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4th Grade Psychological Math on Numbers

4th Grade Psychological Math on Numbers


In 4th grade psychological math on numbers, college students can apply completely different questions on numbers in figures, quantity title, place worth, face worth, comparability of quantity and formation of best and smallest numbers.

1. Write the predecessor of the smallest 7-digit quantity.

2. Write ‘six lakh, 9 hundred’ in figures.

3. Write the face-value of 9 in 2,61,906.

4. Write the place-value of two in 6,52,694.

5. Write the brief type of 8,00,000 + 3,000 + 90 + 3

6. What number of 3-digit numbers are there?

7. What number of 1000’s are there in ten lakhs?

8. The place-value and the face-value of 0 is all the time 0. Is it true?

9. Write the best 5-digit quantity utilizing three completely different digits.

10. Which is the higher: 5,69,502 or 5,69,513?


1. 999999

2. 6,00,900

3. 9

4. 2,000

5. 8,03,093

6. 900

7. 1,000

8. No

9. 99876

10. 5,69,513

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