Home Language Learning Strengthen Your Writing: Synonyms for “As a result of”

Strengthen Your Writing: Synonyms for “As a result of”

Strengthen Your Writing: Synonyms for “As a result of”


Within the English language, some phrases are supposed to stand out. Serendipity. Supine. Spaghettification. Different phrases are merely there that will help you transfer from one thought to the subsequent. As a result of is a kind of phrases.

As a result of is a conjunction used to indicate trigger and impact by linking an occasion, scenario, or motion with its cause. It’s such a standard phrase that we hardly ever ever pause to consider whether or not it’s one of the best ways to say one thing, however figuring out synonyms for as a result of will make it easier to keep away from repetition, enhance your readability, and broaden your vocabulary.

What does as a result of imply?

As a result of means given that or since. It’s in a gaggle of phrases known as conjunctions, which hyperlink phrases or clauses collectively. With out conjunctions, the English language would sound prefer it was created by a bunch of robots.

With out conjunctions:

I’m hungry. I’m drained. I’ll sit down. I’ll eat.

With conjunctions:

I’m drained and hungry, so I’ll sit down and eat.

As a result of is a subordinating conjunction, which suggests it hyperlinks a dependent clause with an impartial clause. In different phrases, one a part of the sentence provides info or context to the opposite half.

I would like to sit down down and eat as a result of I’m drained and hungry.

As a result of is the rationale why an motion was taken or a scenario occurred.

Synonyms for as a result of

  • As: He couldn’t think about his research, as he was feeling unwell.
  • Because of: Because of the site visitors jam, they arrived late to the live performance.
  • Contemplating: Contemplating that it was his first try, he carried out remarkably nicely within the archery competitors.
  • Attributable to: The match was canceled because of heavy rain.
  • For: He apologized profusely, for he hadn’t meant to offend anybody.
  • On condition that: On condition that he had no expertise, he was hesitant to tackle the management position.
  • In mild of: In mild of the unstable snow situations, the ski resort determined to shut the mountain till they might ensure it was protected.
  • In view of: In view of the circumstances, the venture deadline was prolonged.
  • On account of: On account of his distinctive management expertise, he was chosen because the staff captain.
  • Owing to: After they obtained the promotion, their boss stated that it was owing to their artistic problem-solving.
  • Since: She couldn’t attend the get together since she had a previous engagement.
  • Due to: Due to her dedication, the venture was accomplished forward of schedule.

Discover that many of those sentences use commas to separate clauses. We’ve written elsewhere about whether or not or to not place a comma earlier than as a result of. For those who’re nonetheless undecided, plug the sentence into our grammar verify!

Why is it essential to make use of various phrases?

Avoiding repetition: Utilizing the identical phrase repeatedly in an article could make it monotonous. Any father or mother who has engaged with the relentless questioning of a kid—why? However why? However why?—can attest to the frustration of repetition. As a result of I stated so! Sometimes changing as a result of with a synonym will hold your reader .

Enhancing readability: Generally, a specific phrase won’t absolutely seize the supposed which means. For instance, in company world, memos are extra probably to make use of phrases like in mild of and on account of slightly than as a result of. In these circumstances, as a result of can appear a little bit bit flat and harsh.

For instance, “We’re extending the deadline since you failed to fulfill it” is extra condemning than “In mild of current occasions, we’re extending the venture’s deadline.”

Realizing when to make use of synonyms may help you specific your message with extra readability and nuance.

Increasing vocabulary: To place it merely, figuring out synonyms means you recognize extra phrases. Studying alternate options may help you broaden your vocabulary and enhance your language expertise, making you a simpler communicator.

Synonyms for as a result of FAQs

What does as a result of imply?

As a result of is a conjunction that connects to phrases and means “given that.”

What are different methods to say as a result of?

There are a lot of different methods to say as a result of. Some straightforward one-word alternate options are since, for, contemplating, and as.

Why is it essential to make use of various phrases in your writing?

Utilizing alternate options is essential as a result of it helps you keep away from repetition, state your message extra clearly, alter your tone, and broaden your vocabulary.



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