or one thing turns in to, it means they’re altering course or displaying motion. For instance: The driving force turned in to the car parking zone.

One approach to take a look at for the distinction is to see if utilizing into creates an uncommon transformation.

She turned her ebook in to the library. (The library ebook was returned.)

She turned her ebook into the library. (The library ebook turned a complete library.)

The higher you perceive the best way to use prepositions, the better this distinction will develop into.

Different makes use of for into

Like most prepositions, the which means of into will change relying on the context of the sentence. Another meanings of the phrase into are:

Mixture: To explain the act of blending totally different components or substances.

The recipe required mixing the moist elements and the dry elements individually, after which pouring the moist combination into the dry combination on the final minute.

Understanding: To point a deep understanding or evaluation of a topic.

With a view to write a radical evaluation of The Nice Gatsby, she first needed to dig into the historic context of the novel.

Extra examples of into in a sentence

Coming into:

The squirrel darted into its burrow because the hawk flew overhead.


He’s actually into images, so he wakes up earlier than dawn simply to get the correct lighting.


The watermelon slices froze into refreshing popsicles after a few hours within the freezer.


She blended the yellow and inexperienced paints into the right shade.


She channeled her power into elevating funds for the charity occasion.


The researchers carried out experiments to realize perception into the conduct of atoms.


The play’s script was translated into a number of languages for worldwide audiences.


The small nonprofits merged into a single neighborhood group in an effort to draw on each other’s sources and experience.

Into FAQs

What a part of speech is into?

Into is a preposition. Prepositions inform us the place or when one thing is in relation to one thing else.

What does into imply?

Into can be utilized to point out the connection between two phrases primarily based on a change in location or a metamorphosis. It can be used to point out a deep funding in one thing (for instance, he was actually into enjoying soccer), or a deep understanding about one thing (for instance, the historian delved into the archives).

What’s the distinction between into and in to?

Into is a preposition, so it should at all times present a relationship between two phrases. In to is a verb phrase, so it exhibits motion.



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