Home Science 50 years in the past, mysterious glass hinted at Earth’s violent previous

50 years in the past, mysterious glass hinted at Earth’s violent previous

50 years in the past, mysterious glass hinted at Earth’s violent previous


Microtektites present in Caribbean might make clear tektite origin Science Information, August 11, 1973

Although their origin stays a thriller to scientists, large strewn fields of tektites have been present in broadly separated areas of the world…. Microtektites have now been discovered within the Caribbean, and the traits of those newly discovered specimens might in the end shed some gentle on the query of tektite origin….

Some imagine that the tektites come from the moon. They really feel that tektites had been shaped when an asteroid hit the moon, splashing droplets of molten rocks so excessive that they escaped the moon’s gravity and fell to Earth. Nonetheless, mass spectrographic evaluation of lunar samples exhibits that parts within the lunar crust are far totally different from tektites. The tektites are extra like the weather within the continental crust of the Earth itself. [Planetary scientist Billy P. Glass] feels that if the mother or father materials of [newfound] microtektites could be decided … the invention of the origin of the glassy objects would possibly shortly comply with swimsuit.


Glass surmised that these geologic curiosities have earthly origins, based mostly on his and his colleagues’ analyses of the North American strewn discipline — a blanket of glassy particles that covers a lot the southeastern United States and Caribbean and dates to about 35 million years in the past. Nevertheless it took one other 20 years for researchers to establish the supply.

In 1994, tektites and concentric fault strains in southern Virginia revealed an 85-kilometer-wide impression crater beneath Chesapeake Bay. Science Information reported that “a construction this dimension would rank as the biggest crater in the US” and could be among the many largest on Earth (SN: 8/20/94). What’s extra, when the area rock slammed into our planet, the collision created intense seismic waves that bent microfossils into odd shapes, scientists reported almost a decade later (SN: 6/11/03). 

Taken along with proof from Earth’s three different main strewn fields, the findings helped verify that tektites kind when a bolide slams into our planet with sufficient power to blast liquified chunks of Earth’s crust into the environment. These chunks then harden into raindrop-, barbell- and ravioli-shaped particles as they fall again to the floor.

Up to now, researchers have linked three of the 4 main strewn fields with impression craters. The North American strewn discipline is tied to the Chesapeake crater in Virginia, the central European strewn discipline is related to the Ries crater in Germany, and the Ivory Coast strewn discipline originates from the Bosumtwi crater in Ghana. The holdout is the Australasian strewn discipline, which is the biggest recognized and covers about 10 % of Earth’s floor.

Fractured quartz crystals
Tektites are robust indicators of bolide impacts, however researchers additionally take into account different geologic proof. On this gentle micrograph, quartz crystals recovered about 20 kilometers southeast of the proposed location of the Australasian crater show fractures in step with an impression. Courtesy of Dayana Schonwalder Angel

Scientists lately obtained a break within the case. Analyses of tektites present in Thailand and different geologic proof in addition to pc simulations recommend a possible supply. A 2-kilometer-wide meteorite struck Laos about 800,000 years in the past and flung particles throughout Asia, Australia and Antarctica, scientists reported in 2020 within the Proceedings of the Nationwide Academy of Sciences.

The ensuing crater, which can be about 13 kilometers extensive by 17 kilometers lengthy, was finally buried beneath volcanic materials, the workforce contends. Verifying this speculation would require drilling by means of lava fields to see if the rocks beneath present melting and shattering — each hallmarks of an impression.

To a collector, the curiosities discovered round an impression crater are stuffed with surprise and poetry. To a planetary scientist, these small items of proof might but open massive home windows into Earth’s geologic previous.



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