Home Educational Technology 50 Enjoyable and Academic Thanksgiving Trivia Questions for Youngsters

50 Enjoyable and Academic Thanksgiving Trivia Questions for Youngsters

50 Enjoyable and Academic Thanksgiving Trivia Questions for Youngsters


Thanksgiving trivia questions for teenagers are the subject of our weblog put up as we speak!

We’re about to embark on a fun-filled journey testing our information of all issues Thanksgiving! From pleasant desserts to our favourite Thanksgiving-themed TV episodes, this put up guarantees to be a feast of trivia questions for the entire household. So, collect ’spherical, as a result of it’s trivia time!

Earlier than we dive in, for those who’re in search of one thing to maintain the festive spirit going, don’t neglect to take a look at my different put up on must-read Thanksgiving books. Whether or not you’re into heartwarming tales or historic narratives, there’s a e-book for each reader within the household. Now, with out additional ado, let’s speak turkey and get to those trivia questions!

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Enjoyable and Academic Thanksgiving Trivia

Right here is our assortment of enjoyable and academic Thanksgiving trivia:

Yummy Aspect Dishes

Listed here are some trivia questions tailor-made for that theme:

Thanksgiving Trivia Questions for Kids

Yummy Aspect Dishes Trivia Questions for Youngsters

  1. What’s the predominant ingredient in stuffing?
  • A) Bread
  • B) Turkey
  • C) Greens
  • Reply: A) Bread
  1. What fruit is normally in cranberry sauce?
  • A) Apple
  • B) Orange
  • C) Cranberry
  • Reply: C) Cranberry
  1. Which vegetable is usually mashed for a Thanksgiving aspect dish?
  • A) Carrot
  • B) Potato
  • C) Broccoli
  • Reply: B) Potato
  1. What sort of bean is often utilized in inexperienced bean casserole?
  • A) Pinto Bean
  • B) Inexperienced Bean
  • C) Black Bean
  • Reply: B) Inexperienced Bean
  1. What’s the predominant ingredient in cornbread?
  • A) Corn
  • B) Flour
  • C) Sugar
  • Reply: A) Corn
  1. Which nut is usually added to candy potato casserole?
  • A) Walnut
  • B) Pecan
  • C) Almond
  • Reply: B) Pecan
  1. What sort of cheese is usually utilized in mac and cheese?
  • A) Swiss
  • B) Cheddar
  • C) Blue Cheese
  • Reply: B) Cheddar
  1. What fruit is usually added to Waldorf Salad?
  • A) Banana
  • B) Apple
  • C) Pineapple
  • Reply: B) Apple
  1. What do you typically placed on prime of biscuits?
  • A) Ketchup
  • B) Gravy
  • C) Mustard
  • Reply: B) Gravy
  1. What sort of fruit is usually baked in a Thanksgiving pie aside from pumpkin?
  • A) Apple
  • B) Blueberry
  • C) Peach
  • Reply: A) Apple

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Thanksgiving Desserts Trivia Questions for Youngsters

Thanksgiving Trivia Questions for Kids

Desserts are the a part of the Thanksgiving meal the place even the pickiest eaters turn out to be enthusiastic meals critics. So, let’s discover some trivia questions that’ll make youngsters’ mouths water simply desirous about them.

  1. What’s the conventional pie eaten throughout Thanksgiving?
  • A) Apple Pie
  • B) Pumpkin Pie
  • C) Chocolate Pie
  • Reply: B) Pumpkin Pie
  1. Which fruit is usually used as a filling in one other common Thanksgiving pie?
  • A) Cherry
  • B) Apple
  • C) Grape
  • Reply: B) Apple
  1. What sort of cookies are sometimes baked for Thanksgiving?
  • A) Sugar Cookies
  • B) Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • C) Oatmeal Cookies
  • Reply: A) Sugar Cookies
  1. What spice is usually added to pumpkin pie?
  • A) Cinnamon
  • B) Paprika
  • C) Pepper
  • Reply: A) Cinnamon
  1. Which of the next nuts is usually utilized in pecan pie?
  • A) Almond
  • B) Cashew
  • C) Pecan
  • Reply: C) Pecan
  1. What’s normally on prime of a candy potato pie?
  • A) Whipped Cream
  • B) Sprinkles
  • C) Marshmallows
  • Reply: C) Marshmallows
  1. What dessert is usually made with bread and is nice and moist?
  • A) Bread Pudding
  • B) Cupcake
  • C) Cheesecake
  • Reply: A) Bread Pudding
  1. What sort of cream is usually served with pie?
  • A) Ice Cream
  • B) Whipped Cream
  • C) Bitter Cream
  • Reply: B) Whipped Cream
  1. Which of the next fruits just isn’t generally utilized in a Thanksgiving pie?
  • A) Blueberry
  • B) Peach
  • C) Kiwi
  • Reply: C) Kiwi
  1. What is usually the bottom ingredient in a cheesecake?
    • A) Cheese
    • B) Cream Cheese
    • C) Yogurt
    • Reply: B) Cream Cheese

Thanksgiving Crafts and Actions Trivia Questions for Youngsters

Thanksgiving Trivia Questions for Kids

Let’s get the kiddos’ considering caps on to see how a lot they know concerning the enjoyable actions that make this vacation further particular.

  1. What chicken form is often made utilizing a handprint for Thanksgiving crafts?
  • A) Parrot
  • B) Turkey
  • C) Penguin
  • Reply: B) Turkey
  1. What are the cornucopia crafts normally full of?
  • A) Stones
  • B) Fruit and Veggies
  • C) Glitter
  • Reply: B) Fruit and Veggies
  1. What do households typically just do earlier than consuming the Thanksgiving meal?
  • A) Sing
  • B) Play Soccer
  • C) Say Grace
  • Reply: C) Say Grace
  1. Which out of doors exercise is common on Thanksgiving Day?
  • A) Swimming
  • B) Taking part in Soccer
  • C) Climbing
  • Reply: B) Taking part in Soccer
  1. What sort of parade is legendary on Thanksgiving Day?
  • A) Rose Parade
  • B) Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade
  • C) Mardi Gras Parade
  • Reply: B) Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade
  1. What form are Thanksgiving-themed cookies normally reduce into?
  • A) Stars
  • B) Turkeys and Pumpkins
  • C) Hearts
  • Reply: B) Turkeys and Pumpkins
  1. What sport is often performed at household gatherings?
  • A) Monopoly
  • B) Chess
  • C) Bingo
  • Reply: C) Bingo
  1. What sort of wreath is often made for Thanksgiving?
  • A) Flower Wreath
  • B) Pinecone Wreath
  • C) Ribbon Wreath
  • Reply: B) Pinecone Wreath
  1. Which craft includes utilizing leaves for decorations?
  • A) Leaf Rubbing Artwork
  • B) Origami
  • C) Paper Mâché
  • Reply: A) Leaf Rubbing Artwork
  1. What exercise includes creating “grateful lists” the place every member of the family lists what they’re grateful for?
    • A) Gratitude Journals
    • B) Thanksgiving Speech
    • C) Household Storytelling
    • Reply: A) Gratitude Journals

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Animal Pals Thanksgiving Trivia Questions for Youngsters

Thanksgiving Trivia Questions for Kids

From the turkey that takes heart stage to the canines that hope for desk scraps, animals are part of the vacation too. Let’s quiz the youngsters on some animal-themed Thanksgiving trivia!

  1. Which animal is most related to Thanksgiving?
  • A) Cow
  • B) Turkey
  • C) Duck
  • Reply: B) Turkey
  1. What farm animal typically joins the turkey on the Thanksgiving desk?
  • A) Cow (beef)
  • B) Rooster
  • C) Pig (ham)
  • Reply: C) Pig (ham)
  1. Which canine breed is often seen in Thanksgiving work and tales?
  • A) Beagle
  • B) Labrador Retriever
  • C) German Shepherd
  • Reply: B) Labrador Retriever
  1. What’s the title of the turkey that the U.S. President ‘pardons’ every year?
  • A) Freedom Turkey
  • B) Nationwide Turkey
  • C) Fortunate Turkey
  • Reply: B) Nationwide Turkey
  1. Which chicken is typically thought of an alternative choice to turkey?
  • A) Duck
  • B) Goose
  • C) Pigeon
  • Reply: A) Duck
  1. Which small critters would possibly retailer pumpkin seeds for the winter?
  • A) Chipmunks
  • B) Cats
  • C) Rabbits
  • Reply: A) Chipmunks
  1. What animal is understood for ‘gobbling’?
  • A) Rooster
  • B) Turkey
  • C) Duck
  • Reply: B) Turkey
  1. Which marine animal generally makes it to the Thanksgiving desk, particularly in coastal areas?
  • A) Salmon
  • B) Shrimp
  • C) Crab
  • Reply: C) Crab
  1. Which animal is the star of the well-known “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”?
  • A) Canine (Snoopy)
  • B) Cat
  • C) Rabbit
  • Reply: A) Canine (Snoopy)
  1. In conventional tales, what animal helped the Pilgrims be taught to fish?
    • A) Beaver
    • B) Bear
    • C) Eagle
    • Reply: A) Beaver

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Thanksgiving in Pop Tradition Trivia Questions for Youngsters

Listed here are some attention-grabbing Thanksgiving popular culture trivia questions for teenagers:

  1. Which “Peanuts” character hosts an unconventional Thanksgiving dinner?
  • A) Charlie Brown
  • B) Linus
  • C) Snoopy
  • Reply: C) Snoopy
  1. In “Pals,” who famously will get a turkey caught on their head?
  • A) Ross
  • B) Joey
  • C) Monica
  • Reply: B) Joey
  1. What’s the title of the well-known parade held on Thanksgiving Day?
  • A) Rose Parade
  • B) Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
  • C) St. Patrick’s Day Parade
  • Reply: B) Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
  1. Within the film “Free Birds,” what are the turkeys attempting to do?
  • A) Win a race
  • B) Get pardoned
  • C) Change the Thanksgiving menu
  • Reply: C) Change the Thanksgiving menu
  1. Which animated movie contains a ‘Turkey Bowl’ soccer sport?
  • A) “Kung Fu Panda Vacation”
  • B) “The Rugrats Film”
  • C) “Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas”
  • Reply: B) “The Rugrats Film”
  1. What track does Adam Sandler sing about Thanksgiving?
  • A) “Thanksgiving Blessings”
  • B) “The Turkey Music”
  • C) “Thanksgiving Music”
  • Reply: C) “Thanksgiving Music”
  1. In “Garfield’s Thanksgiving,” what does Garfield should eat as a substitute of lasagna?
  • A) Pizza
  • B) Salad
  • C) Turkey
  • Reply: B) Salad
  1. What’s the primary dish within the “SpongeBob SquarePants” Thanksgiving particular?
  • A) Krabby Patty
  • B) Seaweed Pie
  • C) Jellyfish Jelly
  • Reply: A) Krabby Patty
  1. Who tries to steal Thanksgiving in “The way to Prepare Your Dragon: Homecoming”?
  • A) Astrid
  • B) Gobber
  • C) Grimmel
  • Reply: B) Gobber
  1. Within the “The Loud Home,” which character is most enthusiastic about Thanksgiving?
    • A) Lincoln
    • B) Lori
    • C) Luna
    • Reply: A) Lincoln

Closing ideas

From the culinary landscapes of stuffing and pies by means of Thanksgiving in popular culture, the Thanksgiving trivia questions listing above has all of it. I hope you and your loved ones had as a lot enjoyable answering these trivia questions as I had crafting them for you. Data is simply one other factor to be grateful for this season, and trivia video games like these are a unbelievable solution to mix studying and household enjoyable.

When you’re in search of extra methods to have a good time the vacation, don’t neglect to verify our Thanksgiving sources part right here in Educators Know-how!



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