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Kinds of Strains in Math

Mainly, there are two various kinds of line in arithmetic and customarily these are straight traces and curved traces.

Straight lines
Curved line

There are 5 various kinds of traces that may be made with straight traces and these are vertical line, horizontal line, diagonal line, perpendicular traces, and zigzag line.

Vertical line

A vertical line is a line that goes straight up from prime to backside or from backside to prime.

Vertical line

Horizontal line

A horizontal line is a line that has a slope of zero. In different phrases, in case you stroll on a horizontal line, you’ll by no means really feel that you’re going up. Not even a tiny bit!

Horizontal line

Diagonal line

A diagonal line is neither vertical nor horizontal. 

Diagonal line

Perpendicular traces

When a horizontal line meets a vertical line, you find yourself with perpendicular traces.

Perpendicular lines

Zigzag line

Zigzag line

Strains will also be fashioned with dashes and dots. If the road is made with dots, it’s referred to as a dotted line and whether it is made with dashes, it’s referred to as a dashed line.

Dotted line
Dashed line

Final however not least, you may also have a spiral line.

Spiral line



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