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World Quantum Communication through a Satellite tv for pc Prepare

World Quantum Communication through a Satellite tv for pc Prepare


• Physics 16, s103

Lengthy-distance quantum communication will be achieved by instantly sending mild by way of area utilizing a practice of orbiting satellites that perform as optical lenses.

S. Goswami/College of Calgary

Transferring quantum data between broadly separated areas is important to develop a world quantum community. This challenge is hindered by the excessive photon loss inherent to long-distance fiber-based transmission—the default for photonic qubits. To get round this drawback, researchers have demonstrated the transmission of a quantum sign through satellite tv for pc as an alternative (see Viewpoint: Paving the Method for Satellite tv for pc Quantum Communications). Now Sumit Goswami of the College of Calgary, Canada, and Sayandip Dhara of the College of Central Florida present how quantum data could possibly be relayed over giant distances by a community of such satellites [1].

The scheme entails a practice of satellites in low-Earth orbit, every geared up with a pair of reflecting telescopes. A given satellite tv for pc would obtain a photonic qubit utilizing one telescope and transmit the qubit onward utilizing the opposite. The satellite tv for pc practice would successfully bend photons round Earth’s curvature whereas controlling photon loss on account of beam divergence. The crew likens the scheme to a set of lenses on an optical desk.

Simulations of satellites 120 km aside with 60-cm-diameter telescopes confirmed that beam-divergence loss vanished. Over a distance of 20,000 km, complete losses—primarily reflection loss but additionally alignment and focusing errors—could possibly be diminished to orders of magnitude lower than these of some hundred kilometers of optical fiber. Ultrahigh-reflectivity telescope mirrors might additional lower this loss.

Goswami and Dhara examined two protocols primarily based on such a setup. In a single, two entangled photons are transmitted in reverse instructions from a satellite-based supply. Within the different, qubits are transmitted unidirectionally, with supply and detector each on the bottom. Regardless of the consequences of atmospheric turbulence, the latter carried out effectively and has the benefit of protecting the required quantum {hardware} on Earth.

–Rachel Berkowitz

Rachel Berkowitz is a Corresponding Editor for Physics Journal primarily based in Vancouver, Canada.


  1. S. Goswami and S. Dhara, “Satellite tv for pc-relayed international quantum communication with out quantum reminiscence,” Phys. Rev. Appl. 20, 024048 (2023).

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