Home Arts Ceramic field with sgraffito – Arte a Scuola

Ceramic field with sgraffito – Arte a Scuola

Ceramic field with sgraffito – Arte a Scuola


To make these ceramic containers with the seventh grade college students, we initially designed a paper mannequin, drawing the outlines of every component helpful for making up the field. As soon as the size had been determined, we assembled our paper mannequin with adhesive tape, to verify the consistency of the measurements.

As soon as the measurements have been verified, the mannequin is used to chop out the components of the field from the clay slabs. The perimeters of the varied components that must be assembled and glued collectively are lower at 45° with a small knife or spatula. On this manner our field won’t have any indicators of joint. As soon as all of the items have been ready, they’re assembled by knurling and spreading the slip on all of the components to be joined. In the identical manner we proceed for the small print, such because the toes, the lid and the knob.

When the items have dried to leather-based hardness, you proceed by giving a coat of engobe shade and scratching the coloured floor with a burin or a picket toothpick to acquire the GRAFFITI decorations. After the primary firing, the biscuit is roofed with clear crystalline and the second firing is carried out.



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