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Badgers on parade: Scenes from Homecoming 2023

Dressed in Wisconsin T-shirts and sweatshirts, Four women holding paper grocery bags throw candy to crowds gathered along state street. The women are marching in the Homecoming parade. Behind them is an agriculture-themed float being pulled by a John Deere tractor.

Members of the Organic Techniques Engineering pupil group hand out sweet to crowds of parade attendees.
Picture by: Bryce Richter

Two acrobats, one dressed as a black and white cow, the other in a red tutu, ride a large wheel down the parade route as the crowd cheers them on.

Acrobats from Head over Wheels roll down State Avenue.
MK Denton

A woman wearing a tiara, a white Miss America sash and a red dress makes a W sign with her hands as she cheers along with the crowd. She's seated on top of a convertible as it rolls down State Street.

Miss America and Badger alumna Grace Stanke reveals off her UW delight.
Picture by: Bryce Richter

A woman wearing a red top and a black skirt waves a red, sparkling ribbon in a circle as she leads a circus troupe down the parade route.

Members of the Wild Rumpus Circus entertain the group with their antics.
Picture by: Bryce Richter

Facing away from the camera, a woman in a red and white cape hands candy to two young children as adults look on.

A parade member stops to present sweet to UW alum Marissa Worth and her household.
Picture by: Bryce Richter

Among the paraders, two women carry a banner that says Engineering Expo April 20th

Members representing the Engineering Expo cheer as they make their manner down State Avenue.
MK Denton

Seated on the back of a red, 1964 convertible, Jennifer Mnookin makes a W with her hands as she and Joshua Foa Dienstag smile at the crowd.

UW Chancellor Jennifer Mnookin and her husband, Professor Joshua Foa Dienstag, cheer with the group as they trip down State Avenue in a 1964 Impala convertible.
Picture by: Bryce Richter

A man holds a woman aloft, supporting her feet as she stands above him with her hands in the air waving pompoms.

The UW Spirit Squad saved the temper excessive into the night because the parade made its method to Library Mall.
Picture by: Bryce Richter

Bucky Badger moves in to greet young fans who are cheering and smiling as he approaches.

Bucky Badger says hiya to some excited parade attendees.
MK Denton

In a photo taken at night, a TV camera light illuminates Miss Wisconsin as she speaks into a microphone being held by a news reporter. She is wearing a tiara, a white sash and a red dress. She is seated in an open convertible.

Miss Wisconsin and Badger alum Lila Szyryj conducts an on-camera interview with an area television station throughout the parade.
MK Denton

Facing away from the camera, Bucky Badger and the UW Spirit Squad parade down State Street in twilight to celebrate Homecoming.

Bucky Badger the UW Spirit Squad lead the parade down State Avenue to the Homecoming Block Celebration on the Memorial Union Terrace.
Picture by: Bryce Richter

In a photo taken at night, a woman in a white puffy jacket smiles to the camera as she high fives with a poster of Bucky Badger gesturing a high five in return.

Renee Lu stops on her method to the Homecoming Block Celebration to indicate some love for Bucky Badger.
MK Denton

In a photo taken at night, two men stand on stage at a table covered in a red cloth. They're working a DJ setup and interacting with the crowd. Both men are wearing red sashes that say Featured Alum in white text.

UW alumni Dos Fuertado (left) and Armando Saafir (proper), also referred to as DJay Mando, pump up the group gathered on the Memorial Union Terrace for the Homecoming Block Celebration and Pep Rally.
MK Denton

In a photo of a rock band on stage, a woman at a microphone looks to her bandmate as he sings and plays guitar.

The Periodicals, a band with members from Madison and Milwaukee, gave a efficiency.
Picture by: Bryce Richter

Standing amid trumpeters and members of the Sprit Squad, Corey Pompey holds his arms to make an L sign as he conducts the brass section of the UW Marching Band.

UW Marching Band Director Corey Pompey conducts a efficiency for the group on the Memorial Union Terrace.
MK Denton

In a photo taken at night from back stage, Bucky Badger and members of UW's Spirit Squad and Marching Band lean out to the crowd during their performance.

All collectively now, Bucky Badger the UW Marching Band and the Spirit Squad rally the group throughout their block celebration efficiency.
MK Denton



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