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New Product: Physique-Strong OTB100 Open Entice Bar

New Product: Physique-Strong OTB100 Open Entice Bar


A brand new version to Physique-Strong’s ever-growing record of Olympic bars and efficiency coaching equipment: the OTB100 Open Entice Bar!

Body-Solid OTB100 Open Trap Bar

What’s an open lure bar?

The Physique-Strong Instruments OTB100 Open Entice Bar is a revolutionary instrument providing a large walkthrough design, a built-in bar jack stand, and twin excessive & low deal with positioning. 

The OTB100 Open Entice Bar makes deadlifts, shrugs, lunges, single-leg squats, farmer’s carries, and lots of extra nice actions extra accessible and efficient than ever. 

What makes Physique-Strong’s OTB100 Open Entice Bar distinctive?

The OTB100 Open Entice Bar’s twin excessive & low handles are ergonomic with medium knurling providing stability, steadiness, and security throughout intense lifts. 

Because of its progressive design, the OTB100 Open Entice Bar can be a built-in bar jack elevating the burden sleeves above the bottom, making weight plate loading and unloading easy. 

The OTB100’s 16.25″ plate sleeves are designed to suit 2″ diameter Olympic weight plates, and the bar has a sturdy 1000 lb. weight capability. 

Body-Solid OTB100 Open Trap Bar

Specs, Dimensions & Extra Info

  • Makes deadlifts, shrugs, and lunges simpler and more practical
  • Twin excessive & low ergonomic handles
  • Constructed-in bar jack
  • 16.25″ plate sleeves
  • Suitable with 2” diameter Olympic plates
  • Weight Capability: 1000 lbs. 
  • Product Weight: 58 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 26” L x 73” H x 7.5” H

Physique-Strong OTB100 Open Entice Bar Train Video



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