Home Education 30 Implausible Free 4th Grade Math Video games

30 Implausible Free 4th Grade Math Video games

30 Implausible Free 4th Grade Math Video games


Fourth grade math brings plenty of new challenges, like division with remainders and decimals. Children additionally spend a variety of time with fractions and place worth. Educate all these ideas and extra with these free and enjoyable fourth grade math video games!

1. Play lacking issue bingo

Missing Factor Bingo printable board, with each square containing a multiplication equation with a missing factor

Math Geek Mama/Lacking Issue Bingo by way of mathgeekmama.com

Put together children for algebraic considering by tackling lacking issue equations. Enjoying bingo with these free printable boards is a enjoyable technique to do it!

Be taught extra: Math Geek Mama/Lacking Issue Bingo

2. Guess equal fractions with Fats Rat

Rat shape drawn on a whiteboard next to two equivalent fractions with empty boxes for each number

@resource_source/Fats Rat by way of instagram.com

That is kind of like hangman, however with equal fractions and a cute rat! As children attempt to guess the numbers that slot in every field, every missed guess earns them yet one more piece of the “fats rat.”

Be taught extra: @resource_source

3. Type equal and non-equivalent fractions

Cards with two fractions on each sorted by whether they contain equivalent or non-equivalent fractions

@4theloveofteaching/Equal Fractions by way of instagram.com

That is a simple one to arrange, and the principles are easy. Children merely type the playing cards by whether or not the fractions on them are equal or not. Tip: Have them use a whiteboard to scale back fractions and examine their solutions.

Be taught extra: @4theloveofteaching

4. Construct and measure polygons

Perimeter Game worksheet describing the rules of the game, with a pair of dice and shape blocks

Ashleigh’s Training Journey/Perimeter Sport by way of ashleigh-educationjourney.com

College students roll a die and take a corresponding variety of tiles, then assemble them right into a polygon. After every flip, they calculate the perimeter of their new form, aiming for a complete of precisely 24.

Be taught extra: Ashleigh’s Training Journey/Perimeter Sport

5. Make division enjoyable with Remainders Wished

Printable Remainders Wanted fourth grade math game with bag of counter chips

Trainer Scout Mother/Remainders Wished by way of teacherscoutmom.com

Fourth grade math college students study to divide bigger numbers, usually with remainders. On this recreation, the rest is the objective! For every flip, college students place a counter over a quantity on the board, then roll the die to see what quantity they’ll be dividing it by. The rest is their rating for that flip.

Be taught extra: Trainer Scout Mother

6. Give them a heads up with Issue Frenzy Headbands

Fourth grade students sitting in a circle playing a math game, wearing cards on their heads with a number written on it

Educating With a Mountain View/Issue Headbands by way of teachingwithamountainview.com

Children use greenback retailer headbands to carry playing cards exhibiting multiplication merchandise to their foreheads. Their companions attempt to get them to guess the quantity by telling them the elements with out saying the quantity itself.

Be taught extra: Educating With a Mountain View

7. Strategize to win the Issue Sport

The Factor Game with the numbers from 1 to 30 written, some enclosed in blue squares and the number 30 circled in red

Cognitive Cardio Math/The Issue Sport by way of cognitivecardiomath.com

Write the numbers from 1 to 30 as proven. The primary participant marks a quantity (their rating for that spherical). The second participant then marks all of the remaining elements of that quantity (which add as much as their rating for that spherical). Play continues till all numbers are marked.

Be taught extra: Cognitive Cardio Math/The Issue Sport

8. Introduce patterns by asking “What do you discover?”

What Do You Notice? written on a piece of chart paper, with numbers in circles in a diamond pattern

Household Math Night time/Quantity Puzzle by way of familymathnight.com

Lay out a sample downside and ask college students to put in writing down what they discover about it on sticky notes. Acquire and discuss concerning the notes to see that are useful find the fitting quantity to suit the sample. Award factors to right solutions, in the event you like.

Be taught extra: Household Math Night time

9. Guess, then deduce with Quantity Sample Solver

Circle drawn on notebook paper, with some numbers inside and some numbers outside

Training.com/Quantity Sample Solver by way of www.training.com

Draw a circle and set a quantity vary, then inform fourth grade math college students you have got a sample in thoughts. As they start guessing numbers, write them contained in the circle in the event that they match the sample, and out of doors in the event that they don’t. At first, they’ll simply be guessing, however finally, they’ll begin to see a sample emerge.

Be taught extra: Training.com

10. Toss LEGO bricks for place worth follow

LEGO bricks laid on an orange target, with bricks used to represent place value, used for fourth grade math games


LEGO bricks actually are perfect for place worth actions. Toss the bricks onto a do-it-yourself goal with rings to symbolize ones, tens, and so forth. Depend the studs of every brick that lands on a spot worth ring, then add them as much as get your remaining quantity.

11. Construct a quantity, together with decimals

Series of challenges for creating a number using number cards

Mathwire.com/Construct a Quantity by way of mathwire.com

Children choose some quantity playing cards, then attempt to meet a sequence of challenges like making the biggest quantity they will. Add in a decimal card to up the complexity of the sport.

Be taught extra: Mathwire.com

12. Roll to win Place Worth Yahtzee

These free printable Place Worth Yahtzee boards embrace differentiated variations for varied ability ranges. Add some cube, and also you’re able to play!

Be taught extra: Video games 4 Good points/Place Worth Yahtzee

13. Use enjoying playing cards to follow decimal place values

Fourth grade math college students take turns drawing playing cards, competing to construct the best doable quantity to the thousandths place.

Be taught extra: Video games 4 Good points/Enjoying Card Decimals

14. Stack playing cards to study expanded kind

Colorful cards showing numbers laid out in expanded form, used for fourth grade math games

Children Actions Weblog/Expanded Kind by way of kidsactivitiesblog.com

Seize the free printable playing cards, then have children roll the cube and select a card that matches. They construct the numbers on the included worksheet to get the entire. For further follow, have them write out the phrase names too.

Be taught extra: Children Actions Weblog

15. Have a rounding follow snowball combat

Crumpled pieces of paper, with one opened to show the number 6,943

Tales From a Fourth Grade Math Nut/Math Snowballs by way of fourthgrademathnut.blogspot.com

Up for somewhat managed chaos within the classroom? Write one quantity on every sheet of paper, underlining the place it must be rounded to. Move out a couple of sheets per scholar, and have them crumple them up into “snowballs.” Enable a 30-second protected “snowball combat,” then have every scholar decide up a snowball and skim the quantity out loud, rounding it accurately. Repeat!

Be taught extra: Tales From a Fourth Grade Math Nut

16. Multiply massive numbers to get Three in a Row

Three In a Row printable math game with a grid of three and four digit numbers

The Polka-Dotted Trainer/Three in a Row by way of polkadottedteacher.blogspot.com

Fourth grade math college students work on multi-digit multiplication by selecting one quantity from field A and one from field B. They multiply them collectively, whereas their associate checks their reply on a calculator. In the event that they get it proper, they place a marker on the free printable board. The objective is to get three spots in a row. (Savvy gamers will use rounding to find out which numbers to select subsequent!)

Be taught extra: The Polka-Dotted Trainer

17. Maintain a Quotient Match

Rules for playing Quotient Tournament fourth grade math game

Training.com/Quotient Match by way of training.com

Division issues go head-to-head to see which has the bigger quotient. College students use the reply for every to finish the bracket for the following spherical.

Be taught extra: Training.com/Quotient Match

18. Give Spoons an equal fraction twist

Fraction cards laid out with plastic spoons to play a fourth grade math game

Video games 4 Good points/Spoons by way of games4gains.com

Spoons is a basic and beloved card recreation the place gamers race to match four-of-a-kind and seize a spoon in every spherical. On this model, they’re racing to match equal fractions (get some free printable playing cards to make use of on the hyperlink).

Be taught extra: Video games 4 Good points/Spoons

19. Get these fractions so as

Get Them In Order fractions game, with four slots for different fractions to be placed in order from smallest to largest

Math Geek Mama/Evaluating Fractions by way of mathgeekmama.com

College students draw fraction playing cards, swapping them out to construct a sequence of 4 in ascending order. Be taught the way it works on the hyperlink.

Be taught extra: Math Geek Mama/Evaluating Fractions

20. Declare a fraction battle with dominoes

Fraction War game played with colorful dominoes

Runde’s Room/Domino Warfare by way of rundesroom.com

Every scholar attracts a domino and positions it as a fraction. Then they evaluate the 2 to see whose is bigger. The profitable scholar retains each dominoes. (See extra cool methods to make use of dominoes for fraction video games on the hyperlink.)

Be taught extra: Runde’s Room

21. Join fractions to study and win

Connect Four set repurposed with fractions written on the checkers

No Time for Flash Playing cards/Fractions Join 4 by way of notimeforflashcards.com

Repurpose a Join 4 set to play fraction video games! The objective is to match not solely your colours however the fractions themselves. As an example, you want 4 one-fourths in a row however solely three one-thirds, so there’s technique concerned too.

Be taught extra: No Time for Flash Playing cards

22. Draw fractions with out utilizing numbers

Student playing Fraction Pictionary by diving shapes into sections

E Is for Discover/Fraction Pictionary by way of eisforexplore.blogspot.com

Are you able to draw a fraction—with out utilizing any numbers? That’s the problem of this fractions recreation. Children can draw single objects divided to symbolize fractions or be extra artistic. For instance, they could draw three apples and two oranges to symbolize three-fifths.

Be taught extra: E Is for Discover/Fraction Pictionary

23. Line children up for decimal follow

Students wearing numbers, lined up with a playground ball used to represent a decimal

Two Sisters Educate/Scholar Decimals by way of twosistersteach.blogspot.com

Get fourth grade math college students up and shifting by assigning them numbers. Draw a six-digit quantity card, and have one other scholar assist them line up by saying issues like, “The 9 is within the a whole lot place.” As soon as they’re in line, ask some follow-up questions to substantiate understanding. Be taught extra on the hyperlink.

Be taught extra: Two Sisters Educate

24. Use plastic eggs to match up fractions and decimals

Plastic eggs with fractions written on one half and decimals on the other

Pinterest/Fraction Eggs by way of pinterest.com

Snag some plastic eggs from the greenback retailer and write fractions on one half and equal decimals on the opposite. Children work to match them up.

Be taught extra: Pinterest

25. Convert decimals to fractions with Decimal Cube

Decimal Dice printable game board with four dice and a pen, used for fourth grade math games

Cognitive Cardio Math/Decimal Cube by way of cognitivecardiomath.com

Consider this type of like Yahtzee with a decimal spin. Be taught the principles on the hyperlink, and provides it a attempt along with your college students.

Be taught extra: Cognitive Cardio Math/Decimal Cube

26. Battle with space and perimeter to fill a graph web page

Roll the cube to see the scale of your subsequent rectangle, then mark it on the board. Attempt to fill your web page fully earlier than your associate does! (Have college students write the realm and perimeter in every block for follow alongside the best way.)

Be taught extra: Unschooling Conversations

27. Go on a measurement scavenger hunt

Printable Measurement Hunt scavenger hunt game for fourth grade math students

123 Homeschool 4 Me/Measurement Hunt by way of 123homeschool4me.com

Arm children with measurement instruments, then ship them off to search out objects that match the free printable problem playing cards. As soon as they discover it, in addition they have to convert the measurement throughout the similar system (akin to inches to toes).

Be taught extra: 123 Homeschool 4 Me

28. Compete at Geometry Bingo

Printable Remainders Wanted fourth grade math game with bag of counter chips

You’ve Acquired This Math/Geometry Bingo by way of youvegotthismath.com

Fourth grade math college students are studying phrases like line, ray, and forms of angles. This free printable bingo recreation is a enjoyable technique to do it!

Be taught extra: You’ve Acquired This Math

29. Tape off your tables for protractor follow

Use dry-erase markers and masking tape to provide college students plenty of angles to discover and measure! Should you can’t write in your tables, attempt utilizing an enormous piece of butcher paper as a substitute.

Be taught extra: @simplystainedclassroom

30. Fold shapes to find symmetry

Lines of Symmetry board with shapes divided by symmetrical lines

Trainer Entice/Folded Shapes by way of teachertrap.com

Break college students into teams and hand out a sequence of paper shapes. Problem every group to experiment with folding their shapes to see that are symmetrical and what number of strains of symmetry they’ve.

Be taught extra: Trainer Entice

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