Home Language Learning 21 Spanish Phrases That Begin with X (with Audio)

21 Spanish Phrases That Begin with X (with Audio)

21 Spanish Phrases That Begin with X (with Audio)


The letter X is fairly uncommon within the Spanish language! It largely seems in loanwords like examen (examination) and expresar (categorical).

Whereas it’s usually used to signify the sound “ks,” you may also see it used to face for a couple of different sounds. In some Spanish-speaking areas, notably in Mexico, sure phrases or names initially spelled with “ch” are typically spelled with “x” as a shorthand. For instance, “chicano” could also be written as “xicano.”

In Nahuatl, an indigenous language of Mexico, “x” represents the sound [ʃ] (just like the “sh” sound in English) or [ks] relying on the phrase.

However in Spanish, you gained’t discover too many phrase that start with the letter X. I’ll cowl as many as I can discover under!


Spanish Phrases That Begin with X

Spanish Phrase (with Audio) English Phrase Description
Xalapeño Jalapeño Kind of sizzling pepper from Xalapa, Mexico.
Xantano Xanthan Polysaccharide used as a thickening agent.
Xántico Xantic Poetic, grandiloquent, or rhetorical language.
Xantofila Xanthophyll Yellow pigment present in plant cells.
Xantoma Xanthoma Yellowish progress on the pores and skin.
Xantoquina Xanthocyanin Yellow pigment in sure flowers.
Xelhua Xelhua Historical inhabitants of Cholula, Mexico.
Xenoestrógeno Xenoestrogen Artificial chemical with estrogen-like results.
Xenófilo Xenophile Individual drawn to international cultures.
Xenofobia Xenophobia Worry or aversion in the direction of foreigners.
Xerocopia Photocopy Copy made utilizing a photocopier.
Xerofítico Xerophytic Describes crops tailored to arid environments.
Xeroform Xeroform Model of medicated wound dressing.
Xeroftalmia Xerophthalmia Medical situation, dryness of the eyes.
Xerografía Xerography Photocopying course of utilizing electrostatic prices.
Xifoideo Xiphoid Sword-shaped or sword-like.
Xilofón Xylophone Musical instrument with wood bars.
Xilografía Xylography Artwork of engraving pictures into woodblocks.
Xilopodio Xylopodium Woody basal stem or axis in some crops.
Ximenia Ximenia Genus of timber or shrubs.
Xipofago Xylophagus Organism that feeds on wooden.

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You may not discover these phrases in use too usually, however understanding them is a part of increasing your vocabulary.



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