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Lengthy Division Phrase Issues Worksheet | Division Worksheets

In Lengthy Division Phrase Issues Worksheet you’re going to get various kinds of actual life lengthy division with one-digit divisors.

1. 32 toffees are equally divided amongst 8 boys. What number of toffees does every boy get?

2. There are 7 days in per week. What number of weeks are there in 56 days?

3. 35 women have been divided into teams. If 1 group had 5 women, what number of teams have been fashioned?

4. There are 72 chairs in a corridor. These chairs are organized in rows. If every row has 9 chairs, discover the variety of rows.

5. The price of 7 pencils is 21 rupees. What’s the price of 1 pencil?

6. One packet accommodates 8 biscuits. What number of packets can have 48 biscuits?

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