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Numbers from 1 to five

Numbers from 1 to five


Numbers from one to 5(in phrases) characterize the
quantity names or spelling from 1 to five. When
college students be taught counting the numbers from 1 to five, together with the quantity names or spellings it
helps them to be taught simply. Examples of quantity names 1 to five are given as follows.

1 is written as one,

2 is written as two,

3 is written as three,

4 is written as 4 and

5 is written as 5.

Allow us to be taught spellings in English for
writing quantity names 1 to five.

We use symbols to put in writing these numbers. This chart will assist the scholars
to memorize 1 to five quantity names in English.

Numbers From 1 to 5

Numbers names 1 to five might help the children to learn to write any
quantity from 1 to five in phrases if its numerical type is given. Equally, if the
quantity names or spelling in English is given they will write the quantity. Extra
observe makes children excellent for counting and spellings. Nonetheless, if college students
revise studying, spellings and writing numbers from 1 to five frequently
they’ll pay money for it simply.

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Numbers From One to Five

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