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What Languages Are Spoken in Peru?

Daydreaming about Peru? It’s laborious to not. From beautiful mountain landscapes to roaming alpacas, Peru is a rustic with a popularity for stunning wilderness and wealthy tradition. Who wouldn’t need the once-in-a-lifetime alternative to witness distinctive indigenous traditions or stroll by means of Lima at sundown? 

To match its cultural and geographic variety, Peru can be extremely linguistically numerous. Peru is dwelling to fifty languages, a lot of that are indigenous. Whereas some languages have been misplaced, others proceed to persist, weaving themselves into the material of non secular practices and on a regular basis life. 

On this put up, we’ll check out the most important languages spoken in Peru—essentially the most prevalent of which is Spanish. See how Rosetta Stone can allow you to grasp the language, or hold studying for extra on every distinctive dialect of Spanish spoken in Peru! 

What are the official languages of Peru? 

On the nationwide stage, Peru has three official languages: Spanish, Quechua, and Aymara. About 84 % of individuals dwelling in Peru converse Spanish, and round 26 % converse an indigenous language, with a better focus within the southeast a part of the nation. Each Quechua and Aymara are indigenous languages, making Peru a really distinctive outlier. It’s fairly uncommon for any nation to call an indigenous language as an official one! 

To take their stance on preservation a step additional, Peru instituted safety over all indigenous languages in 1972. States give particular recognition to regional indigenous languages, and all persons are assured the appropriate to a bilingual training, in addition to interpreters when coping with authorities. Their public faculty system even presents supplies in at the least 24 indigenous languages

What number of languages are spoken in Peru?

As talked about above, Peru has round fifty dwelling languages. Apart from the official languages—Spanish, Quechua, and Aymara—Asháninka, Awajún and Shipibo kind a part of essentially the most broadly spoken languages of the nation. This interactive map highlights that about 13 % of the inhabitants converse Quechua. 

You’ll discover that in some districts, like Atalaya within the east which borders Brazil, solely about half the inhabitants speaks Spanish. Within the province of Lima, on the West Coast, almost everybody speaks Spanish. What this implies is that language variety varies significantly. However don’t fear: almost definitely wherever there are vacationers Spanish will likely be spoken, and studying some fundamental phrases proper off the bat can go a good distance! 


Spanish in Peru 

Like a lot of central and South America, Spanish is spoken in Peru because of centuries of Spanish colonization. Spanish continues to be the dominant language even at the moment, and will be divided into three dialects: Andean, Coastal, and Amazonian. Let’s take a more in-depth take a look at them.

Andean Spanish

The Andes mountains run parallel to the Pacific coast all through Peru. The Andean Spanish dialect is spoken by communities dwelling roughly between the Equator and the Tropic of Capricorn, so this contains components of Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. Some specialists additionally embrace components of Colombia and northern Chile when speaking about Andean. With a lot contact between audio system of Spanish and indigenous languages within the Andean area, linguists say an interlanguage Spanish exists, that means that Andean Spanish is strongly influenced by Quechua and Aymara.

Two examples of this are the tendency to fuse some vowel sounds or to make use of Quechua intonation when talking Spanish. One other fascinating characteristic of Andean Spanish is the double possessive, based mostly on grammatical constructions in Quechua. For example:

  • Su casa de Renata. = Renata’s home

Whereas most Spanish audio system would say la casa de Renata—actually, “the home of Renata”—within the Andes, the possessive is said twice.

As with different Latin American Spanish, Andean Spanish makes use of seseo, the pronunciation of the “s” and the “z” with the identical sound. It additionally tends to melt the ultimate “s” sound of a phrase. Much like Mexican Spanish, Spanish audio system within the Andes emphasize consonants and deemphasize vowels. 

Andean Spanish has many phrases borrowed from their indigenous counterparts referred to as “loanwords.” Listed below are just a few examples of phrases and phrases in Andean Spanish:

Andean Spanish Widespread Translation in Different Spanish-Talking International locations Translation of Andean Phrase/Phrase
cancha court docket toasted maize
choclo clog corn on the cob
guagua bus (within the Caribbean) child
me tinca que… (not used) I get the sensation that…
pie foot foot or leg
siempre all the time nonetheless

Coastal Spanish

With Andean, English, and Argentinian influences, this Spanish dialect is spoken alongside Peru’s intensive Pacific coast.

Much like Andean Spanish, it tends to melt the ultimate “s,” however in contrast to the mountain dialect, Coastal Spanish rolls the “rr” sound. Together with different audio system of Latin American dialects, folks within the coastal area use yeísmo, that means the “y” and “ll” sounds are the identical. There may be additionally an Andean-Coastal Spanish, clearly a mixture of the 2.

Right here’s some vigorous coastal vocabulary from Peru:

Coastal Spanish Widespread Translation in Different Spanish-Talking International locations Translation of Coastal Phrase/Phrase
calato (not used) nude
guachafo low cost, pretentious, tasteless(principally Bolivia) low cost, pretentious, tasteless
guachimán watchman (in sure international locations) watchman
huasca rope drunk
ni a palos not even with a beating completely not
tombo (not used) police

Amazonian Spanish

The Amazon area of Peru will be discovered east of the Andes, and the Amazon river itself runs by means of the northern a part of Peru, giving the identify to the Amazonas province. Amazonian Spanish is a results of influences from indigenous Amazonian languages, and it makes use of many loanwords. Some traits of this dialect are the pronunciation of the “x” sound as an “f” sound, and the double possessive, as in Andean Spanish. The phrase cho is used as a type of interjection or name to motion, one thing between “um” and “yo” in English.

Amazonian Spanish Widespread Translation in Different Spanish-Talking International locations Translation of Amazonian Phrase/Phrase
¡Ish! (not used) Yuck!
llullo (yuyo) (not used) child
misho (not used) cat
pelacho (not used) bald
sherete (not used) liked one, sweetheart
yacu (not used, Quechuan) water


Have you learnt that the phrases “condor” and “puma” within the English language truly come from Quechua? Even “quinoa” is a Quechuan phrase! Spoken by about 14.5 % of the inhabitants of Peru, Quechua is the language of roughly 4.5 million Peruvians! And, as we’ve talked about, Quechua has had a heavy affect on Peruvian Spanish. The language of the Inca Empire, Quechua continued to be spoken after the Spanish conquest, however it was suppressed throughout Peru’s battle for independence. 

Quechua continues to be additionally spoken all around the Andes; whereas not generally used, it’s nonetheless generally current in official congressional discussions. You might even run into Quechua audio system in your personal neighborhood, as many audio system have migrated to different components of the world, together with main cities on the East Coast of the USA.

Quechua is also known as a single language, however it’s extra correct to debate it within the plural—the Quechuan languages are a gaggle of intently associated languages coming from the identical origin that aren’t mutually intelligible. Probably the most attention-grabbing options of the Quechuan languages is the idea of evidentiality. Which means that audio system can differentiate between rumour, inferred data, and direct proof, relying on phrase endings. Wow, we’re betting that social media descriptions in Quechua are fairly correct!

Listed below are some helpful phrases in Quechua. As you’re touring within the Andes and southeastern a part of Peru, they might come in useful. We’ve included the Spanish phrase as nicely.

Quechua Spanish English
runa hombre man
warmi mujer girl
wamra niño little one
wasi casa home
kwartun dormitorio room
imaraq por favor please


Aymara is a language spoken within the rural areas of Peru, significantly within the south and by girls. Whereas spoken by lower than 2 % of the inhabitants, it’s nonetheless the “third most widespread Amerindian language.” On the time of the Spanish conquest, Aymara loved ample use. These days, nonetheless, it’s in decline.

A number of makes an attempt have been made to standardize the alphabet, but standardization solely occurred within the final ten years. Aymara has simply three vowel sounds, that are generally dropped altogether whereas talking, and it makes use of suffixes to denominate kinship connections. Because of the Aymara folks’s uncommon idea of time, which they see as a type of line passing over the world, they have an inclination to explain the previous as near them and the longer term as behind them. All of it will depend on your perspective.

With that in thoughts, we offer you just a few phrases in Aymara:

Aymara Spanish English
jichha ahora now
jichhuru hoy at the moment
jutiri tiempo futuro future time
masuru ayer yesterday
pachakuti regreso al tiempo pasado return to previous time
qhara uru mañana tomorrow

Misplaced languages of Peru

Sadly, virtually forty languages have been misplaced in Peru, all of them indigenous. Others are liable to extinction. Since language represents not simply tradition however a lifestyle, with each misplaced language a tradition is misplaced as nicely. That is likely one of the causes we name them “lifeless languages.”

A number of of the misplaced languages of Peru are:

  • Aguano
  • Andoa-shimigae
  • Cahurano
  • Chimuan languages
  • Culle
  • Omurano
  • Pre-Incan of the Marañón River Basin
  • Puqina
  • Tequiraca
  • Waripano

Fortunately, many organizations, together with the United Nations, are combating to protect languages liable to extinction.

Discover Peru with Rosetta Stone

Every dialect of Peruvian Spanish is fascinating, and so too are the indigenous languages that affect them. Studying even fundamental phrases in a number of of those languages can assist you take advantage of your journey to Peru, and even join with Peruvian communities in your personal yard. 

In case your objective is to really feel comfy in any dialog, Rosetta Stone can assist you nail Spanish in a enjoyable, partaking approach—with out the memorization. Study extra about the way it works right here, or click on the button under to decide on the subscription that works greatest for you! 

Written by Rowena Galavitz

Rowena Galavitz is a Spanish translator, bilingual copy editor, and language and literature teacher with three grasp’s levels who loves Spanish and all issues Mexico.



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