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Historic Sands of Egypt Reveal a Whale From 41 Million Years In the past : ScienceAlert

Palaeontologists in Egypt have unearthed an extinct species of whale that lived 41 million years in the past when whale ancestors have been simply finishing their transfer from land to sea.

The staff has dubbed the species Tutcetus rayanensis after the Egyptian boy king Tutankhamun and the Wadi El-Rayan Protected Space in Egypt’s Fayoum Oasis the place the sort specimen was discovered.

With an estimated size of two.5 metres (eight ft) and a physique mass of roughly 187 kilogrammes (410 kilos), Tutcetus is the smallest species thus far discovered from the basilosaurids, the oldest recognized whales that lived completely within the water.

Ancient Whale Illustration
Life reconstruction of the extinct basilosaurid whale Tutcetus rayanensis swimming within the Tethys Ocean of present-day Egypt, 41 million years in the past. (Ahmed Morsi and Hesham Sallam)

Group chief Hesham Sallam, of the American College in Cairo (AUC), stated it was a “outstanding discovery that paperwork one of many first phases of the transition to a completely aquatic way of life”.

Basilosaurids “developed fish-like traits, reminiscent of a streamlined physique, a powerful tail, flippers and a tail fin, and had the final hind limbs seen sufficient to be recognised as ‘legs’, which weren’t used for strolling however presumably for mating,” Sallam stated in an AUC assertion.

Erik Seiffert of the College of Southern California, a co-author of the staff’s findings revealed within the evaluation Communications Biology, stated the Eocene fossil websites of Egypt’s Western Desert have lengthy been the world’s most essential for understanding the early evolution of whales and their transition to a completely aquatic existence.

Fayoum Oasis, some 150 kilometres (90 miles) southwest of Cairo, boasts Wadi al-Hitan, the Valley of the Whales, a UNESCO World Heritage Web site that has turned up lots of of fossils of a number of the earliest types of whale.

Now an oasis within the Western Desert, Fayoum lay below a tropical sea within the Eocene interval 56 to 34 million years in the past.

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