Thursday, November 30, 2023
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Why Venus is now a slim crescent and can disappear from the night sky this weekend

You will have seen in latest weeks that the planet Venus has slipped from the post-sunset sky, slimming right into a crescent form because it drops from view. Its reign as the intense “Night Star” in 2023 is over, as a comparatively uncommon celestial phenomenon takes form.

On Aug. 13, Venus will seem like between Earth and the solar, which astronomers describe as being at inferior conjunction. It is purely a line-of-sight phenomenon, and from Earth’s perspective it may well solely occur to 2 planets within the photo voltaic system — Mercury and Venus — each of that are inferior planets, which suggests they’re nearer to the solar than Earth. The outer planets, which lie farther from the solar than Earth, are known as superior planets by astronomers. 



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