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Phrase Issues on Addition Worksheet

Phrase Issues on Addition Worksheet


Allow us to follow the given questions of 2-digit phrase issues on addition (with out carrying or carry if wanted). 

1. There have been 28 college students in a single faculty bus and 35 college students in one other faculty bus. What number of college students had been there within the two buses altogether?

2. There have been 26 marbles in a bag. A boy places 38 extra marbles within the bag. What number of marbles are there within the bag now?

3. Lena’s father purchased 23 apples, 18 mangoes and 21 bananas. What number of fruits did she purchase altogether?

4. In a college, Class 2 has three sections. If there are 36 college students in part A, 34 college students in part B and 23 college students in part C,what’s the whole variety of college students in Class 2?

5. Sonia had 34 books. She purchased 9 extra books. What number of books does she have altogether?

6. Alisha bought 56 orange candies and 25 mango candies. What number of candies did she promote in whole?

7. Maria coloured 87 pages of the colouring guide. Navya colored 10 extra pages. What number of pages did they color in all?

8. Rita learn 96 pages of a narrative guide. She needed to learn 40 extra pages to complete the guide. What number of pages did the guide have?

9. Mary and Ron had been promoting tickets for the varsity truthful. Mary bought 69 tickets and Ron bought 28 tickets. What number of tickets did they promote in all?

10. A vegetable vendor bought 34 potatoes and 62 tomatoes and 25 onions. What number of greens did he promote in all?

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