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Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection – Alaska Sleep Clinic

Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection – Alaska Sleep Clinic


Regardless of it being one thing that all of us do day-after-day, sleep has at all times mystified and fascinated us. It’s important for our bodily, psychological, and emotional well being, and it’s how we recharge and prepare for a brand new day.

Nevertheless, many individuals consider sleep holds deeper secrets and techniques and is a gateway by way of which we are able to entry increased states of consciousness. For the intrepid sleep explorer, astral projection and lucid dreaming are the keys to unlocking the true energy of the sleeping thoughts. Let’s discover out extra.

What’s Astral Projection?

Astral projection is outlined as an out-of-body expertise. This will merely be having the ability to look down at your individual physique or getting into a brand new physique completely and experiencing life by way of a brand-new perspective. In accordance with first-hand accounts, astral projection could be achieved by way of sleeping or by way of targeted meditation.

Is astral projection actual? It is a query that has plagued scientists for hundreds of years. In precept, astral projection depends on the existence of each a bodily physique and a non-physical physique, a religious physique, if you’ll. The existence of those two separate entities is troublesome for science to substantiate or deny, which is why astral projection has but to be disproven. 

What’s Lucid Dreaming?

Our goals could be scary, humorous, unhappy or outright weird. What all of them have in frequent is that we’re not in management. We merely need to cope with no matter our creativeness throws at us. Nevertheless, what if we instructed you there was a technique to management your goals and form them as you see match?

We’re speaking about lucid dreaming. Reasonably than being a passive bystander, you might be as a substitute the director of your goals, in a position to management every part inside your dream world. This appears like one thing from a science-fiction movie, nevertheless it’s very actual. Some folks have lucid goals randomly, whereas others have educated themselves to have them at will. It’s extra frequent than you may suppose, with research revealing that 55% of individuals have had a lucid dream.

Methods to Lucid Dream and Astral Challenge

If you wish to begin lucid dreaming, the very first thing you’re going to want to do is to maintain a dream diary. Write down your goals as quickly as you get up. Doing it will show you how to begin to acknowledge patterns, and also you’ll quickly be capable of inform while you’re dreaming. When you acknowledge that you simply’re dreaming, you’ll be capable of take management of the dream world.

Astral projection is trickier to get proper. Reasonably than sleeping, it may be higher to meditate and enter a state of whole leisure and calm. From there, you possibly can give attention to visualizing the room and your self in it, which ought to show you how to obtain a state of astral projection.


Lucid dreaming, along with astral projection, has each been deeply studied and contemplated over for hundreds of years. We nonetheless perceive little or no about them, and so they have lengthy fascinated us and are a real testomony to what number of mysteries the act of sleeping nonetheless holds.



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