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Measuring Capability | Customary Unit of Capability | Litre

Measuring Capability | Customary Unit of Capability | Litre


We’ll talk about about measuring capability. Capability of a container tells us how a lot liquid it may well maintain. We all know that a big vessel can maintain extra liquid than a smaller vessel. So, we are saying that a big vessel has extra capability than the smaller vessel. We are able to measure the capability of a vessel by utilizing one other vessel.

We now have learnt {that a} larger vessels has extra capability than the smaller vessel.

To check, the capability of two vessels we use one other smaller vessel.

allow us to evaluate the capability of a bottle and a jug.

Capacity of a Bottle and a Jug

We take a cup and pour water to fill the jug. We word the
variety of instances we poured the water with the cup to fill the jug.

Cup to Fill the Jug

We repeat this to fill the bottle utilizing the identical cup.

On evaluating the variety of instances the cup was used for
filling the bottle and the jug, we are able to say which vessel has extra capability.

Cup to Fill the Bottle

Within the above instance, suppose a bottle holds 6 cups and the
jug holds 5 cups, we are able to say that capability of jug is about 5 cups and bottle is
about 6 cups.

Capacity of a Jug and a Bottle

There are two jars A and B. Which holds extra water?

Measuring Capacity

To search out out which of the jars holds extra water, we pour water from each the jars into an identical containers. Water from Jar A fills one glass. Water from Jar B fills two glasses. So Jar B can maintain extra water than Jar A. Thus, Jar B has extra capability than Jar A.

A tablespoon has extra capability than a teaspoon. Allow us to confirm this.


We discover that 3 teaspoonful of water fills 1 tablespoon.

3 Teaspoonful of Water Fills 1 Tablespoon

It takes 2 tablespoonful of water to fill the beaker as much as 10 mark.
How a lot water is required to fill the beaker as much as 40 mark?

2 Tablespoonful of Water

_____ tablespoons

Litre and Millilitre

If we carry out the identical exercise utilizing one other vessel, we
will get totally different reply. Subsequently, we have to use normal measures to search out
the capability of a vessel. The usual unit of measuring capability is the litre,
we write ‘l’ for litre. Litre is used to measure capability of bigger containers
like bucket or a tub.

Capacity of a Bucket or a Bathtub

Smaller portions of liquids are measured in millitres, we
write ml for millilitres.

Smaller Quantities of Liquids

1 litre = 1000 millilitres. If capability of a bucket is 10
litres it’s written as 10 l.

Capacity of a Bucket

If capability of a small bottle is 100 millilitres it’s
written as 100 ml.

Capacity of a Small Bottle

The milkman measures milk in liters. Petrol is given in liters. Mobil oil is offered in liters. Two milk bottles comprise 1 liter of milk. One milk bottle incorporates half liter.

The unit for measuring liquids is a liter. Small portions
of a liquid equivalent to medication are measured in milliliters.

1 liter = 1000 milliliters


1000 milliliters = 1 liter

The quick manner of writing liter is ‘l’ and milliliter is
‘ml’. So we are able to write briefly as;

1 l = 1000 ml


1000 ml = 1 l

The milkman makes use of several types of cans to measure the milk like 1 l, 500 ml, 200 ml, 100 ml, 50 ml, and so on.

Numerous sorts of measuring jars are used to measure
totally different liquids.

Some are given beneath.

Measure Different Liquids

Liquids like water, milk and oil are often measured utilizing measuring cans.

The unit of capability is litre. We write  for litre.

Millilitre is a unit for measuring smaller quantities. We write me for millilitre.

Litre and Millilitre

The jug incorporates _____ litres of water.

The glass incorporates _____ millilitres of water.

A millilitre is a smaller measure than a litre.

Bear in mind:

Capability of a container is the quantity it may well maintain.

Questions and Solutions on Measurement of Capability:

I. Write T for true and F for false.

(i) We write ml for litres

(ii) 1000 ml = 1 l

(iii) Smaller portions of liquids are measured in ml.

(iv) 500 ml is lower than 1 l.


I. (i) F

(ii) T

(iii) T

(iv) T

II. Fill within the blanks:

(i) A jug can maintain 5 cups of water. The capability of the jug is …………. cups.

(ii) Capability of a tub will be measured in …………. (ml/l)


II. (i) 5

(ii) l

III. Match the next:

Measure Oil

1. We use to measure milk.

Measure Medicine

2. We use to measure oil.

Measure Milk

3. We use to measure medication.


(i) → 2

(ii) → 3

(iii) → 1

IV. If the capability of a bucket is 10 litres and the capability of a jug 1 litre, which container is bigger? ………….

Reply: bucket

V. Prepare the next containers from the least capability to the best capability.

Arrange the Containers


(vii) < (v) < (i) < (vi) < (ii) < (iii) < (viii) < (iv)

VI. Fill within the blanks:

(i) The capability of a spoon is measured in …………. (ml/l)

(ii) The capability of a bucket is measured in …………. (ml/l)

(iii) The capability of a inkbottle is measured in …………. (ml/l)

(iv) The capability of a swimming pool is measured in …………. (ml/l)


(i) mℓ

(ii) ℓ

(iii) mℓ

(iv) ℓ

VII. Gary has a bottle which seems similar as Sam’s bottle. Gary’s bottle can maintain about 3 glasses of water whereas Sam’s bottle can maintain about 2 glasses of water. Whose bottle has extra capability?

Reply: Gary 

VIII. Write 1, 2, 3 and 4 within the packing containers, beginning with 1 for the bottle having the biggest quantity of juice and 4 for the bottle having the least quantity of juice.

Further questions for sharp college students on measuring capability.

1. A bucket
incorporates 15 l of water and one other bucket incorporates 12 l. Discover the entire quantity
of water within the two buckets.

Reply: 27 

2. A goat provides 8 liters of milk day-after-day. How a lot milk
will the goat give in every week?

Reply: 56 ℓ

3. A dairy
farm sells 145 liters of milk on a regular basis. How a lot milk will it promote in 4 days?

Reply: 580 ℓ

4. A automotive
covers 52 kilometers and a scooter 15 kilometers in a single liter of petrol. Which
automobile covers extra and by how a lot?

Reply: Automotive,  37 ℓ

5. A bottle
contained 400 ml of oil. The bottle fell and 75 ml of oil dropped on the
floor. How a lot oil was left within the bottle?

Reply: 325 mℓ

6. A bucket
can comprise 18 liters of water. A tank is crammed full by 9 such buckets. How
a lot water does the complete tank comprise?

Reply: 162 ℓ

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