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Inquiry Lab on Photosynthesis and Respiration

Inquiry Lab on Photosynthesis and Respiration


College students discover the connection between photosynthesis and respiration with this inquiry lab. The connection between photosynthesis and mobile respiration is complementary. The merchandise of 1 course of are the reactants of the opposite, and vice versa.

The oxygen produced throughout photosynthesis is utilized in mobile respiration, whereas the carbon dioxide produced in respiration is utilized in photosynthesis. Moreover, the power saved in glucose molecules via photosynthesis is launched throughout mobile respiration to provide ATP. ATP is the power supply for mobile processes!

College students can see these processes in motion utilizing Vernier Oxygen Sensors. The lab can present college students in actual time how oxygen is altering within the system. They select from a wide range of specimens to check. They make predictions about how oxygen ranges will change, check these predictions, and export their knowledge as a graph.

Inquiry Inquiries to Discover

  • How does gentle depth have an effect on the oxygen consumption of vegetation?
  • How does temperature have an effect on the oxygen consumption of vegetation?
  • How does temperature have an effect on the oxygen consumption of ectothermic animals?
  • How does the oxygen consumption differ in germinating versus dormant seeds?
  • How does oxygen consumption differ in vegetation and animals? 
  • How does oxygen consumption differ in intact leaves versus crushed leaves?

Experimental Design

College students design the experiment given numerous supplies (specimens, lights, heat water, ice water, beakers, foil). They gather knowledge on their Chromebooks and current their findings as a CLAIM, EVIDENCE, REASONING (CER) submission. I’ve them import their knowledge right into a Google doc and submit on Google Classroom.

Typically, in the event that they use an animal, just like the Dubia roach, the oxygen ranges will lower. If an ectothermic animal, just like the roach, is submerged into an ice water bathtub, the respiration price will lower. The roach nonetheless makes use of oxygen, however at a a lot slower price. When my college students found this, I used to be impressed when considered one of them steered that they may truly decide the respiration price by calculating the slope of the road on the graph. Math!

One other profitable experiment was carried out on spider plant clones. In the event you hold considered one of these vegetation in your classroom, they’re straightforward to develop and produce tiny shoots (clones) that may be replanted or utilized in experiments.

plant with vernier probe

This lab replaces an older model of a mobile respiration lab that makes use of respirometers submerged in water. This older lab was terribly unreliable for knowledge assortment. Minor errors in set-up might result in wildly inaccurate outcomes. The Vernier sensors are costly, however rather more dependable!



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