Home Arts Hanging Ceramic Fish – Arte a Scuola

Hanging Ceramic Fish – Arte a Scuola

Hanging Ceramic Fish – Arte a Scuola


To make these ceramic fish, we first drew the form of a fish on paper, impressed by fish pictures and shapes like these under.

With the clay we created a 6-7 mm thick slab, first flattening the clay with our fingers after which with a rolling pin and the aspect information slats to maintain the thickness uniform. The template in paper was minimize out and overlapped on the clay to chop out the form of the fish from the clay.

As soon as the form was minimize out, we created a sequence of textured decorations in reduction on the floor, by imprinting numerous picket or plastic objects on the clay. The fish was embellished in an imaginative approach with the addition of fins or small coils of clay. To finish the work, we made two holes on the highest to hold the fish on the wall with a ribbon or string.

After the primary firing, we utilized the coloured glaze with a brush in two/three layers on the biscuit, and we carried out the second firing. Listed here are our completed fish:



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