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170+ Spanish Phrases That Begin with L (with Audio)

When it’s not starring as the primary character in a phrase, the letter L can have an effect on the pronunciation of its neighboring letters, notably when the letter seems in syllables like “bla,” “ble,” “pli,” and many others.

However when it’s the primary letter in a Spanish phrase, its pronunciation is fairly just like the English L.

Be careful, although! L and Ll sound very completely different in Spanish. Till 2010, L and Ll have been thought of separate letters within the Spanish alphabet. Although the Ll is now only a variation of L, I’ll be treating them as separate letters. This publish solely covers L-words in Spanish.

Are you prepared? Let’s stay, snort and fall in love with Spanish phrases that begin with L!


Spanish Nouns That Begin with L

To study extra about noun varieties and a few widespread Spanish nouns, try this publish:

Spanish Verbs That Begin with L

Study much more Spanish verbs that each learner must know:

Spanish Adjectives That Begin with L

Listed here are some extra Spanish adjectives, good for newbies:

Spanish Adverbs That Begin with L

What’s an adverb, anyway? Study Spanish adverbs and research some widespread ones right here:

Extra Spanish Phrases That Begin with L

Spanish Phrases English Translations A part of Speech
¡Lástima! Oh, what a pity! Interjection
¡Lo siento! I am sorry! Interjection
¡Larga vida! Lengthy stay! Interjection
Luego Then Conjunction
Luego de After Preposition
La The (female) Article
Las The (female, plural) Article
Los The (masculine, plural) Article
Le Him/Her/You (oblique object pronoun) Pronoun
Les Them/You all (oblique object pronoun) Pronoun
Lo Him/It/You (direct object pronoun, masculine) Pronoun
Lo que What/That Pronoun + Conjunction

Right here’s extra about Spanish prepositions, conjunctions and interjections (oh my!):

And you may study extra about Spanish articles right here:

And research Spanish pronouns on this publish:

Spanish L-Phrases Quiz: Check Your self!

What does “libro” imply in English?

Which Spanish phrase means “moon” in English?

What’s the Spanish phrase for “mild”?

Which animal is represented by the phrase “león” in Spanish?

What does “lápiz” imply in English?

Which Spanish phrase means “to learn” in English?

Which phrase represents “wolf” in Spanish?

What does “lindo” imply in English?

What does “luchar” imply in English?

Which Spanish pronoun means “them” (masculine) in English?

Quiz: Spanish Phrases That Begin with L

Grasp of L Phrases

Good work!


Seems to be such as you’re able to bust out your Spanish L-words in dialog! Be looking out for these phrases that begin with L Spanish speech and follow them everytime you get the possibility.



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