Home Language Learning When to Use “Previous” vs. “Handed”: Definitions and Examples

When to Use “Previous” vs. “Handed”: Definitions and Examples

When to Use “Previous” vs. “Handed”: Definitions and Examples


Keep in mind the sensation of taking your driving check? Your palms had been sweaty and your posture rigidly straight as you tried your hardest to make easy turns and stops.

Along with your shiny new license in hand, it was excessive time to have a good time! As you excitedly texted all your pals, abruptly you had been confused—“I previous!” merely didn’t look proper. Is the right phrase really “I handed”?

These kind of grammar questions come up on a regular basis and often relate to phrases that look comparable to one another however have totally different meanings. Generally known as homonyms, previous and handed are two phrases spelled equally and pronounced practically identically, similar to there and their.

We’re right here that will help you get previous the confusion. Let’s discover the distinction between previous and handed so that you by no means combine up these sneaky homonyms once more.

What do previous and handed imply?

Previous refers to time or occasions which have already occurred, whereas handed is the previous tense of the verb go and is used to point accomplished actions or occasions. For instance, “She lastly handed the driving check, leaving all her doubts within the previous.”

Figuring out the definitions of previous and handed is step one to recognizing their variations.

The definition of previous

Previous can operate as a number of totally different elements of speech, every with totally different meanings, although the commonest utilization of previous is as a noun to point an earlier time or period. It will possibly additionally operate as an adjective, adverb, or preposition and imply the next issues:

Noun: Previous means “an earlier time period.”

Homes had been extra inexpensive up to now.

Adjective: Previous will also be used to explain a noun. On this kind, previous additionally means “passed by in time.”

In previous summers, we’d go to the seaside in Delaware.

Adverb: The phrase previous can be a typical adverb used to explain a verb or adjective and may point out passing from one aspect of one thing to the opposite.

Ari labored previous her points with Gina.

As a preposition: Lastly, previous as a preposition is usually used to inform time or to consult with being past a specific level or stage.

It’s half previous 5 o’clock.

The milk was previous its expiration date.

The definition of handed

Handed is the previous tense and previous participle of the phrase go. Due to this, handed features solely as a verb. Nonetheless, the phrase go has many alternative meanings; listed below are among the principal ones you’ll encounter:

  • To maneuver or proceed
  • To be transferred
  • To throw or kick (a ball)
  • To go away
  • To die (with spiritual connotations)
  • To surrender management
  • To say no to talk or bid
  • To be confirmed as a regulation or rule
  • To go from one state of being to a different

The one high quality that unites all of those totally different meanings of handed is they’re every indicative of an motion or occasion that has already occurred. The addition of the -ed suffix to the verb go makes it previous tense, signaling a previous period.

Previous vs. handed

With generally confused phrases, it’s helpful to commit a distinguishing trick to reminiscence. Within the case of previous and handed, all it’s important to do is do not forget that handed is at all times a verb.

Whereas each phrases have many meanings that must do with movement and time, previous isn’t a verb. So long as you establish whether or not or not the phrase is a verb, you’ll know which utilization is appropriate.

Previous vs. handed examples

Want a number of extra examples of previous and handed getting used accurately? Listed here are some extra sentences that get it proper:

Examples with previous:

  • She favored to reminisce concerning the previous and recall happier instances.
  • They couldn’t transfer previous the automotive that was blocking the street.
  • Ada’s previous 12 months of voracious studying has turned her into an actual skilled on movie historical past.
  • I feel we’re previous the purpose of no return.

Examples with handed:

  • My grandmother handed away in January.
  • The filly handed us at a trot, leaving a path of mud in her wake.
  • He handed the baton to his younger and gifted predecessor.
  • Pleasure handed by way of the gang with mere minutes remaining within the match.

Previous vs. handed FAQs

What does previous imply?

The time period previous has subtly totally different meanings relying on the way it’s utilized in a sentence, however usually it refers to a time or period that has already occurred previous to the present second.

What does handed imply?

The which means of handed will depend on the context wherein it’s used. Some frequent interpretations embrace “to maneuver or proceed,” “to die,” “to go away,” or “to be transferred.”

What’s the distinction between previous and handed?

Previous refers to time or occasions which have already occurred, whereas handed is the previous tense of the verb go and is used to point accomplished actions or occasions.



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