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Third Grade Math Phrase Issues

Third Grade Math Phrase Issues


Here’s a checklist of 30 necessary third grade math phrase issues that third grade college students should know how one can clear up. 


Anita is beginning a group of marbles. She buys a bag of 300 from the shop. A couple of weeks later, she will get 83 extra marbles as a present from her pals and 162 extra from her mother and father. What number of marbles are in her assortment now?



Sam is studying for homework. He reads a e book with 281 pages on Monday, then he reads a e book with 322 pages on Tuesday. What number of pages ought to he report back to his trainer on his homework?


At Austin’s household bakery, they made 467 cookies, 185 cupcakes, and 200 cake pops for the carnival. What number of treats are they bringing to the carnival?


Claire is making a sticker e book. She buys 2 packs of 100 stickers, then she makes use of 62 for her e book. What number of stickers does she have left?


Hayden finds an old-fashioned pocket book. He needs to make use of it for drawing, however sees that a whole lot of the pages are already used. The pocket book has 365 pages. He finds 248 pages used for division issues and 33 pages used for English homework. What number of pages does he have left for drawing?


Hannah has 9 luggage of gummy bears. Every bag has 8 gummy bears in it. What number of gummy bears does she have? 


Max is promoting sizzling canine on the soccer sport for $2 {dollars} every. His pals John, Charlie, and Jenny all purchase a sizzling canine. How a lot cash does he make from them? 


Jimmy mows his neighbors’ lawns. He costs $15 {dollars} per garden. If he does 6 lawns on Tuesday and 4 lawns on Friday, how a lot cash does he make? 


The coach on the zoo is feeding the elephants. Every grownup elephant eats 7 apples a day, and every child elephant eats 3 apples a day. If there are 4 adults and 5 infants on the zoo, what number of apples does the coach want? 


Emma rides her bike 2 miles to highschool and a pair of miles again dwelling. What number of miles does she journey in per week? 


The third grade is holding a pizza occasion. The varsity orders 12 pizzas, every reduce into 8 slices. What number of slices of pizza does the varsity have for the pizza occasion?


For each day over the last week of faculty, Ms. Bryant says her college students can draw one image every on the whiteboard. If she has 15 college students, what number of photos will probably be on the board on the final day of faculty?


Ethan has 4 chores to do at dwelling each day. He earns 3 {dollars} each day. How a lot cash does he earn in 2 weeks?


Hiro vegetation tulips in his backyard. If he vegetation 5 rows of yellow tulips and 6 rows of pink tulips with 7 bulbs in every row, what number of tulips will he plant in whole?


Jaxon is shopping for pens on the craft shops in his neighborhood. If he buys 2 pens at every of the 4 craft shops in in the future, what number of pens will he purchase in 3 days?


Jessica has 48 frog themed balloons. She has to set them in bunches of 6. What number of balloons will probably be in every bunch?


The ironmongery store will get a cargo of screws each week. They should make toolboxes with 9 screws in every. If the cargo comes with 81 screws, what number of toolboxes can they make? 


Jessica is delivering newspapers on her bike. Her neighborhood has 56 homes. If she buys newspapers in bundles of seven, what number of bundles does she want for the entire neighborhood?


Patrick makes 15 toy automobiles out of wooden. He provides them away to his pals: Garrett, Maisie, and Lily. What number of toy automobiles does every good friend get?


Helene has $40 to spend on the retailer. She sees books for $8 every. What number of books can she purchase? 


Nala has 2 notebooks for college, with 50 pages in every. If she has 5 lessons, what number of pages does every class get for notes?


Oscar has 187 crayons for the youngsters at his preschool. If there are 17 youngsters on the preschool, what number of crayons ought to every child get? 


The neighborhood youngsters are making snowmen. Sadie has a bag of 30 black buttons for eyes. What number of youngsters can she give buttons to for his or her snowmen?


114 youngsters are going to be third graders subsequent yr. If there are 19 youngsters in every class, what number of third grade lessons will there be subsequent yr?


Theo and Violet are consuming cupcakes. Theo cuts his in 3 equal items and eats 2 of them. Violet cuts hers into 4 equal items, and eats 2 of them. Who eats extra of their cupcake?


Vivian has 34 dolls, and he or she needs to present one-half of them away to her cousin. What number of dolls is she gifting away?


Milo and Marcia are consuming packs of sweet. Milo has 10 packs of sweet, and he eats two-fifths of them. Marcia has 9 packs of sweet, and he or she eats one-third of them. Who eats extra sweet?


Luke’s class has math from 1:42 to 2:22. How lengthy is math class?


The grocery retailer opens at 8:30 am. They needed to shut at 12:55 pm due to the state honest. How lengthy was the grocery retailer open?


Ivy goes to the flicks. The film she needs to observe begins at 5:33 pm. If it takes 14 minutes to stroll from her home to the movie show, what time ought to she go away to make it on time?

Issues to remember in regards to the third grade math phrase issues

Third grade math word problems
  • These third grade phrase issues align with the widespread core requirements. College students are uncovered solely to third grade math issues as they attempt to clear up these issues utilizing easy addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions.
  • As college students attempt to clear up these third grade math phrase issues, they will even develop their studying comprehension on the similar time.
  • The subjects which might be coated largely embrace multiplication phrase issues and division phrase issues since these are the talents they should grasp at that grade degree.
  • If college students can clear up not less than 25 of those 30 third grade math phrase issues, you may conclude that the scholars have good vital pondering expertise and are good at fixing third grade math phrase issues.
  • These phrase issues will expose each third-grader to conditions she or he already encounters in on a regular basis life.
  • All phrase issues can be utilized at school as further observe, homework, morning work, or integrated in assessments.
  • It’s often a bit difficult for younger learners to sort out phrase issues. Be affected person with them and provides them time to course of the knowledge within the issues. 
  • All the issues are speculated to be easy phrase issues. When you suppose an issue is simply too robust for a child in third grade, let me know.



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