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Giant Quantity | Studying a Giant Quantity | Writing a Giant Numbers

Right here we are going to focus on tips on how to learn and write massive numbers.

Studying a big quantity:

So as of studying a big quantity, of a 5 digit quantity, we should separate the digits in line with the interval. 

(i) 72418

Ranging from the suitable, separate the ONES interval by marking a comma after three locations because the ONES interval has three locations. 

72   418
 ↓      ↓
 ↓   4 hundred eighteen
Seventy two thousand

The numbers shaped by the digits in a single interval are learn collectively, together with the identify of the interval. 

Seventy two thousand 4 hundred eighteen

(ii) 36432

Thirty six thousand, 4 hundred thirty two

(iii) 40219

Forty thousand, 2 hundred nineteen

(iv) 51708

Fifty one thousand, seven hundred eight

(v) 29161

Twenty 9 thousand, 100 sixty one

Ones, tens, a whole lot which belong to the ONES interval.

Thousand, ten thousand which belong to the THOUSANDS interval.

The quantity represented within the first instance is 12452 and browse as:

Twelve thousand, 4 hundred fifty two

The quantity represented within the second instance is 20275 and browse as:

Twenty thousand, 2 hundred seventy 5

Notice: ‘And’ just isn’t utilized in a quantity line.

Writing massive numbers:

1. To jot down the numerals for; eighty 9 thousand seven hundred 4, we write the digits in a spot worth chart.

Large Number

Then we write the numeral, utilizing a comma to separate the ONES from the THOUSANDS 89,704. 

To learn and write a big quantity like 6 digit, 7 digit numerals.

Within the place worth chart, the sixth place is that of hundred 1000’s and the seventh place is of tens of millions.

To learn and write six or seven digit numerals we might want to use commas in two locations.

One comma to separate the ONES and THOUSANDS interval and one comma to separate the THOUSANDS and MILLIONS interval.

Writing Giant Numbers in Figures 

2. Write the number-five lakh, 5 thousand, 600 twenty-nine in figures.

We proceed as follows:

Step I: Make three durations as proven.

The primary interval from the suitable may have three components, the second may have components and the third may have just one half.

Step II: Write all of the lakhs within the first interval from the left.

Step III: Write all of the 1000’s within the second interval from the left. We fill all of the components. For instance, whether it is 5 thousand, we write 05.

Step IV: Write the a whole lot, tens and ones within the third interval from the left.

Thus, 5 lakh, 5 thousand 600 twenty-nine in figures is 5,05,629.

3. Extra Solved Examples on writing massive numbers in figures:

Write every of the next numbers in figures:

(i) Eleven thousand 600 twenty-one.

(ii) Forty-one thousand two.

(iii) 5 lakh thirty-six thousand 5 hundred twenty.

(iv) Eight lakh three thousand ninety-two.


3. (i) Eleven thousand 600 twenty-ne.

→ 11,621

(ii) Forty-one thousand two.

→ 41,002

(iii) 5 lakh thirty-six thousand 5 hundred twenty.

→ 5,36,520

(iv) Eight lakh three thousand ninety-two.

→ 8,03,092

REMEMBER: 0 on the excessive left place is meaningless.

                   0458 is definitely 458.

Tips on how to
Write a Giant Quantity in Phrases and figures?

Allow us to
think about the quantity 449321 the quantity 449321 is proven within the place worth chart as
proven under.

How to Write a Large Number?

The quantity
449321 is written in phrases as 4 lakhs, forty 9 thousand 300
twenty-one. The quantity in figures is written by placing commas as 4,49,321.

Place Worth: 

A numeral will get its worth in line with the place it’s situated in. Every digit has a face place and a spot worth. The face worth is the digit itself. The face worth multiplied by the worth of the situation provides the place worth. 

Within the numeral 257; 

The face worth of 5 is 5. The place worth is 5 tens or 50 

The face worth of two is 2. The place worth is 2 a whole lot or 200 

Learn the place worth of every digit of huge numbers:

(i) 46,215

 Place Value  of Each Digit of Large Numbers

The place worth of

5 = 5 × 1 = 5 Ones = 5

1 = 1 × 10 = 1 Tens = 10

2 = 2 × 100 = 2 A whole bunch = 200

6 = 6 × 1000 = 6 Hundreds = 6000

4 = 4 × 10000 = 4 Ten Hundreds = 40000

(ii) 724,948

The place worth of

8 = 8 × 1 = 8 Ones = 8

4 = 4 × 10 = 4 Tens = 40

9 = 9 × 100 = 9 A whole bunch = 900

4 = 4 × 1000 = 4 Hundreds = 4000

2 = 2 × 10000 = 2 Ten Hundreds = 20000

7 = 7 × 100000 = 7 Hundred Hundreds = 700000

Worksheet on Learn and write a big quantity in phrases and figures:

I. Write
the numerals for the given numbers:


Quantity Identify



Six lakh,
fifteen thousand, eighty-four



thousand, 9



4 lakh,
thirty-two thousand, seven hundred ninety-two



Three lakh,
twelve thousand, eighteen



lakh, eighty-eight thousand, ninety-eight



I. (i)

(ii) 20,009




II. Write
the quantity identify for the given numbers:



Quantity Identify














II. (i) One
lakh, thirty-eight thousand, 600 forty

(ii) Seven
lakh, eight thousand, 2 hundred forty-one

(iii) 9
lakh, two

(iv) Seven
lakh, seventy-seven thousand, seven hundred seventy-seven

III. Write
the quantity names for the numbers within the given assertion:

(i) The
inhabitants of our metropolis is 8,91,000

(ii) The
OTP for the acquisition is 1,92,064


III. (i) Eight
lakh, ninety-one thousand

(ii) One
lakh, ninety-two thousand, sixty-four

IV. Reply
the next:

(i) The
largest 6-digit quantity is ……………………

(ii) The
smallest 6-digit quantity is ……………………

(iii) The
distinction between the biggest and the smallest 6-digit quantity is ……………………

(iv) The
largest 6-digit quantity shaped through the use of each 0 and 1 equal variety of instances is

(v) The
smallest 6-digit quantity shaped through the use of completely different digits is ……………………


IV. (i) 9,99,999

(ii) 1,00,000

(iii) 8,99,999

(iv) 1,11,000

(v) 1,23,456

V. Write every of the next numbers in figures:

(i) Fifteen thousand, 5 hundred 9.

(ii) Six lakh, twenty-one thousand, 2 hundred twenty.

(iii) 9 lakh, thirty thousand, seven.

(iv) Three lakh, fifty thousand, 2 hundred 5.

(v) 4 lakh, seven hundred.

(vi) Eight lakh, 5 thousand, ninety six.

(vii) 5 lakh, eight hundred twelve.

(viii) 5 lakh, eight thousand, 100 seven.


V. (i) 15,509

(ii) 6,29,220

(iii) 9,30,007

(iv) 3,50,205

(v) 4,00,700

(vi) 8,05,096

(vii) 5,00,812

(viii) 5,08,107

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